Night Reapers Earth


May 26, 2001
This is a huge map (180x180):eek: . This is my first map so I would encorage your opinions. There are 20 starting locations so the player locations are more balanced. There are islands full of resourses to find.:scan:

So what do you think?


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here is what it looks like now.


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Looks Like a great map!:goodjob: I'll download it and it will be my next game. Then I'll give ya some feedback, could take a while, I'm a busy man!:king:
Ahhh the map is too big.
I would download it, but i can't play on huge maps, because its too slow.

@Nightreaper: Next time make a slightly smaller map, because huge maps are a big problem are a problem on alot of people's pcs.
Thanks for the input, what size do you play? Standard? I may come out with a smaller map later but i would like input on the map itself.

I think I went a little heavy on resources. I am thinking about getting rid of some of them in a newer version. And how about the continental placement.
there are plenty of forests to chop down. mountains are located with deserts following them.

Each starting location has a river going through it.
Here is a new map that I am working on.


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If you like to play on huge pangea type games; myself I prefer island type normal to large games. I must agree that you went a little more than a tad bit overboard on your luxary alocation.

The map you are currently working on (pictured amove this post)
looks like a good map, depending upon the size you have made the map. If it is normal than it would be a great map, and larger and it might need more broke up into smaller islands. That is just my opinion anyway. And try to only put out around one or two more resources than the number of civs in the game, and the same number of luxxeries as the number of recomended civs for the scenario. Again that is just my thought on maps.
It looks great, I just started a game so it will be no loss to begin a new one on yours. I love huge maps, my computer has no problem dealing with them.
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