No. of Cities and Corruption?

Big Pants

Apr 12, 2002
I'm aware that, depending on map size, there is a maximum no. of Cities allowed before corruption problems increase. Does anyone know what happens at this point and what the default values are for different map sizes? Also is this effected by difficulty level? I'm just about to move up to Monarch level.:king:
Here's the definitive thread:

Check the editor for the sizes and optimal number of cities. I believe it is 14 for small, 16 for standard, 20 large, 32 huge, but double check for yourself. What happens is that cities become totally corrupt after an empire gets double the number of optimal cities. Under the optimal number, courthouses and police stations, distance, and We-Love-the-King day help a lot. In between the optimal number and double the optimal number, corruption is a problem but can be dealt with.

Difficulty levels have a multilplier for this optimal number. I believe it is 100% for Chieftain, 60% for Diety. On higher levels a player experiences total corruption with fewer cities.

All of this is subject to change with patch 1.21f (due Friday 4/19). The most likely place for updates is the thread at the top.
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