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NFL/ABC consider two Monday Night games.

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Nov 18, 2003
I read about this in the paper. I like it. What was last week's monday game, the Browns vs. some other team? It gives the flexibility, and since the non-national game is still broadcast locally, there really aren't any losers. Except for people who work/live near the stadiums in cities that rarely get monday night games.
Well.... living in an NFL city, I can tell you that there are a LOT of activities centered around a Monday night game, so just "switching" games isn't as easy as it sounds, from a logistics standpoint.

Having TWO games on Monday night defeats the entire purpose of MNF. That game is watched by EVERY football fan watching football that night! Prime time! To split audiences will really hurt the concept, imho.....

In fact, if MNF does that, then the SUNDAY NIGHT games will be the prime time stage (the game every fan is watching) instead of Monday. Is that REALLY what the league wants?! :eek:

There are truly very few late-season games that are meaningless. Although the teams may not be in the playoffs, there are other consequences surrounding the playoffs that may be determined by the MNF game. I still like watching even the "meaningless" games (what's the difference between those and college bowl games?!), because sometimes a new talent gets to shine in the spotlight

Just my 3 cents worth (2 cents after tax.... ;) )....

-- From The Cellar :smoke:
Regarding that Browns-Rams game from a few weeks back: it was fairly competitive for most of the game. I don't want them to change the great tradition that is Monday Night Football. If they want to change the games, than maybe they could move the Sunday Night Game up and the Monday Night Game back.
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