No Time Passes After Losing Battle?

Discussion in 'Other Sid Meier Games' started by Monkish, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Monkish

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    Jan 30, 2006
    When you lose a sea battle and are put ashore the game says that you are eventually rescued by a passing ship, bla, bla, bla. But this must happen pretty quickly because the ship you were previously fighting is often still in the same location and possesses the same damage. This seems a bit odd, as you can pummel the toughest ship with your little sloop, lose, and then get back to sea in a new sloop and pummel the same ship again, and so on until it's defeated.

    Is this a bug?
  2. Otterbear

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    Dec 4, 2005
    Southgate, MI
    Yea, Ive noticed a couple of glitches like that. For example you pull into a port with some pirate chasing you and when you come back out a "week" later he still there or whomever was their previously. Its like time stands still when your in port for the rest of the game world anyway. Also notice that you get your ship back after being put in jail...not that I mind. I guess it just keeps the game from being too realistic. I for one am glad they dont hang my butt every time they catch me..:)

    I guess it helps you keep up with whats going on around the world, or you would have to visit half the cities all over again to get caught up with whos who and whats what.

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