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Nov 13, 2000
Eugene, OR, USA
We had a sneaker windstorm last Thursday late afternoon packing 70 mph winds that took out several trees and power poles across a wide area of our state. We were without electricity for 3 1/2 days, though fortunately no damage to our house or property. As temps were near freezing every night having no power and no heat was a real problem. The power's been back on since Monday morning, but we're still trying to get caught up on everything that didn't get done while we were busy just surviving. Needless to say I haven't been to CFC in that time (I've missed you all :cry: ), but hopefully can start getting caught up on what's been happening around here :cooool:
Sorry to hear that Leo.

I hope all is good by you now.

That's a hell of a long time to go without power.
Thanks, AofA. It actually felt longer than it sounds when I say only three days (4 nights). We braved it for two nights, then gave up and went to a hotel the third night. Stayed with my parents out of town the 4th night. We were very fortnate, however, in having no damage. There were many shingles off of roofs in our neighborhood, and many houses and cars damaged or destroyed by falling trees. I'm playing for a wedding this weekend that had to be moved because a tree fell through the church. That church has a big 50th anniversary celebration scheduled for next weekend with former pastors, etc. coming from out of town. Don't know what they're gonna do. We are pretty much back to normal and caught up on most things now; just trying to get the house ready for the in-laws visiting this weekend :D
Wow, 3 days without power??? We once had a power loss of something like 8 hours and the world here simply stood still, nothing moved......
some folks are still without power, nearly a week since the storm. I can't imagine how they're coping :( One of the utilities that serves the outlaying rural areas estimated they lost power to 95% of their customers :eek: Most places have power back now.
We had some hellish winds here last week also. They had to issue a wind advisory for the Big Rigs to stay off the highways. Luckily we have underground power lines, so we didn't lose power, but we did lose a 15ft tree (uprooted, but didn't hit anything) in our front yard and anything that was in the back yard went flying around and got smashed. They said at one point the winds were up to 90 MPH on the highways.

Glad to hear everything is ok for your situation. :)
Yeah ,glad you survived it Leo.Never had a long power loss in my country.if such a thing happens here (and it happens very rarely) ,it's solved in the first 5 minutes ,but that's because everything is much denser over here.
Did you by any chance joke about the wind? I did in December on this very website, and then later that same day a windstorm blew a tree onto my house.

What annoyed me was the fact that the joke wasn't really about the wind, but more about a town in England that had had some trees knocked down. I guess I just don't understand why the wind took it so personally. It's not like I am a weatherist or anything.;)
We used to lose power several times each winter during the 80s and early 90s around Seattle, but each time the power lines were knocked down in an area, they'd replace them with underground lines, so now we hardly ever lose power anymore.
On the Great Plains, there was a snowstorm that knocked down most of the powerlines in 3 counties.

Many people were without power (except for farm generators) for almost a month.

That was an interesting experience, and made me appreciate the modern world that much better. (Although I didn't live in it for very long, I moved into my parents house.;))
Leo, I bet it was evil California stealing your power again.

Glad to hear that you were not truly blown away, and very sorry to hear about your unscheduled trip to the days before electricity.

We lose power down here in the summer time due to overload, and the mucking up of power supplies, but never due to gales.
You have my sympathy! :sad:

There was a hurricane in Denmark in December 1999. Due to fallen trees we did not have electricity for 2½ day. That was so hard. Oh, I forgot to tell that we had electricity in the kitchen (Don't know how such thing is possible but we had power in the kitchen) so most of the days were spent there!
I know how it feels:( , but imagine facing a situation where there is now power for 10-12 hours EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. I should know, it is going to be summer in South India:cry:
On Jan 5 1998 an ice storm (freezing rain) hit south western Quebec and parts of eastern Ontario. It lasted for about a week. The weight of the ice on the power lines just took out half of the network.
- It left - at one point or another - over 3.5 million people without power. In January. In Canada.
- A week after (jan 12) about 3/4 of the people had their power restored... but that still left well over 800 000 people without it.
- Most (but not all) of the people had it restored... by the end of the month.

And it made it damn hard for me to get my hands on a case of Molson! :cry:
My situation is quite that bad but my electricty has been going off quite frequently. It has been off three times in the last two weeks. It quite frustrating. And when it goes off at night the electricity board takes their time whe they are fixing it. Probably something to do with them being on double time or time and a half
Had a scary deja vu last night. The power went off around 5PM for no apparent reason :eek: As temps were predicted down to 27 F, we were not looking forward to yet another night freezing our fannies off. Fortunately it came back on within a half-hour. We have no idea what caused the problem. Such unexpected outages are extremely rare for us.
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