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NewUnit: F302 - Stargate Fighter (July 19, 2005)


Dec 22, 2004

The Stargate f302 Fighter.
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default -> run -> attack -> death

bonus optional fidget

Bombing (victory)

This unit includes

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Attack, Defeat, Run, bomb, alt-fidget
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Attack, Defeat, Run, bomb
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The F302 fighter, formerly the X302, was built to accompany the Prometheus (BC303).
Unlike the x301, the x302 was build entirely by humans. But, it has incorporated several Goa'uld technologies. Such as the hyperspace window generator. However this hyperspace window generator is naquadria powered, and so suffers from stability problems.
This ship is very maneuverable and fast. But, it has a relatively short range. This will eventually be addressed by incorporating an ION engine.
This ship does not have a shield generator, but it is very well armored and quite capable of standing up to a sustained engagement.

crew: two
Engines: 2 X Jet Engines, 2X Modified Aerospike engines, 1 X Rocket booster, 1 X Hyperspace window generator. An ion drive has been captured and is being studied to eventually replace the conventional sub-light engines.
Weapons: 2 banks of missles (2 missles per bank), there are also two non-operational weapons clusters on the wing tips. It is believed that these will shortly recieve beam weapons. There are also preliminary tests underway to replace the conventional missles with Photon missles.
Defenses: Stealth
Special thanks to Bhiita for his help with this unit.
I have a good student.
This is sweet Bjornlo, thank you. Especialyl for the sounds. Seemed like it wasn't much of a delay anyway.
odintheking said:
OOOOOOHH! AHHHHHHHHH! What's next? More of your beautiful scifi units?
I'll be doing more SciFi in a couple of days. Next up are some more historical units. I over committed and am going to make a dent in my list as quickly as possible.
Wyrmshadow said:
I have a good student.
Very kind of you to say so. Anyone who appreciates my current units should also drop Wyrmshadow a thank you note. I would be taking at least 2-3x's as long to do them without his considerable help. Plus a few quality issues would have taken far longer to work out as well.
Thank you for your hard work, this unit will work very nicely in my scenario.
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