No option to switch to some of the rising civilizations

Chakram Bearer

Apr 4, 2010
I'm playing as Greece in standard RFC (no modmods). During the initial turns I noticed that the window that allows you to switch civilizations (A new civilization is born! Would you like to play as...?) wasn't appearing, even though the new civilization were spawning as usual. I assumed that my current game was bugged somehow and I greeted the Persians, Carthaginians and company.

And suddenly, a window inviting me to play as the Japanese pops up, as well as for the rest of the civilizations that have spawned since then. Is that normal? I haven't played an Ancient civilization in a very long time so I might have forgotten what the early game is like, but I don't remember this limitation.

Has this happened before to anyone?
Thank you. For some reason I had never known that. I should have suspected it.

My previous playthroughs were as Persia and Russia, which don't have many neighbours (or neighbours that spawn after them).
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