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Noblesse's Civilization Ideas

Discussion in 'Civilization Design Resources' started by Noblesse Oblige, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2014
    Auburn, AL
    This is a compilation of all the Civ Ideas I've ever made on this site. Some are well thought out, others not so much, some incomplete. Please feel free to add feedback, because I'm still a beginner at this and I want to make sound designs for when I (hopefully one day) start doing my own New Civs.

    Historical Civ's

    Spoiler Western Roman Empire :
    Western Roman Empire:
    Leader: Majorian
    Unique Ability: A Heroic Character for a Degenerate Age: Upon completion of the Honor tree, Barbarian encampments captured by this civilization yields a 30% chances of spawning a new unit. Capturing another Civilization's Capital allows you to procure that Civilization's unique units.
    Unique Unit 1: Magister Militum: Replaces Great General. Placing a Magister Militum within a tile of a city doubles the happiness output in the city.
    Unique Unit 2: Liburnian: Replaces the Trireme, is capable of moving after attacking.
    Capital: Ravenna
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Pontus :
    Kingdom of Pontus
    Leader: Mithridates VI
    Unique Ability: The Poison King: Generate +10% Culture total when at war with a major civilization(s). Combat penalty when fighting in fallout halved. Gain a combat bonus when fighting in hills or next to mountain tiles.
    Unique Unit: Royal Cavalry: Replaces Horseman, Can move through rough terrain as if it is normal, at the cost of overall movement (3 vs. 4).
    Unique Building: Mithridatic Barracks: Replaces Barracks, In addition to it's traditional bonuses of the Barracks, it reduces the Production Costs and Gold Costs for Mounted Units made in cities with this building.
    Start Bias: Hills
    Capital: Amaseia
    Religion: Sunni Islam (Hellenism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Ostrogoths :
    Ostrogothic Kingdom:
    Leader: Theoderic
    Unique Ability: Inheritors of Rome: Unhappiness from conquering capital cities reduced by 50%. Can recruit unique units of other civilizations upon conquering capital cities.
    Unique Unit: Saiones: Replaces Horsemen Enemy units defeated by this unit has a 15% chance of healing this unit at a rate equal to the Combat Strength of the enemy unit.
    Unique Unit 2: Onager: Replaces Trebuchet. Weaker, but cheaper to build.
    Capital: Ravenna
    Religion: Catholicism (Arianism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Philip II's Spain :
    Hapsburg Spain:
    Leader: Philip II
    Unique Ability: Iberian Union: City-States that share the same majority religion will have their influence raise by 2 per turn up to a cap of 30. +2 Gold for every trade route you make with a city who shares the same majority religion with you.
    Unique Units shared same as Vanilla Spain
    Capital: Madrid/Valladolid
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Charles III's Spain :
    Bourbon Spain:
    Leader: Charles III
    Unique Ability: Spanish Enlightenment: Start game with a free Social Policy. Social Policy costs are reduced by 10%. Great Works provide 50% more Tourism.
    Unique Unit: Walloon Guards: Replaces Musketman, When Garrisoned in a city, city culture output is increased depending on era. When garrisoned in the capital. Cultural Output is doubled in the city proper.
    Unique Building: Palacio Real de Madrid: Replaces Palace, has two slots for Great Works of Art rather than one. Starts with an output of +3 Culture instead of an output of +1.
    Capital: Madrid
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Napoleonic Spain :
    Napoleonic Spain:
    Leader: Joseph Bonaparte
    Unique Ability: Peninsular War: Earn a Great General at the start of a new era. Stationing a Great General in an occupied city reduces the amount of time for a city to be in resistance by half.
    Unique Unit 1: Guerillas: Replaces Riflemen, Can hide in Rough Terrain. Can Move after attacking.
    Unique Unit 2: Santissima Trinidad: Replaces Frigate, Stronger (40 Ranged Strength vs. 28, 32 vs. 25 Strength), and Extra Sight, but slower (3 movement vs. 5)
    Capital: Madrid
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Bagratid Armenia :
    Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia
    Leader: Ashot III
    Unique Ability: Christian Kingdom On the Border: When a hostile army (Barbarians or Other Civilizations/City-States at War with you) enters your borders, all cities get a 10% defense boost. City-State influence decrease 20% slower than normal.
    Unique Unit: Vishap Warrior: Replaces Longswordsman, can move on rough terrain as if it was normal.
    Unique Building: Khachkar: Replaces Monument, Provides +2 Faith in addition to providing +2 Culture.
    Capital: Ani
    Religion: Orthodox (Oriental Orthodoxy with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Asturias :
    Kingdom of Asturias:
    Leader: Pelayo
    Unique Ability: Repoblación: Units within one tile of the capital suffer attrition. Unhappiness due to population in cities reduced by 50%. Cities other than the capital city carries over 20% of the food to build a new citizen.
    Unique Unit: Jinete: Replaces Chariot Archer, higher strength (12 vs. 10), and can move after attacking.
    Unique Building: Cathedral of San Salvador: Replaces Temple, In addition to the Grand Temple's traditional bonuses, it also adds +6 Culture per turn.
    Capital: Oviedo
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Castile :
    Crown of Castile:
    Leader: Ferdinand III
    Unique Ability: San Fernando Rey: Faith in cities that owns religious-oriented buildings have their total faith output increased by 30%. Palace provides +2 Faith at start in addition to traditional bonuses.
    Unique Unit: Knight of Santiago: Replaces Knight. Enemies defeated by this unit boost Faith.
    Unique Building: Order of Santiago Headquarters: Replaces Castle. In addition to it's usual bonuses, completion of the building spawns a free Knight of Santiago.
    Castle: Valladolid
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Aragon :
    Crown of Aragon:
    Leader: Alfons V
    Unique Ability: Composite Thalassocratic Monarchy: Cities built on the coast gain a free Harbor upon researching Compass. Gold and Religious pressure increased by 25% upon reaching the Renaissance-era.
    Unique Unit 1: Laternas: Replaces Galleass, Increased Range (6 vs. 4), and can move after attacking.
    Unique Unit 2: Almughavars: Replaces Crossbowmen, Increased Range, (3 vs. 2), Can hide in forests. Gain gold from defeated enemies. The amount being determined from the current Era.
    Capital: Barcelona

    Spoiler Visigoths :
    Visigothic Kingdom:
    Leader: Liuvigild
    Unique Ability: Codex Revisus: Happiness from population across your empire reduced by 33%.
    Unique Unit: Taifali Cavalry: Replaces the Horseman, Has increased movement (5 vs. 4)
    Unique Building: Sparring Fields: Replaces the Barracks, 20XP in cities where this building is established, rather than 15XP.
    Capital: Toledo
    Religion: Catholicism (Arianism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Gascony :
    Duchy of Gascony:
    Leader: Sans VI Guilhem
    Unique Ability: Vascone March: Territory of the Civilization spreads further. Culture is increased based directly on how many people live in your empire. Free Great Person at the start of every new era.
    Unique Unit: Troubadour: Replaces Great Writer, can travel further than the Great Writer it replaces, but Political Treatise offers reduced Culture.
    Unique Building:
    Capital: Bordeaux
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Pergamon :
    Kingdom of Pergamon:
    Leader: Attalus I
    Unique Ability: Attalid Builders: Production requirements for buildings reduced by 20% in cities you own if you already have a building constructed in the Capital.
    Unique Unit: Thureos Spears: Stronger version of the Spearman of which it replaces.
    Unique Building: Holosideros Barracks: Replaces the Barracks. In addition to the traditional benefits of the Barracks, a Garrisoned unit in a city with this building provides an additional 25% combat bonus.
    Capital: Pergamon
    Religion: Orthodoxy (Hellenism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Cappadocia :
    Kingdom of Cappadocia:
    Leader: Ariarathes V
    Unique Ability: Philhellenic Knowledge: Gain +5 Science for every new era you enter in. Science output is increased by 10% if a civilization has researched a Technology you do not have.
    Unique Unit: Cappadocian Cavalry: Replaces the Horseman, can be hidden in forests, and can move through forests as if they were normal terrain.
    Unique Unit 2: Nisean Breeder: Replaces Great General, when near Mounted and Armored Units, the units are healed +10 at the end of your turn as long as they are close by.
    Capital: Eusebia
    Religion: Sunni Islam (Hellenism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Antiochus III's Seleucids :
    Seleucid Empire
    Leader: Antiochus III
    Unique Ability: Overlords of the East: Gain +1 Happiness for every city you take from an enemy civilization or City-State. +10% combat bonus for all units during battles against civilizations that control cities you originally built.
    Unique Unit: Silver Shield Legionnaires: Replaces the Swordsman, currently unsure what to make it unique.
    Unique Building: Peroikos Camp: Replaces the Barracks, In addition to the +15XP Bonus, a unit on guard in a city with this building has a 10% combat bonus.
    Capital: Antioch
    Religion: Sunni Islam (Hellenism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Nicaea :
    Empire of Nicaea (with support from Scapegrace):
    Leader: Theodore I Laskaris
    Unique Ability: To Regain Constantinople: Units gain a +25% Combat Bonus when attacking enemy cities, rising to +40% when attacking enemy cities formerly owned by you or a civilization you have a Declaration of Friendship with. Captured cities convert to the dominant religion of the empire.
    Unique Unit 1: Allagion, Replaces Longswordsman: Weaker (17 vs. 21 Combat Strength), but cheaper to build and purchase at half the gold. Unique promotion ("Pronoiarios") grants a +5% Combat Bonus for each Strategic or Bonus Resource tile within range of the city it was trained in, and a +10% Combat Bonus for Luxury Resources within range of the city it was trained in. Requires Horses rather than Iron.
    Unique Unit 2: Archontopoulai, Replaces Knight: Starts with Formation I, Cover I, and a Unique promotion ("Sons of the Victorious Dead"), allowing them to deal +33% additional damage against units that killed Nicaean units or captured Nicaean cities. No combat penalties vs. Cities. More expensive but cheaper to purchase with faith. Does not require Holy Warriors belief to purchase with faith.
    Capital: Nicaea
    Religion: Orthodox

    Spoiler Macedon :
    Kingdom of Macedon:
    Leader: Philip V
    Unique Ability: Scion of the Monophthalmus: Gain +2 happiness for every civilization and city-state you are at war with. Capturing cities from enemy civilizations and city-states gains 20% less unhappiness, increasing to 40% upon capturing the capitals of enemy civilizations.
    Unique Unit 1: Hypaspistai, replaces Spearman: Increased combat strength (14 vs. 11). If in defensive position, it increases its strength further vs. attacking units, and can move at half the movement points while defending. More expensive to build.
    Unique Unit 2: Sarissaphoroi, replaces Horseman: +1 Movement and increased combat strength (15 vs. 12). Comes with Drill I, Shock I and Charge Promotions.
    Capital: Pella
    Religion: Orthodox (Hellenism with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler The Tanukhids :
    Tanukhid Kingdom:
    Leader: Mavia
    Unique Ability: Zealous Raiders of Legend: When raiding tiles, gain a one time increase of 10 times the number of gold, food and/or production on that tile to your capital. Gain food for the capital equivalent to half your units strength whenever your units defeat opposing enemies, and 75% of your units strength when capturing cities.
    Unique Unit: Mavia’s Chosen Lancers: Replaces Knight,
    Unique Building: Trophy Train: Replaces Bank,
    Capital: Anasartha
    Religion: Orthodoxy (Oriental Orthodoxy with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler The Lakhmids :
    Lakhmid Kingdom:
    Leader: Imru’ al-Qays
    Unique Ability: Cradle of Arabian Culture: Output of culture and Tourism while at peace is doubled. Religious Buildings, Shrines and Cave Churches also give a Tourism output equivalent to their Faith output upon reaching the Renaissance era.
    Unique Unit: Sana’i: Replaces Longswordsman, Increased attack power and every unit it kills gains points towards Great People throughout the Empire.
    Unique Building: Cave Church: Replaces Temple, Doubled Faith output than the Temple, +3 Culture, has a free Great Work of Art slot.
    Capital: Al-Hirah
    Religion: Orthodoxy (Oriental Orthodoxy with Historical Religions)

    Spoiler Maximillian I's Mexico :
    Second Mexican Empire:
    Leader: Maximillian I
    Unique Ability: Equidad en la Justicia: Garrisoned units gain a 25% Combat Strength bonus. Resting points for City-States doubled, and gain an increase of 25% in bonuses from city-states you are friendly with, increased to 50% when allied.
    Unique Unit 1: Tirailleur: Replaces Rifleman, +1 Movement (3 vs. 2), Weaker (30 vs. 34), but can ignore terrain cost.
    Unique Unit 2: Belgian Legion: Replaces Great War Infantry, slightly weaker (44 vs. 50), but has Expeditionary Force Combat Bonus (+15% bonus vs. Civ’s and City-States outside friendly territory.) in addition to Cover I and Shock I.
    Capital: Mexico City

    Spoiler Saadi Morocco (Rework) :
    Saadi Morocco:
    Leader: Ahmad al-Mansur
    Unique Ability: Gateway to Africa: Receive +3 Gold and +1 Culture per trade route with a Civilization or City State. Trade Route owners receive +2 Gold for each trade route sent to Morocco.
    Unique Unit: Black Guard: Replaces Musketman: Unique Promotion allowing them double movement rate through desert tiles. If Unit is stationed in city owned by you, receive +2 Gold per turn and +1 Happiness.
    Unique Improvement: Kasbah: Requires Chivalry: +1 Food, +1 Gold, +1 Production as well as a +50% defensive bonus. Can only be built on desert tiles and not adjacent to each other.
    Capital: Marrakech

    Spoiler Alaouite Morocco :
    Alaouite Morocco
    Leader: Hassan I
    Unique Ability: The Alaouite Modernization: +1 Science for every Desert tile you own in your empire. For every turn during your Golden Age, gain a science bonus equivalent to 25% of your science output, increasing to 50% upon completion of the Rationalism social policy.
    Unique Unit: Berber Cavalry: Replaces Cavalry: Combat Bonus in desert tiles and on its owner's territory.
    Unique Building:: Ksar: Replaces Castle: In addition to health and city strength boosts, provides +1 gold for every 3 citizens in the city it is built, as well an additional +1 Gold and +1 Science for both you and for the trade route owner per each trade route sent to the city.
    Capital: Fez

    Spoiler Rif Republic :
    Rif Republic
    Leader: Abd el-Krim
    Unique Ability: Rif War: All units move through desert tiles as it is were roads. Upon defeating enemy units, units are healed equivalent to half the killed unit's combat strength.
    Unique Unit: Berber Cavalry: Replaces Cavalry: Combat Bonus in desert tiles and on its owner's territory.
    Unique Building:: Ksar: Replaces Castle: In addition to health and city strength boosts, provides +1 gold for every 3 citizens in the city it is built, as well an additional +1 Gold and +1 Culture for both you and for the trade route owner per each trade route sent to the city.
    Capital: Ajdir
  2. Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2014
    Auburn, AL
    Alternative History Civ's:

    Spoiler Commune of France (Kaiserreich) :
    Commune of France:
    Leader: Boris Souvarine
    Unique Ability: Syndicalist Internationale: Spies have a 20% greater chances of couping a city-state. +2 Happiness for every City-State that is currently allied with you.
    Unique Unit: SOMUA S35: Weaker (55 vs. 70) but cheaper than the Tank that it replaces.
    Unique Building: Spartakiade Stadium: Replaces Stadium, In addition to the traditional Happiness Bonuses, upon the founding of your ideology, gain Tourism equivalent to 25% of your current population for other civilizations that follow your ideology.
    Capital: Paris
    Religion: Catholicism

    Spoiler Italian Federation (Kaiserreich) :
    Italian Federation:
    Leader: Julius IV/Theodor Innitzer
    Unique Ability: The Second Risorgimento: Siege Units who attack Cities previously owned by this civilization get a Combat Bonus based on the number of citizens currently living in the city in question (up to 25%). Captured Cities convert to your dominant religion.
    Unique Unit 1: Divisione Alpina: Replaces Infantry, combat bonus for fighting in Hills and near Mountain tiles. Can cross through mountain tiles.
    Unique Unit 2: Classe Adua: Replaces Submarine, Has smaller range than the Base Ship, but makes up for it with one extra movement.
    Capital: Rome
    Religion: Catholicism
  3. Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2014
    Auburn, AL
    Fictional Civ's:

    Spoiler Belka (Ace Combat) :
    Principality of Belka:
    Leader: Waldemarr Rald
    Unique Ability: Legacy of the Belkan War: Gain a free technology at the advancement of every era. Unit upkeep reduced by 25%.
    Unique Unit: XB-0 Hresvelgr: Unit functions like an Airship, thus does not replace a unit. Buildable at Lasers.
    Unique Building: South Belkan Weapons Manufacturing Plant: Replaces Factory, 3 Engineer slots, +25 Great Engineer generation.
    Capital: Dinsmark
    Religion: Protestantism
  4. Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2014
    Auburn, AL
    Split List into Historical, Alt-Histrical and Fictional Civ's.

    Tanukhids and Lakhmids added.
  5. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    I like the Visigoths and Charles III design. The latter is quite synergetic, the first one is kinda synergetic too(though I assume you mean reduce unhappiness in the UA?).
    I think you should work on the balance of your designs. Some components are overpowered, and some are a bit... Uninteresting.
  6. TinyLittleBirdy

    TinyLittleBirdy Chieftain

    Aug 23, 2015
    Okay, this is way too overpowered. UA and Cave Church are way too powerful. Double culture and tourism makes winning a tourism victory a cakewalk. And Cave Church turns a +2 output building into a +7 output building with a great work slot.
  7. Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2014
    Auburn, AL
    Well a good many of these I actually and genuinely want to go back to doing over, because looking back (and even looking as close back as the Lakhmids and the incomplete Tanukhids) mistakes were indeed made in the choice of design I was going for (I did say that some weren't so well thought out after all.)

    But I also want to see how I can fix these without making it seem like I'm playing this by ear, and I feel the only way I can do so is if I go back to play Civ again. It's been a while since, and the current machine (a laptop mind you) I'm running barely runs internet as it is.
  8. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Just try to remember that earlier bonuses are more powerful than later ones, and that civs should have a certain focus.

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