no 5 turn wait for formal war if AI denounces


Mar 5, 2010
Attached is a game save where Egypt just denounced me, and I can Declare a Formal War without having to wait five turns. Also attached is the game save from the turn before, to prove they hadn't denounced me yet.

The rollover for Declare Formal War says "Used to declare war on a player that Denounced you or that you have Denounced at least 5 turns ago." I assumed the "5 turns ago" applied to both players. If intentionally not, I suggest adding a comma after "a player that Denounced you" to remove the ambiguity.


  • LAUTARO 17 3360 BC can war.Civ6Save
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  • LAUTARO 16 3400 BC at peace.Civ6Save
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This is working as intended.

The point of putting the 5-turn delay in is so you can't denounce into instant formal war to bypass the surprise war increased grievances penalty. If you're being denounced, that implies your opponent considers you to be on bad terms and (is the idea) is ready for a potential war to break out.

You could also interpret this as "You are despicable!" "What? I won't take that! This means war!"
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