No hot seat!!


Sep 23, 2010
Everyone I know that plays civ plays hot seat. Why the creators of civ 5 would deliberately omit this multiplayer function is beyond me. I am seriously considering returning this game because I know I will play civ 4 still and toss aside this new one. I am so very disappointed. So if you are anything like me and my friends do not purchase this game or you will be just as crushed. I am hoping they will create an expansion immediately that has this feature or at least some kind of mod or patch.
I like using hot seat to play a couple different Civs at once (with many more AIs of course). I look forward to it being reintroduced. And yes, I do believe they said that it will be added later on.
They did indeed. It'll be released in the coming weeks, possibly even with the first patch.
The unfinished state and the lack of basic features in this game are just incredible.

If this game failed a bit more at launch, you might even compare to Elemental :sad:
Curious why they left it out, since it seems to be very little extra work. Same game mechanics as a single-player, non-simultaneous turns. Just need a mechanism to say that as it rotates through the turns, bring the player interface up when its a human players turn. As you cycle through the players, you litterally just check to see if the player is AI or Human, and then kick it to the AI routines if its AI, or let the player do their turn if they are human.

Its very simple programming. I'm playing with a game program of my own, and its one of the very first things I put in. Mainly so I could see the game from all sides as I develop it. As soon as I started to work on ideas like Fog-of-War, I put in this so I could see the map from different player's points of view. Its very simple programming.

Very strange that this was left out. To me it almost seems mandatory for testing and debugging. Oh, wait a minute ... no one did any testing or any debugging on this program.

Of course, this is a very strange game and was obviously a very strange development process for a Civ game.

Leaving hotseat out would lower my grade for Civ5, except you can't get lower than the F the game already gets from me.
It was a another kick in the face to leave this feature out. My Mrs and me loved the hot-seat option, we spent many an hour role-playing out our empires. Now there's no hot-seat and no real role-playing either, just a bad tactical war game with a bit of simple empire building thrown into the mix
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