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[PTW] News: GOTM 182 - Greece, Monarch - Results and Congratulations


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GOTM Staff
Jan 9, 2003
Here are the results for the Classic PTW game just completed.

Eight players submitted games, all victories. Congratulations to all who played.

Summary of Medal Winners:

I. Larkin: 870 AD Domination Victory, 9,628 points.

Lanzelot: 1120 AD Domination Victory, 8,944 points.

cerajo: 1772 AD Cultural 20k Victory, 6,177 points.

Fastest Finish Award Winners:

milr: 1762 AD Diplomatic Victory, 4,358 points.

Captain_Jack: 1846 AD Spaceship Victory, 3,521 points.

Other Award Winners:

CKS: 1776 AD Diplomatic Victory, 4,107 points.

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