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Noob in a conondrum on Noble: What do you think?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by HulkHogan, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. HulkHogan

    HulkHogan Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2006
    Basically, here's the situation:

    Epic Lenght
    I'm American

    The way I got place on the map with regards to the AI was that I was on a large eastern peninsula of a continent. I had the Russians immediately to my Northwest and the Germans immediately to my southwest.

    Well, because of their proximity, I essentially had ZERO room to expand over 3 cities. I figured this one was going to be tough, so I did it as follows:

    I have one city that sits on the coast at the southwest of my territory. Right now, it can build mace guys in about 4 turns (among other military units), they get two promotions upon construction.

    In my capital city, I went nuts with wonders. I mean, we're talking like ALL of them that have so far come available except two. There are special characters coming out of it like crazy, but I'm not sure what they all do, lol!

    My city at the Northwest edge of my territory is just religious and military stuff. Christianity is my state religion. I've been sending missionaries out to the towns in the other civs and converting them, though I do not see this benefitting me, for some reason. I think I am missing a needed building?

    The Russians somehow got a city behind my Northwest city and due north of my capital, but it is about to be overtaken by my cultural boundaries and I think will be revolted over to me. Additionally, a city directly west of my northwest city is in the process of suffering a similar fate.

    I have been appeasing my two neighbors by basically giving in to most trade deals. I am the most advanced civilization ATM and have all 3 of my cities heavily defended. I am number 3 in terms of total points on the scoreboard.

    I guess my question is this:

    Was I right to try to overtake those two Russian cities with culture before I go nuts with trying to construct military units? My cities are basically impregnable right now unless I am ganged up on by numerous opponents. I can't see that happening though as everyone is hating at least two other civs. I have production and research abilities so high that I appear to be quite far ahead in the tech tree (I have refused to trade some key military technologies even to my allies, which has given me somewhat of an edge).

    I have been using great persons to rapidly complete research on most techs, so I suppose after I flip these two Russian towns, I can focus more on military production. With only 3 towns, and with the extreme speed that my southwest town can build and promote military units, I can quickly build defenses for the little territory I have, both sea and land units.
  2. genjiboy

    genjiboy Chieftain

    Dec 18, 2005
    What do you mean, "was I right"? If you're doing well, then doesn't that answer your question? There are many paths to victory. Maybe you could attach a save or something so we can see what is going on.

    One suggestion: try and get a Great Prophet. You can do this through many methods, but the one I'd suggest is switching to Caste System and putting a lot of Priest specialists in your capital. Once you get one, build a holy shrine in the holy city of a religion you founded. (You did found a religion, didn't you?) Once you do that, you will see the benefits of converting enemy cities.

    And try and get the Russians and Germans to convert to your state religion, too. If you don't plan on attacking them, that is. This will make them a lot frendlier.

    Also. If your leader is Washington, you may want to be building cottages. As a Financial leader, cottage-building will turn you into a money-making powerhouse. Coupled with a great shrine, the Universal Suffrage civic and the Kremlin, you will be very difficult to beat.

    If you're Roosevelt, well, yeah. Keep building those wonders, and try to expand a little more.
  3. Hans Lemurson

    Hans Lemurson Prince

    Jan 2, 2006
    Silicon Valley
    Civ4 allows you to do well with just a few super-cities, so you are not too bad off here.

    As for the seeming lack of benefit from spreading christianity, did you use a great prophet to build the religious wonder? It'll increase the spread-rate of your religion as well as providing you with 1 gold (not commerce) per turn for every city of that religion. That's the main use for Great Prophets.

    Great people in general have 4 uses:
    -Their "Special Ability", (hurry building, religious wonder, trade mission, academy, culture bomb).
    -They can hurry research on a tech related to their type.
    -They can join the city as super-specialist, providing a nice bonus to the city without requiring a citizen. These are subject tothe +3science of representation, but do not themselves generate more great-people points (aww..).
    -And finally, they can be sacrificed to the dark gods of Firaxis to bestow a golden age upon your civilization (+1hammer, +1gold, in all tiles producing either). They must all be of different types, to satisfy the very particular tastes of the Firaxians, and you to fulfill their growing appetite, you must sacrifice an additional one each time. The first GA costs 2, and so on. Presumably you can't acquire more than 5 different types, so your 4th golden age is your last (unless you got the Taj Mahal).

    Now you know all about those very "special people".

    As for your question about cultural dominance vs. military dominance, I think it's fine to go towards cultural earlier. You can always switch gears from culture to military, but to be truly effective in culture, you need to start early. Culturally overwhelming an opponent is also quite an ego-booster, as well as good for the pocket-book. You gain the cities fully intact and functional, and ready to serve your glorious empire, and before that, you are squeezing the life out of your neighbor, and forcing them to pay for useless cities, and all the while, your diplomatic rating is hurt only by "our close-borders spark tension.".

    Another reason to wait before going military, is: If you conquer all your neighbors, who are you going to culturally dominate? Your super-cities are at the core of your empire, and if you develop a periphery, all that their culture is going to do is look awesome and protect your fringes.

    If you are at loose ends waiting until they flip before you go all smashy on your neighbors, you could try just building an endless stream of missionaries to see if you can get every city to convert, or try out some of the hammer-to-"special stuff" production options. You could make extra science to better yourself, extra gold to modernize your army and pad your score, or extra culture for faster conversion.

    Unless faced with some sort of emergency, there is no reason to go military until your cluture has finished its dirty deed.

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