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Night of the Werewolves XXVII: Night of Blood


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Oct 7, 2006
His widow was sitting down in the snow and crying. "Why would anyone do this to such a kind person?" That was indeed a though echoing on most minds, why would someone?

"Maybe it was a monster that did it" uttered one. "Yes no human would do this, it vas surely a vampire" said another. "It might be any number of things, but I think it was a demon" said a third. The suggestions for what it could be raged forward. Maybe it was someone from the government trying to overthrow local rule, maybe it was someone working for war with neighboring countries, it could be the elves that were found there or maybe it was werewolf or ghosts. People had heard endless stories about settlements getting slaughtered by all manner of unnatural creatures so the suggestions didn't really help much.

"We need to find who is responsible" said the Mayor's Widow, "And once we do, that person is going to pay!"

Let the accusations fly, 48 hours until nightfall.

Here are the rules for those who doesn't bother to check the sign up thread:

Spoiler :

Time Cycle – The game will alternate between 48 hour days and 24 hour nights. During the daytime, accusations and item votes may be made, and public messages may be posted. During the night, player abilities may be used in secret by PM'ing the GM. Private messages may be sent regardless of the time of day.

Note also that secret messages can be sent through the GM. Just PM me whatever you want the message to be, and whether you want it to be public, or forwarded anonymously to a particular player, and it will be done upon the next morning, midday, or evening post. This is effectively a looser version of the old "secret voice" system from classic NotW.

Voting – There will be no voting, just accusations. The first day 2/3 of accusations are needed to kill a player. The next 2 days a majority of the accusations are needed, after that more than the runner up is the only thing needed.

Spoiler :
Originally Posted by Niklas
Alright, here's the thing:

When disaster strikes, you find yourself an isolated group with a werewolf (or whatever) among you, is it reasonable that the first thing you do is start voting on one person to hang per day? Heck no.

When disaster strikes, you find yourself an isolated group with a werewolf (or whatever) among you, is it reasonable that accusations fly back and forth, tempers flare, steel flashes and blood is spilled? Heck yeah!

My mechanic is intended to capture exactly this subtle difference. In my games there were no votes and no hangings. There were accusations and (more or less) accidental deaths. In effect they are exactly similar, but one gives a believable story and the other doesn't.

For the players, the only difference is that they should take care to cast their accusations in roleplay style, so instead of "The Wool Merchant gets my vote", you would instead have to say "I find the Wool Merchant's presence very unsettling, I bet he is the werewolf that has arrived among us". Not much different for how most already play, and how IMO everyone should play.

For the GM, the difference is a bit more tricky, but also more liberal. Instead of the everyday hanging, beheading, throwing off a cliff, walking the plank or whatever standard lynch mechanism has been used, you get to do the death free-style, different each day. In my game the wool merchant was trying to escape the angry people at the table that had started throwing their wine goblets after him, and as he ran he tripped and fell down the stairs and broke his neck. He was innocent. The Guardsman on the other hand was first accused by the noble Knight, and when it came down to it the Knight drew his sword in challenge, to which the Guardsman answered by growing furs. Then I could implement that death as the Knight killing the Guardsman in single combat.

You get the idea. Roleplaying and storytelling in a believable setting, rather than trying to tack an unreasonable and not believable out-of-game mechanic (the voting) into the setting itself.

In addition to accusation, it is possible to give someone your vote of confidence. This work as an inverse accusation.
There will also be some items revealed during the course of the game. These will be voted for publicly. A person with “normal” accusation power would get 1 vote. Those with more accusation power get the equivalent amount of votes.

Any accusations or votes can be sent privately to the GM and will then be announced in the evening post.

Injuries – Some things might cause some players to be injured. While injured a person normally can’t accuse someone nor perform night actions. How injuries get cured will remain a mystery.

Character stats – There will be numerous stats for each character; the only one available in the thread will be your public title and your gender.

Races – Everyone will get a race, these might not work as you think and they will not be public available, most people in the games will be humans however as this is a human village.

Victory Condition – This is the title for how you win the game. The one most people get is “Innocent”.

Personal Goal – Usually personal goals are just for flavor, to add some action to the game and bragging points after the game. In this game it will be all this and more. Whoever has completed their personal goal will get twice their normal accusation power. This means that if your personal goal is to have a person survive you have twice the accusation power while that person is alive; if your goal is to get someone killed you will have twice the accusation power after that person is dead. A person who have their personal goal completed feel more “complete” and is more confident and better able to show their views and as such get this extra power.

Items – Several people will get items. These can be transferred privately at any update post (morning/midday/evening). They can also be revealed privatly between parties this way. They can also be revealed in public. They will then be voted upon the next day.

You will also get listed abilities if you have any. Gender will be listed as well and your base strength for endgame determination (abilities or items might alter this however).

Communication Etiquette – Regarding public messages, try to keep night talking to a minimum. Also, if you have OOC stuff to talk about that doesn't pertain to playing the game, talk about it in the signup thread or in the general NotW thread. That means that if you're suspicious of someone 'cause there was no night kill last night, and this person was inactive, by all means post it in the thread. If, on the other hand, you saw an image in the mustard on your chilli dog that totally reminded you of something that one of your fellow players said the other day, it'd probably go best elsewhere. And one other thing: If you're dead, don't make any posts regarding the game, please. I know that the standard "Aw guys you shouldn't have lynched me" can be sort of amusing, but there's too thin a line between that and after-death meaningful communication, which is forbidden.

Regarding private messages, there's a reason they're called private. Don't directly copy and paste quotes from private messages into other private messages or into public posts. Summarize them if you want, but don't give a word-for-word quote, and don't give the impression that you're doing so. The big exception here is if you know that the recipient has already seen the PM in question - that is, you can see on your copy of the PM that it was also forwarded to the third party. This exception is there just because it makes group discussions over CFC's PM system a lot more convenient. Simlarly no direct copying of IM logs either.

Finally, remember that this last rule goes doubly for any PMs you have from the GM - do not, under any circumstances, copy and paste your ability description, your motivation, your victory condition, or anything else from your starting PM. The same goes for confirmations of ability use or whatever. Summarize it if you want, but word-for-word quotes are not permitted.

Oh and anyone who forwards pm’s to me as well as the recipient or give me summary of their thoughts on IM would be greatly appreciated. I want to know what is going on in the game as well!
Adventurer (female) Nictel
Baker (male) Winston Hughes - Innocent - Torn to pieces night 2
Bard (female) PaulusIII - Innocent - Ripped in two night 4
Blacksmith (male) Niklas
Brewer (male) RRRaskolnikov

Butcher (female) Sepuku - Innocent - Poisoned morning 5
Carpenter (female) ZPV - Innocent - Lynched day 6
Clothes Trader (female) BananaLee - Innocent - Chopped down morning 6
Corn farmer (male) Tolis - Innocent - Lynched day 2
Cotton Farmer (male) Icekommander

Cow farmer (female) Methos - Innocent - Annihilated night 6
Cow farmer’s Son (male) Stuck in Pi
Fisherman (male) Krill
Fisherwoman (female) Seon
Herbalist (female) D'Artagnan59

Historian (male) Catharsis - Innocent - Torn to pieces night 5
Horse Breeder (female) Renata - Innocent - Torn to pieces night 1
Horse Merchant (male) thomas.berubeg
Lumberman (male) J-man
Mayor’s Widow (female) sprig

Miller (male) Frozen In Ice
Old Man (male) Backwards Logic - Vampire - Stabbed through the heart night 3
Old Woman (female) Chandrasekhar - Innocent - Torn to pieces night 6
Paladin (male) Kulko
Priest (male) KingMorgan

Ranger (female) stee - Demon - Lynched day 5
Seamstress (female) TheForestAuro - Demon - Dead night 5
Sheep farmer (female) Autolycus
Tools merchant (male) civplayah - Innocent - Lynched day 4
Traveler (male) Ekolite - Innocent - Throat slit night 2

Wheat farmer (male) Izipo - Not Innocent - Throat slit night 6
Wheat farmer’s wife (female) gagnarath - Innocent - Stabbed in the back night 4
Wheat farmer’s daughter (female) z4ckdabeast CCRunner
Wine farmer (male) Pinman
Wine merchant (female) mythmonster2
PMs would be nice... :mischief:
Commemorative cakes! Get your commerative cakes here!

Pay your respects to the dead Major with a gateau!

Patriotic pastries, two for the price of one!

We've got Amurite Arepa, Bannor Brioche, and Calabim Crumpets!

All freshly baked from locally-sourced ingredients!

Get 'em while they're hot!
The Mayor’s Widow stops sobbing at the sound of the bakers insensitive comments and dispite the sweet smell of his pastries calls out to him
"Stop acting a fool Winston!, now is not the time for that."
She then eyes up the Tool Merchant Civplayah
"And who the hell do you think you are? You can't just come into our village like you own the place and accuse a poor old lady. Or was it you that killed my husband and by blaming others, trying to hide your guilt?"
Miss, I assure you, I am innocent. I swear that I shall not accuse a strong person as long as I live. That leaves the strong left in the village. The weak shall not survive the chain of murders! And what right do you have, accusing me? Oh, by the way, I have no guilt!
Another death of an innocent taken before it's time.
First my father and now another all within a week. It seems our village has been cursed! Perhaps our goodly Priest can bless us or rid us of this unholy taint and foul lick that seems to have befallen our goodly village?

That'll be two spanners and a wrench, please...

What's that you say? Accusation?

Well, I accuse everyone of not buying enough bread!

C'mon you tight-fisted swine, the Mayor's dead!

Buy a goddamned loaf already!
The Miller walks out from the field he had been working in, over to his brother. He punches him friendly on the shoulder, then speaks.

"Hey, bro, Winston, I believe that the Widow is right about this not being the time. I mean the guy just died and everything. Maybe you should wait a month before you bring these out for sale. However, they do look mightly delicious. You wouldn't mind if I took one would you?"

The Miller then reaches out to grab on his brother's Amurite Arepa.
The mayor's widow holds out her hand and accepts the scone
"Thank you, Winston, your baking is wonderful as always"
She turns to address the Tool Merchant once more
"Your words do you no justice, it is clear that you a man of no morals and obviously think rather highly of yourself. You deem yourself more important than that poor old woman. That attitude disgusts me. I bet she is far wiser than you and will be more helpful in finding who is responsaible for my husband's death. Perhaps thats why your fear her?"
Could you spare some bread for me? I will need to stay up all night looking out for other attack threats and other possibilities. It will be on the house of course, right? I mean, I just can't resist your culinary delights.
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