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Jan 5, 2008
New Zealand
I'm currently a librarian at a university library and as such have easy access to academic books and a vast number of online journals.

So, I'm wondering if anyone would like help with research for mods they are working on.

Post here if you're interested or send me a private message if you prefer.

All requests are subject to how much free time I have and I make no promises about how long I will take or if I will be able to find the info you need, but I will do my best with the limited free time I have.
Bear in mind that distributing PDFs of restricted-access journals (e.g. from JSTOR) is copyright infringement, so please don't do that. Copying and emailing articles or chapters from print books/journals is another matter, although there are limits on how much of a publication you're allowed to copy.
Yes, that is true. I'm not a big fan of the whole copyright thing. I don't wish to break the site rules (or the law, for that matter) though so will have to withdraw my offer of sending online journal articles.

I can still try and help people with researching books and articles etc and in some cases if time permits I may be able to read the relavent journal articles or sections of books etc to answer questions or find information on a subject, or as Plotinus said I have some scope for sending copies of print copies held by the library.

My offer really was just for people with research for civ 3 mods rather than research on anything at all, also, so please keep that in mind.

Be specific if possible!
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