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Night of the Werewolves XXV: Border of Life

Discussion in 'Mafia/NOTW' started by Chandrasekhar, May 19, 2009.

  1. Chandrasekhar

    Chandrasekhar Determined

    Mar 30, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Rules and signup thread here

    Morning One

    Slowly, wearily, the Magistrate of Castle Animus hobbled over to the enormous window of his office. The morning sun had a dull shine that failed to warm the Magistrate's aching bones. The blizzard had calmed down a bit, he noticed, but snow still fell, and the landscape was blanketed in white. With a sigh, the Magistrate turned from his contemplation of the unseasonable weather, just in time to hear something outside his door.

    A heavy noise - the floor of the outside hallway was buckling under some great weight. There was a crash as the priceless vase on a pedestal outside the office was carelessly knocked over and shattered. The noises stopped outside the Magistrate's office for a moment, and then, there was a low growl...

    The double doors exploded inwards, and standing in the entryway was a huge creature, covered in fur and standing on two legs, but hunched over, its claws held in front of it. Its gaze was animalistic, enraged, yet undeniably somehow human. The Magistrate surveyed it across his desk. "Have you come to turn yourself in?" He asked the question calmly.

    A few early risers outside the castle heard a great crash, and all eyes turned to the window of the Magistrate's office. The window shattered, and the black-robed form of the Magistrate himself flew out it as through thrown, falling several stories to hit the ground with a sickening crunch. But all eyes were on the shattered window - standing in it, the enormous form of the beast could be seen. It was a werewolf.

    Slowly, the beast disappeared back into the hallway. For the next few hours, everyone still sleeping was woken from their rooms, roused to try and track down the werewolf. But the beast had already reverted to its human form - a headcount revealed that everyone was present.

    Or almost everyone - when the Carpenter's room was investigated, he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't anywhere else in the castle, either. There was just a small spatter of blood on the floor, presumably his. With no corpse to be found, the manner of death could only be guessed at, but it was clear that there was a killer in the castle entirely separate from the werewolf.

    The castle already has a gallows and a jail constructed for dealing with criminals. Neither has been used in a long time. Since the killings, everyone has eyed the gallows in particular uneasily. With the castle snowed in, the only way to escape the killers will be to find them out during the day and lynch them. Still, some cling to the futile hope that this can be resolved peacefully. This first day might not end in a lynching.

    It is Day One!
    Players, place your votes!
    Lynching requires two thirds of all cast votes!
    Public posting is open!
    Night falls in 48 hours!
  2. Chandrasekhar

    Chandrasekhar Determined

    Mar 30, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Game History​

    Morning One: The Magistrate (NPC) and the Carpenter (NPC) are killed.
    Evening One: The Jester, rhawn, is jailed.

    Morning Two: Painter Jono (Innocent) and Vicar Aramazd (Werewolf accomplice) are killed.
    Evening Two: Blademaster Tolis (Innocent) is executed.

    Morning Three: Fisherman MooseWarrior (Innocent) and Lutist BananaLee (Innocent) are killed.
    Evening Three: Jester rhawn (Innocent) is executed.

    Morning Four: Farmer Icekommander (Innocent) and Maid LightFang (Innocent) are killed.
    Evening Four: Healer Diamondeye (Vengeful ghost) is executed.

    Morning Five: Child Niklas (Innocent) is killed.
    Evening Five: Paladin PrinceScamp is jailed.

    Morning Six: Gatekeeper hell_hound (Innocent) and Philosopher Splime (Innocent) are killed.
    Evening Six: Merchant D'Artagnan59 (Innocent) is killed.

    Morning Seven: Astrologer oyzar (Innocent) and Bard Frozen In Ice (Malevolent priest) are killed.
    Evening Seven: Butler TheForestAuro (Ghost accomplice) is killed.

    Morning Eight: Mercenary KingMorgan (Innocent) and Fiddler Izipo (Innocent) are killed.
    Evening Eight: Mechanic Mergle (Innocent) is killed.

    Morning Nine: Seneschal Adrogans (Innocent) and Sculptor PaulusIII (Malevolent priest) are killed.
    Evening Nine: Hunter Sepuku (Innocent) is killed.

    Morning Ten: Jailer CCRunner (Innocent) and Master-at-Arms RRRaskolnikov (Werewolf accomplice) are killed.
    Evening Ten: Beggar Methos uses the Staff of Lugus to confirm his innocence, and...

    Morning Eleven: The mob stands rapt 'till dawn.
    Evening Eleven: Miller ZPV (Innocent) and Blacksmith thomas.berubeg (Malevolent priest) are killed.

    Morning Twelve: There are no deaths during the night.
  3. Chandrasekhar

    Chandrasekhar Determined

    Mar 30, 2006
    Seattle, WA
    Player Status​

    Astrologer oyzar (Female, Elven) Killed Morning Seven! Innocent!
    Bard Frozen In Ice (Male, Elven) Killed Morning Seven! Malevolent priest!
    Beggar Methos (Male, Human)
    Blacksmith thomas.berubeg (Male, Dwarven) Killed Evening Eleven! Malevolent priest!
    Blademaster Tolis (Male, Elven) Killed Evening Two! Innocent!
    Butler TheForestAuro (Male, Elven) Ghost accomplice!

    Child Niklas (Female, Human) Killed Morning Five! Innocent!
    Cook Ekolite (Female, Elven)
    Farmer Icekommander (Male, Human) Killed Morning Four! Innocent!
    Fiddler Izipo (Male, Elven) Killed Morning Eight! Innocent!
    Fisherman MooseWarrior (Male, Human) Killed Morning Three! Innocent!
    Gardener Backwards Logic (Female, Elven)

    Gatekeeper hell_hound (Male, Elven) Killed Morning Six! Innocent!
    Groundskeeper Renata (Male, Human)
    Harpsichordist Ozbenno (Male, Human)
    Healer Diamondeye (Female, Elven) Killed Evening Four! Vengeful ghost!
    Historian Nictel (Male, Elven)
    Hunter Sepuku (Male, Orc) Killed Evening Nine! Innocent!

    Jailer CCRunner (Male, Human) Killed Morning Ten! Innocent!
    Jester rhawn (Female, Elven) Killed Evening Three! Innocent!
    Lord Winston Hughes (Male, Elven)
    Lutist BananaLee (Male, Human) Killed Morning Three! Innocent!
    Maid LightFang (Female, Elven) Killed Morning Four! Innocent!
    Master-at-Arms RRRaskolnikov (Male, Elven) Killed Morning Ten! Werewolf accomplice!

    Mechanic Mergle (Female, Dwarven) Killed Evening Eight! Innocent!
    Mercenary KingMorgan (Male, Human) Killed Morning Eight! Innocent!
    Merchant D'Artagnan59 (Male, Human) Killed Evening Six! Innocent!
    Miller ZPV (Female, Human) Killed Evening Eleven! Innocent!
    Painter Jono (Female, Elven) Killed Morning Two! Innocent!
    Paladin PrinceScamp (Male, Human)

    Philosopher Splime (Female, Elven) Killed Morning Six! Innocent!
    Sculptor PaulusIII (Female, Human) Killed Morning Nine! Malevolent priest!
    Seamstress Seon (Female, Human)
    Seneschal Adrogans (Male, Dwarven) Killed Morning Nine! Innocent!
    Soldier Stuck in Pi (Male, Human) Killed Noon Twelve! Innocent!
    Vicar Aramazd (Male, Human) Killed Morning Two! Werewolf accomplice!

    Magistrate NPC (Male, Elven) - Killed Morning One
    Carpenter NPC (Male, Human) - Killed Morning One
  4. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
    The Healer, a slim and fragile Ljosalfar woman, gasped and looked as if she could faint any minute. "Oh my, oh my, that poor old man... And a werewolf loose, as well! I do hope this will not repeat itself, although I fear it may, for the werewolf must be among us. Pray, how do we tell beast from man? And who can we trust in this disaster? I really must sit down now, my head is spinning..."

    With those confused words, the healer promptly sits down on a bench, resting her head in her hands.
  5. Adrogans

    Adrogans Quiet Laughter...

    Oct 21, 2006
    The Woods
    The stout Dwarven Seneschal shook his head in disguest. "Damn werewolves, they are among us. We must strike hard and fast to prevent this situation from going out of control as the stories tell."
  6. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    Oy... them wolves gonna be the death o' us all!
  7. Sepuku

    Sepuku Prince

    Jun 18, 2006
    Not if I can help it. I've been waiting for a challenge such as this! Much honor is at stake for thekiller of a werewolf! The tribes will sing of my deed for ages to come when I tear his head from his body! :mwaha:
  8. KingMorgan

    KingMorgan Deity

    May 6, 2008
    In the clouds
    I've heard silver bullets kill wolves.
  9. oyzar

    oyzar Have quit civ/forums

    Oct 7, 2006
    The problem is finding the wolves.
  10. Nictel

    Nictel Emperor

    Sep 9, 2007
    "Werewolves?! Quickly we must find a way to recognise the werewolves among us. I have heard stories just like this. A group of people cut of from the outside infiltrated by werewolves. Some where successful, others however ended up killing themselves in sheer panic! These deaths are tragic, though I did not know neither of the victims personally I feel they deserve a burial. Perhaps we will find the carpenters body, if there is another killer this is truly going to be a most disturbing winter."
  11. Winston Hughes

    Winston Hughes Wrathful Warlock Retired Moderator

    Oct 2, 2006
    A state of unquenchable rage
    Cutting a heroic (if rather short) figure, the young Lord looks more than a little annoyed by the morning's events.

    So this is the reward for all my good service... A castle infested with monsters, murderers, and who knows what else. When they said this place would need a bit of spring cleaning, I didn't realise that would involve purging it of evil beasts and such.

    Bah, it's always the way, isn't it? "There won't be much resistance", they say, and you find yourself facing an entire regiment. "Definitely no demons", they say, then half of hell comes charging straight at you. Typical!
  12. Maniacal

    Maniacal the green Napoleon

    Mar 13, 2005
    British Columbia, Canada
    Werewolves, they do not scare me. I have fought, and killed, all manner of foul beasts with my trusted broadsword. I hope this other killer is not an honourless cowardly assassin, at least werewolves fight like a man.
  13. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    The seamstress seemed to have taken the entire ordeal in a particular shock and horror. She seemed to be just seconds away from fainting.

    "No! I knew that this castle was cursed, I knew that I should have left here..."

    She shakes her head and leans on the chair.
  14. PaulusIII

    PaulusIII Unholy Warlord

    Mar 13, 2008
    The Netherlands
    "A werewolf, here?"

    The sculptor looks around nervously. She knew she shouldn't have strayed so far from home just to take a look at a few famous statues in the vicinity of the castle.
  15. Maniacal

    Maniacal the green Napoleon

    Mar 13, 2005
    British Columbia, Canada
    Don't worry, I'm sure you will be able to produce a magnificant sculpter of me driving my sword through the gut of a werewolf! *strikes heroic pose*
  16. BananaLee

    BananaLee Fruity Penguin

    Nov 3, 2004
    Auckland, New Zealand
    *plays generic whining song about being isolated and being eaten by woles*
  17. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    *plays more uplifting song about not being eaten by wolves.*
  18. Frozen In Ice

    Frozen In Ice Emperor

    Jun 30, 2007
    A werewolf sure is a bad omen, but I think this other killer we have may be the greater threat, as we know nothing but him. We can prepare what we know of, but since we know nothing about this other person we can't do anything to stop him.

    The bard pauses for a moment, and then his demeanor softens a bit as a new thought comes to him.

    Think of tales that will be told about us, and the songs sung if we can pull through this! Why, I already think I might have some ideas...
  19. CCRunner

    CCRunner Deity

    May 13, 2008
    Werewolves eh? Well, I'd like to see them try and kill me. Not even a werewolf could break my chains!
  20. Aramazd

    Aramazd Deity

    Jun 19, 2003
    San Jose, California
    Werewolves and another murderer as well! It's only my first morning here and I wish I hadn't come here.

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