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No sound & pink/missing graphics

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Troubleshooting' started by CyTroll, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. CyTroll

    CyTroll Chieftain

    Jan 18, 2016
    Hoping someone will read this and can help as it seems there is little activity in this (part of the) forum lately.

    Played FFH2 many years ago and keep coming back as it's just so good. So I wanted to give it a new try on my fairly recent PC with with Win10... Tried about a year ago and the game would not even launch, no time to really troubleshoot (life, work, family, you know...), so gave up.

    Fresh try now; scrupulously followed all instructions and recommendations found here for installing the game over Civ4 BTS (main exe, latest patch, media pack).

    The game starts. Check. Great. :)

    No sound. Hmmmm... :(

    Unit graphics and some graphics in windows are pink blobs or just pink. Hmmm... :confused:

    Tried re-installing once. Same issues appear. Any idea, anyone? Thanks in advance!

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