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Oct 5, 2001

GOTM 23: Germany

This game MUST be played in patch version 1.74. We will NOT accept any games played under any other patch versions, and you can't play it in warlords!

Further, it MUST be played using HOF mod version 1.74.001.
Mac players can download their version of the 1.61.011 mod from this thread.

Game settings:
Civilization: Germany (Leader: Frederick; Traits: Philosophical, Creative)
Rivals: 6
Difficulty: Noble
Map: Ring
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Arid
Water level: Medium
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Epic
Options: None.
Victory Conditions: all enabled

Frederick is Philosophical and Creative; starting with hunting and mining. Philosophical allows +100% Great Person birth rate, as well as double production speed of universities. Creative allows +2 culture per city, as well as double production speed of theatres and colosseums.

Unique unit: Panzer
The Panzer replaces the standard tank. The stats are identical (str = 28, move = 2, cost - 270), however the panzer gets +50% strength vs armored units.

The starting screenshot is here (click for a bigger version!)

Adventurer Class bonuses:
  1. Start with agriculture

Challenger Class Equalisers:
  1. Start with no scout
  2. Start with no techs.
  3. the three plots of forest immediately next to the settler are replaced with jungle (spices remain).

>> Go get the starting saves!

My game has stopped loading, saying something about locked assetts.

I've installed BtS and the 3.13 patch half way through playing this game.

Would this stop it from loading, and if it does, what can I do to get it to load. Or is it game over for me this month ?

Yes, BTS is the reason is stopped. If you look into the WOTM14 save avaialble tread, you will find a discussion on how to get around the problem.
I've tracked down the changed files, reinstalled it all from scratch and took a copy of those 5 files, then copied them back when I needed to play GoTM. Looksl like it works :)

The files are
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