[BNW] Noob Uploading Maps I made to Steam Workshop Question


Mar 24, 2018
Well to start off, I've been gaming for years, just not on Steam. I already tried to ask Steam Support but all I got was "Steam Support does not offer technical assistance with content creation in the Workshop." and I've searched the Steam Workshop articles and discussions over and over for a year. Nothing.

So... I'm hoping that I can find the answer here. I just asked them one simple question.... How do I upload to either MY Workshop or the Civ 5 Community Workshop.

All I freaking wanted to do was simply upload the Custom Designed Maps That I made with the World Builder so that other people can use them too if they wanted to use them... but... that's all I got from Steam Support.

So yeah, I'm a Steam Noob apparently :) .... but I like playing Civ 5 .... so I guess I'm stuck with getting no understanding or help from Steam Support on even how to use one of their own Features... great :-(

Can anyone here tell me how to upload Civ 5 game content to the Steam Workshop?

Because there is no upload link or button or tab that I can find on my own, and apparently their Support Staff is not going to tell me or show me how to upload anything for any game.
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