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[PTW] News: GotM 165, Mongolia, Deity - pre-game discussion

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by tR1cKy, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. tR1cKy

    tR1cKy taking over the world

    Oct 29, 2003
    Perusia, Roman Empire
    GotM 165, Mongolia, Deity

    Hello everyone! This is my absolute first as a GotM designer. Here's a special intro to celebrate it:


    For generations, the small tribe of the Mongols had always been a nomadic people, living off what the land could give. But this lifestyle, although cherished by many for a total sense of freedom and harmony with nature, was often harsh and sometimes unforgiving.

    Their leader, Temujun, was aware of that. Since his youth, he had noticed a disturbing trend: although the majority of the Mongol women were mothers of many children, their number wasn't growing at all, because death was everyday's business: diseases, accidents, skirmishes with rival tribes and the occasional disasters, all were taking their toll.

    The elders said it was all natural. Land, they told him, can only support that many. If they were more, they would all starve. In a world where resources are limited and their supply isn't guaranteed, only some could make it to grow adult and pass their bloodline to the next generations. That was true for every living being out there, and people were no exception.

    And yet, Temujin wasn't happy with that. Was it their future forever? Was it a future at all? He knew very well that numbers mean safety, and that a hostile encounter or a natural disaster could decimate them, or even wipe them out completely.

    These were his thoughts while he was leading his tribe toward a solitary hilly formation sitting in the middle of an otherwise flat landscape.

    Near the bottom of it, two rivers were joining into a larger river.

    Let's reach to the top of the highest hill, he said. It's not a hard climb and the top of it is almost flat. We can have some rest, and in the meantime we'll have a better view of the surroundings.

    The sight was even better than expected. The surrounding land appered lush and untouched, safe from two distinct, large herds of bovine beasts pasturing on both sides of the southern affluent. There was absolutely no sight of other human presence, as far as the human eye could see.

    It's just too good to be left to somebody else, he thought. This land can feed us in numbers. We can grow bigger and stronger. And this hill, not only it is a good view point, but it is a natural defense as well. Hostile tribes would have a hard time dislodging us from here.

    He made a decision: their nomadic days were over. They would settle there for the time being.

    However, many of his people were less than enthusiastic. They've lived all their lives as nomads, and some of them couldn't easily accept to change their ways in such a dramatic fashion. Some others pointed out an inherent flaw of Temujin's choice: what if things go really bad? So far, we could have always packed our things and go, but if we become a settled tribe we can't do that anymore. We can't move away land, they said, nor the crops we're growing on it. We'll have to make a stand and defend what's ours, or lose everything.

    Temujin wasn't shy of imposing his will to the recalcitrant ones, but even so he had to recognize that these people had a valid point. He'd heard of barbarian tribes that, far from being peaceful hunters and gatherers, lived off raiding weaker tribes unlucky enough to step in their path: they just swoop on them, killed everyone they could and took all their belongings. In order to survive as a standing tribe, the Mongols needed a standing army. Without it, they would have been at the mercy of the first raider band who would come in for plunder. And Temujin knew well that it was only matter of time before someone would come.

    The issue of defense had to be their very first priority, even before building proper housing. They had slept in tents since they were born, they could continue to do so for a little longer while their army was assembled and trained.

    The strongest and bravest among the Mongol men were gathered and subjected to an intense daily drill with specifically designed weapons until they were considered ready. However, this new idea of warfare was at odds with the cultural background of these men. They were of nomadic descent, their idea of fighting was on top on a horse, charging at the enemy in open terrains, and they were having a hard time adjusting to the concept of standing still with their polearms waiting for an intruder that could never show up.

    In order to sweeten the deal, Temujin created a special military unit just for them, and gave it the pompous name of Temujin's Honor Guard. He gave a speech: you, my valiant warriors, are tasked with the most important of all duties, you will be in charge of defending our women, our children, our lands and your Khan itself from whoever would come to harm them, at the cost of your life if necessary. Because of you, our people can now build homes and work the lands in safety, because they will know that whatever it comes, you will be there to protect them.

    Today, my warriors, we are creating a legacy. All of us will pass one day, but this unit will live forever and will always be a beacon of safety for our people. Be proud, Honor Guard!

    And so, the story begins...


    Start location:

    Game synopsis:

    Game level: deity
    Civilization: Mongolia
    Traits: militaristic, expansionist
    Start techs: pottery, warrior code
    Unique unit: Keshik, 4.2.2, 60 gold, replaces knight, cross mountains as if they were grasslands
    Map type: continents, standard size, standard attributes
    Opponents: 7 pre-selected tribes
    Barbarians: restless
    Victory condition: any
    Extra bonuses: one regular spearman unit and 10 extra gold

    The game will go live by: 7 february 2018
    Submissions are due by: 21 march 2018

    Please don't post here after you've started playing, or else the Mongolian horde will become angry and will come after you.

    Extra challenge:

    To spice things up, you can try to earn tricky points during the game. Post in the spoiler the number of tricky points you got. The winner gets absolutely nothing (except bragging rights) so it's of no use to cheat about it.

    How to earn tricky points:

    - one tricky point everytime Temujin's Honor Guard gets a promotion;
    - one tricky point for every level of upgrade achieved by Temujin's Honor Guard. Points stack up and are never lost: if, by example, you upgrade from spearman to musketman (bypassing the pikeman level) you get 2 points all at once;
    - three tricky points each time Temujin's Honor Guard spawns a leader;
    - five tricky points if Temujin's Honor Guard survives until the very and of the game and the game is a victory;
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  2. Kuningas

    Kuningas Deity

    Aug 15, 2003
    grassland cow 2SE,E. Settle in place, don't know what victory will pursue.
  3. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    Damn it tR1cKy, you really want us to form emotional attachment to that Spearman. :)

    Starting position is nice, 10gpt. Let's see how fast I can get combo factory running.

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