No dogfighting ?


Aug 26, 2001
Mountain View, California, USA
What IS it with the air superiority missions ? I've not seen a single dogfight , even though every single one of my cities have a fighter or jet fighter in them , on air superiorith missions to control the skies ( trying to stop bombings ) . Even though I'm at war and two fighters are 'controlling the skies' , a bombing run on a city 2 squares from the carries usually ends in a busted bomber . Please help .


Dec 19, 2001
Oxford UK
I pray that one day, I'll fully understand what you are trying to say.

But, in the meantime, I will guess.

You have fighters in every city, and they are not intercepting any enemy bombers? Am I correct so far?

Then is it you that has a busted bomber from it's bombing run 2 squares away from an enemy city?

Firstly, what version of CivIII are you running? Earlier versions had a bug that prevented your fighters from intercepting enemy bombers.

Secondly, there is only a small percentage chance that fighters will attack the bombers. Don't expect a guaranteed interception because you have fighters in each city.

I must admit, I found the AI to have a better interception rate than my air force.

I hope that helps, assuming I have the right end of the stick in my hand.
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