Nobles' Club 318: Huayna Capac of the Incas


Feb 4, 2018
Spoiler T209 (spaceship victory) :
After Oxford, I did everything I could to maintain 100% research for the rest of the game. It was possible thanks to selling techs, 3k failgold, and 4 Great Merchants. Forbidden palace was also super important - it saved me about 50gpt.
I decided to go straight for Biology. Libbed it T141. An alternative was to lib Democracy for SoL, but I consider it as a weaker play. And I could postpone Constitution anyway, because I already had mids.
141 lib.png

T151 I researched Assembly Line (and communism). I believe, trio AL - Communism - Biology is an important checkpoint. After that, it is easy to maintain 100% research. Also, Great Scientists again becomes better than Great Merchant.
In my previous spaceraces I built worksops on every tile and built factory coal plant in every city. But it was always painful to see those sea cities with two or three workshops. So I've tried new late game strategy. This time I chose 14 strong production cities and built factories only in that cities. The rest commerce cities got farms, built library - observatory (and some universities) and were working scientist. I built Kremlin and whipped whole infrastructure in 5 turns.
After that, game went relatively easy. BPT capped at 4.8k with no golden age. That is the problem of this relatively small map. But the start is insanely strong, so you save many turns until the end anyway.
Sury was friendly in diplomacy chart, but he wasn't acting like that at all! Right after I started to build spaceship parts he adopted emancipation and 5:o appeared in my production cities - so I had to build temples and theaters. Note to myself - never sell nationalism and constitution to opponents.
What is even more malicious - he destroyed one of my spaceship parts (Thrusters). I didn't even know AI might do that! Luckily, my IW city had spare time to build 6th Thrusters, so it didn't really affect the launch date. What affected the launch date is that I prepared overflow in 3 cities to finish two engines and life support next turn after research finished. But I didn't think about stasis chamber - and of course it was two turns too late (not even one). So, despite the fact that research was finished T196, spaceship launched only T199.
stasis chamber(((.png


One improvement for my future space games is courthouses. I didn't build anything other than the 6 needed for the Forbidden Palace, because I thought "they will give almost nothing after state property, so it is better to build Wealth now". But now I think, that even after communism, courthouse makes sense - it pays off in 22 turns and there are 40 turns for them to pay off. So I will build more of those in my next games.
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