Noburkor Bestiary


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Mar 1, 2002
This is something i've been toying with since late last year.
It's not the complete one, i already have something like 20 or more of these fellas, some made of Kinboat's models, some of pther talented creators.

Fantasy setting, my 4th campaign in the works(haven't completed any yet, so this will come out somewhere during probably :lol: )

The sneak p{ea}(ic)k:


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Some of these would be great for Rambuchan's medieval myths mod too. I've never seen a lion centaur before, but that would be interesting...

[Weasel Op] Thanks for putting my tutorial thread in your sig. Very gratifying!
Using D&D names these are:
Satyr, Mummie, Halfling, Centaur, Elf archer, Wemic(the Lion centaur), Elemental, Sirine.

Most will change, since it's for my fantasy setting ,that I'm creating anew. Of course Greek base names will stay, since they're not copyrighted. Either that or mixed rules of many fantasy products which I'm unsure if I can do.

The progress on that is similar to my Wasteworld campaign, but I have to abandon it for a while to focus on Wasteworld, Then Star Trek, then Master of Orion campaigns. And work schedule is crushing, so I have to steal time of everything for it.
A YEAR?????????????? But but...

There are Narnians for sure there...the Satyr( who is HUGE BTW)..Clay Golem...and a new Centaur means I have 2...but...

@Flamescreen...once I have Poser, would you share the models(It would get some of them made faster, I really dont want to wait a year if I dont have to)
Ok, some updates...I've been having some problems early in the year and I didn't really wanted to talk to anyone or work on civ3 modelling.

Anyway, I now have too much work to and no time still, I estimate I might be able to start again sometime this summer.
ALL my projects are up and running in the meantime, including Fallout mod(if they'll have me when I'll be able to contribute again, there was a policy of not co-operating with people that dropped of suddenly for whatever reasons).

But since some of you think you can make it, you can ask for some models, if you think you can do it faster than me and can't wait. No promises I'll provide it (I DO want exclusiveness for MY mods)and this stands only for those that asked here.

But first create something that seems to be good enough, I'd hate to redo something that looks identical to someone else's plus it'd be redundant.

Just ask for something specific here, cause my mail is full and I'll see if I can provide it(but be forewarned I might not, so you don't get dissapointed).

I'll prolly check this back during summer, that hopefully i'll be through with the overtime I keep doing currently.
Flamescreen: That last unit of yours (the blue chick).... I'm going to be making a Shiva summon for the FF mod (fairly soon) that looks almost like her (but with slighltly, but not much, more clothing).... Just to let you know so's you won't be wasting too much time on that one....
I LOVE that Mummy! Been looking for one for AGES! There's a lot of really good Undead & Skeletons out there, but no Mummy.
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