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No way to train new veteran soldiers and other problems

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Bug Reports' started by euskingc, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. euskingc

    euskingc Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2008
    Have encountered a whole slew of really frustrating situations and bugs. Rather than flood the forum with new threads I figured that I would just post them all together. Sorry I didnt follow the desired format or post save files, Ill post them up if someone thinks they will be helpful to evaluate the bug.

    Cant re-equip my veteran soldier as a dragoon, even though I have over 450 horses in stock and even though I can equip him as a scout. If I put him in the city as a worker, I still cant re-equip him as a dragoon. The option isnt given on the list.

    In another game... I had defensive pacts with most of the natives. I declared war on another native tribe to bloody up some of my units and test to see if (free colonist) soldiers would become veteran soldiers with experience. So far they havent. In any even the problem is that now I cant sign any defensive pacts with any other native tribes again, the option isnt given in the diplomacy screen. I am still at war with the one native tribe. In any event, when i mouse over the native leaders names it says something along the lines of +2 to relations because of our defensive pact, even though we dont have a defensive pact anymore because it was cancelled because of my agression.

    I cant take the last colonist out of a colony to abandon it like the original game. This really sucks, as it disallows me to plunder all the goods and get all the citizens from a captured settlement and resettle them elsewhere, I either have to destroy the settlement or live with the terrible location the computer has chosen.

    When Im playing a multiplayer hotseat game as a native tribe and a european power... negotiations between the two are all screwed up and I cant sell them any goods at all. I cant in any way transfer goods to the natives or have the natives transfer gold to the european.

    Ive been playing one game for a long time as the french and have schools in every town and colleges and universities in most. All of a sudden it is taking over 30 or 40 or more turns to train my colonists into productive roles. Whats up with this? Its really frustrating because now it is taking longer and longer to expand my colonies' production capabilities and create new colonies because instead of taking a few turns to train them now it is taking decades. Why should it take more and more education points to train someone into the same role? It doesnt make any sense, if anything my universities should become MORE efficient at training people.

    My last problem is that I cant seem to train veteran soldiers in my colleges or universities like in the original game. Even if I have veteran soldiers in the colony (doing some non-soldier menial labour task or working as a statesman or preacher) when the student starts training there, i am still not given the option to have him become a veteran soldier upon graduation. I can have him become a jesuit missionary but not a soldier. Am I to understand then that there is absolutely NO WAY to get more veteran soldiers other than hiring them from europe or the king himself?

    Cant wait for the patches to be released. With a little bit more work this game has a lot of potential to be a really enjoyable time waster.

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