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NukaNESIOT I: Regicide Roulette (V 0.1)

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Nuka-sama, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Elodas. A small but influential nation that has recently celebrated the arrival of the 18th century. A land of flowers, silver, picturesque villages, and deadly political intrigue. The recent death of King Harlaus IV has thrown Elodas into political turmoil, as the King had no heir. Luckily though, through centuries of intermarriage, any noble family worth their crest can claim some royal lineage. And, due to some excellent royal management to maintain the balance of power, no family has an advantage over another! In order to best mitigate the wide ranging claims, and protect Elodas from foreign powers, the nobility were able to agree upon a system where the new monarchs would be elected from the members of any eligible noble family. They could be young or old, man or woman, the only thing that mattered was that they were of nobility! The throne of Elodas is a prize of great value though, and though no noble could take it through force of arms, perhap one might win it through tact or guile? After all, this wouldn’t be the first time a King or Queen was killed by their own nobles, and it surely will not be the last!


    Hello! My name is Nuka, and this game is my first official Nes/IOT! This is “Regicide Roulette, version 0.1”! Now, for a few quick statements!

    This is version 0.1 There will be a learning curve for both you and I.
    This game is a stepping stone to something bigger I would like to see happen, and your involvement is much appreciated, especially feedback of what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you’d like to see in future versions
    This game is completely unrealistic! No nation could survive this many monarch deaths in such a short time without some major revolution or something akin to that. Don’t get caught up on that detail. This is definitely a more boardgame style than simulationist or storyist.
    If we have fun and there are some interesting ideas I can implement, I’d be more than happy to implement them in the next game

    With that out of the way, let’s have some fun!

    Joining the game is simple! I just need the name of your family and its leader. Crest, age, background, anything else is optional but encouraged! And of course, you can join at any time!

    Winning will occur when one player has successfully reigned for a random number of turns. The reason I do not specify is because if I said “5 turns” then I don’t want everyone to gang up on them at the end of turn four to murder them. There can be a variety of ways to eventually reach the power of the crown,and you may promote the interests of one before going forward for yourself, but in the end the only way for you to “Win” is to be sitting on the throne by yourself.

    So how does one get to the throne? At the start of the game, a King or Queen shall be elected among our various nobility by pure democracy. Feel free to try bribing one another for your votes, and the character with the highest number of votes is victorious, and they are crowned King or Queen!

    Now comes the meat of the game. For the King or Queen, life can seem pretty great. They have access to some nice options that can significantly improve their war chest or to gain some powerful allies, and are on their way to establishing a new royal dynasty. But life is not all peachy. In the shadows lie their opponents, waiting for the opportune moment to strike! After all, everyone wants to be the new royal dynasty, and they’re not going to wait for you to die of old age. No, they’re more apt to….speed up the process…..by murdering the monarch.

    How does one kill the monarch (or anyone else for that matter)? Why but with a variety of ways: poison, betrayal, bridges collapsing, ect, ect. But that’s only the method. To actually assassinate someone, you’re going to need conspirators. For every conspirator willing to join your plot, your odds of success will go up by that much more. However, there is a catch! For any conspirator you attempt to bring in, they may very well tell your target, and if the target is notified, your plan can almost be guaranteed to be a failure.

    There can be good reason to keep someone alive for a bit longer. Perhaps the monarch has given you a powerful monopoly, or perhaps a fellow lord has promised his support for your next bid for the throne. But remember, in this game there is no “let’s both get to the top”. Only one dynasty can be etched into history forever….

    Lets quickly talk about dying though shall we? Dying is in no way an end of your game, but it is admittedly a major inconvenience. If one dies, their next of line takes the mantle of head of the household, but unfortunately due to numerous divided inheritances, they will not have the same power of their predecessor. 40% of your predecessor’s gold will be divided amongst their other heirs, while 10% will find its way to the Crown. You will retain the remaining 50%. If you are the monarch and you die, 60% of your gold will go to your next character, and 40% will go to the crown treasury (If you are able to keep the monarch position, you retain 100% of your gold). Does dying hurt? Yes, absolutely. Does it cripple you though? Not in the slightest, and a skilled diplomat will find a way to regain their lost gold and then some.


    Gold (or GP) as its called, is the currency of this game. It is the way you will be able to instigate plots and bribe others into supporting you. A character with a full war chest is going to be much more powerful than a pauper prince.

    Everyone will start with 120 gold, but that will not be nearly enough to gain the power you desire! So the question is, how do you gain gold? Well, there are a variety of ways!

    1. Gold from land-this is a constant tax that you receive from the lands you own, and will be 10 GP per turn for everyone.
    2. Crown Employment and Privileges-The crown has a few different appointments for their loyal servants, and these can bring in quite a bit of gold. Gain one of these posts or privileges, and you will be seeing a hefty sum headed your way.
    3. Bribes-There are plenty of characters who are going to need your support: for a vote, for a plot, for even future considerations! Take someone’s gold today, and use it for your own bid tomorrow!


    Prestige is to put it mildly, how you win the game! It is your official scorecard to how close you are to actually winning this game. It is heavily accumulated when you wear the crown, but you can of course earn some prestige even when you are merely a Duke or a Countess. Prestige can be accumulated with gold or risking your life, and like gold, a portion is lost from one generation to the next. Prestige will be public up to a point, though in the later stages of the game, your numerical score will be hidden.


    Dueling: The epitome of civilized men and women is ceremonial murder. Legal, and often times encouraged, two men or women will line up against each other in the intent to fight or even kill one another for honor, sport, and revenge!

    Spoiler :
    Challenge: To first start a duel, you need to challenge someone. You are allowed to challenge one person a turn, but can accept as many challenges as you’d like.

    First, you must determine what kind of duel you will participate in. The first, and more common duel is to First Blood. This is considered a more sporting duel, and will have the effect of granting a good amount of prestige for the victor, and a fair bit of humiliation for the loser.

    The second, and more deadly version, is to Death. Duels to the death are generally frowned upon, and if there is no provocation for it, then as an instigator, you will lose prestige, even if you are the victor. However, if the character or character’s family had previously killed or attempted to kill you or a member of your family, or another action of similar magnitude, you are free to challenge duels to the death, and you will gain a high amount of prestige for victory.

    All challenges MUST be made in public, and must include the type of duel it will be. All acceptances must be made in public as well.
    Some other notes on accepting duels:

    -You are allowed to decline a duel with no penalty if you have a significantly amount of prestige over a player

    -You are allowed to decline a duel with a slight penalty if they are of near equal prestige to you

    -You are not allowed to decline a duel with a character that has a higher prestige than you.

    -There is no penalty to fighting multiple duels in one turn in terms of succeeding in each duel individually.

    -In the event that you are challenged to multiple duels, you are allowed to decline all but one without penalty. The duel with the highest prestige opponent takes precedence. If you choose to accept more than one duel, the second duel will go to the character with the second highest prestige. If you challenged an opponent and they accepted your duel beforehand, then they will be entered in the roster of your opponents, and prioritized by prestige order. If your opponent who you initially challenged had not yet accepted, your challenge may be rescinded without any penalty.

    -If, under the above rule, a duel was postponed, the challenge will not be automatically reissued.

    -If you decline five duels without accepting one (ever), you will no longer be allowed to challenge others to duels, but you will also no longer lose prestige for declining duels.

    Here is an example of how a turn might work. A has 110 prestige and challenges B, with 175 prestige, to a duel. C, with 200 prestige, D, with 140 prestige, and F, with 40 prestige, all challenge A to a duel as well. A must this turn, duel C no matter what. If he chooses to duel a second opponent, B will come next (If B accepted), and then D. He can decline F’s challenge with no penalty, though A can duel him if he so chooses.

    Fighting the Duel-Once we have the challenges sorted out of the way, it’s time to actually fight the duel! When you are dueling, each character starts off at 50% vs 50% chances of winning. From here, you will select a “Dueling Style” which will function as a rock paper scissors style fight. The available styles are “Attack”, “Defense” and “Balanced”. Attack will beat Balanced, Balanced will beat Defense, and Defense will beat Attack. The “winning” dueling style will add 15 additional percent points to winning the duel, and it will be 65% to 35% chances. There also may be modifiers at play that can lessen or raise your advantage (See Categories: Rewards, Cheating)

    Rewards-Why fight in a duel you might ask? Well the big thing is prestige of course. Duels are risky, but if you have no money to build a fountain or the friends to get elected sovereign, duels are a free way to potentially earn prestige, though how much will depend on the type of duel it is, and your relative prestige against one another. You can also do things such as gable on your own duels (or duels of others!)

    The other big reward is experience. If you win 3 duels, you will gain the modifier “Expert Duelist”, which will be a 15 point increase in your chances of victory against other duelists. If you have won 5 duels, with AT LEAST 2 of them being duels to the death, you will gain the title “Masterful Duelist”, which will be a 25 point (total) increase in your chances of victory.

    Aside from those, the only other reward from dueling comes from random events, and perhaps can help foil assassination plots. After all, if you’ve survived the fury of the rapier, perhaps you might be able to dodge an arrow or two.

    Cheating-There are some instances that, for whatever reason, you might not want to “play fair” in these duels. Luckily, nothing about this game is “fair”, and cheating is wide open for use in duels, and there are cheating options for any type of duel and outcome you wish to seek!

    Cheap Tricks-Employ a variety of dirty tactics to defeat your opponent. Sand in their eyes, use of outside interferers, anything you can think of really! This will add a 5-15% chance of your victory, but is seen by everyone. You will lose prestige for the duel, and you will double the prestige loss if you lose the duel. While the duel will not be stopped, your character will be tainted with the brush of a cheater, and no character will lose prestige for refusing to duel you. Be sure to only use this in a duel you must win.
    Cost: 5 GP

    Paralysis Drop-Before a duel begins, many tend to take a swig of water or wine or mead. However, if the Paralysis drop is in there, the duel will end as quickly as it started. The limbs go numb, and the muscles stop functioning, making it a near guaranteed victory. Of course, using this tactic will severely damage your prestige. Has a higher chance of success than normal food poisoning
    Cost: 15 GP

    Assassin-A special assassin only used during duels, this should only be used in certain extenuating circumstances. While this assassin is a guarantee of success for both your victory, and for your opponents death, your character might be treated as if he is dead, and will suffer the largest possible prestige drop possible in the game. As a small consolidation, this assassin is specially trained to hide as your dueling second, and will only initiate his attack if it seems as if you are going to lose. This is a 100% guarantee kill unless your opponent ALSO hires an assassin. The assassins will cancel one another out, and the duel will proceed normally.
    Cost: 50 GP

    Throwing the Duel-Not technically cheating, but deserves a special mention. If you so wish, you may “throw” a duel for whatever reason. Simply indicate that you wish to do so, and you will lose the duel, taking a normal prestige hit. There may be a small chance of discovery though, and if it is discovered, both you and the victor will suffer further prestige hits.
    Cost: Free!


    Moderator Note: Yes I am aware that it might be ridiculous that a 26 year old seasoned military officer is dueling at the same level (initially at least) as a 56 year old silver baron, but there is little I can or will do about it. I am also aware that some of you have characters that are far too old to reasonably be expected to duel. In this case, in game you will have a “second” so to speak to duel for you, such as a son or daughter. If that character is beaten and killed, your character will be “eliminated” so to speak (heart attack from the shock, depression from watching your child die, the disgrace for letting your child die for you, ect. w.e you want), and will count as a normal death


    Structures-An easy, safe, non lethal way to gain prestige is by building! Elodasians love buildings, and the capital is oft called the city of monuments for good reason. Though permission is needed from the crown or its ministers to build one, if one can afford the cost of these structures, they will have their name etched into the history of Elodas.

    Spoiler :
    Fountain-An impressive fountain, it is a true display of Elodasian (or more likely Pierramontian) engineering. Synchronized water flows, fill it with wine or mead, the fountain is the early and easy way to get your foot into the buildings arms race.
    Cost: 25 GP
    Grants: 5 Prestige

    Statue-What better way to immortalize yourself than to create a statue? Be it on horseback, sword in hand, or holding a scroll or scepter, the statue can help immortalize your role in the history of Elodas.
    Cost: 50 GP
    Grants: 13 Prestige

    Garden-The garden is a fixture of palace life. Parties, courtships, and murder plots can all be held in the luxurious gardens, and you will be the toast of the palace for your creation. How ironic would it be if you were killed while relaxing here though?
    Cost: 75 GP
    Cost: 25 Prestige

    Tower-The ultimate in statements of your power and wealth, the tower is one of the lasting impressions one can make on the capital’s landscape. Impressive and practical, the tower shows that you are atop of both the world and society.
    Cost: 100 GP
    Grants: 50 Prestige


    Events: One last way to earn prestige of course is events! What kind of palace would it be if we didn’t have events? Though there are only a few right now, there may be more added in the future!

    Spoiler :
    Coronation (Monarch only, only upon election)-You only get one, so to speak. A coronation is your chance to showcase your wealth and power, and is the best time to do so. Make it count! (1 GP Spent=1 Prestige Gained)

    Masquerade Ball-The people of Elodas love to dance, and one of the most fashionable things to do is to hold a masquerade. Though not particularly prestigious in itself (you are all expected to hold parties as nobles) is the fact that you can deny entry to certain persons, giving them a prestige hit. Don’t be too surprised though if you have a duel challenge waiting for you soon. The biggest possibility of a masquerade though, is the opportunity to murder someone. With a mask on, plots are much more likely to succeed and much less likely to be discovered. Have fun! When holding a Ball, please announce so in the thread, and if you intend to go, please RSVP inside your orders.
    Cost: 15 GP
    Grants: +1 Prestige for the Host, -3 Prestige to those who do not attend, -5 Prestige to any who are denied entry.

    The Great Hunt-A strong tradition of Elodas is hunting the great boars and stags of the forest. Though it can be dangerous to hunt, from both accidents and “accidents”, it still is an excellent pastime. The host is the “Master/Mistress of the Hunt” and they are allowed to invite any character they so choose (and can pay for) for a chance to ride with them and have a shot at glory. The more characters that are in your party, the higher your prestige gain (or loss!) will be. Of course, too large a party and you may never find the Great White Bull or one of the other legendarily deadly creatures that is rumored to lurk the forests, and too small a party and you may not be able to kill it! The ultimate chance at prestige though is if the King or Queen accompanies you and you alone on a hunt. Who knows what can happen! A character can only join up to one hunt per turn
    Cost: 5 GP per character that joins the hunt (can be paid for by the Host) (Max: 10)
    If the Monarch is hosting or is a part of the hunt: 10 GP per character
    For Participants: A chance of anywhere +3 to -3 Prestige (Up to +5 if the Monarch is present) depending on the success of the Hunt.
    For Master of the Hunt: A chance of anywhere from +10 to -10 Prestige Depending on the Success of the Hunt and who joins the Hunt.
    If a Great Beast is Found: The Master of the Hunt determines who may kill it, for an additional 3 to 10 bonus points of prestige.
    If the Monarch Hosts the Hunt: If they choose to invite just one person, that character will gain +10 prestige. The monarch will gain prestige only from the success of the hunt. If inviting more than one character, normal rules regarding prestige apply once more.


    It’s Good to be the King/Queen~!: So aside from the eventual goal of winning the game, why else would you want the crown? The numerous side benefits of course! The King or Queen has quite a few sources of power and wealth, such as monopolies, guards, taxes, and royal appointments! These can be hoarded to yourself, but they can also be given to loyal allies in an effort to strengthen your regime!

    Spoiler :
    Monopoly-The exclusive license to sell a good, these monopolies can be used as both a way to earn money for the crown or to make a powerful political ally. At the start of the new King or Queen’s reign, they have[ b]3[/b] monopolies (Salt, Spices, and Tea) to give away. Each monopoly is worth 10 GP per turn. The monopoly can be bought, sold, or kept, but once given away, it cannot be rescinded. The monopoly will return to the crown if the current holder dies. All monopolies will return to the crown at the death of the monarch, and the new monarch will be allowed to give monopolies to whomever they choose.

    Minister of Coin-The nobility collect taxes from their peasants for their own use, but there are also plenty of crown taxes to be taken as well. And look at this, a middleman between that gold and the crown. Their sovereign may offer the master of coin a salary, but if the Minister would like, they can feel free to adjust it as needed, as the tax revenues will be completely hidden to the monarch! However, if the monarch chooses to spy on their minister,, and finds out that they’ve been stealing, then the monarch is perfectly within their right to arrest the minister! The Minister serves at the pleasure of the monarch, and can be fired for any reason. The Minister will not keep their position with a new monarch unless appointed again.

    Captain of the Guard-The monarch also has the right to appoint a Captain of the Guard! The benefit of the Captain of the Guard is that because of the extra management, the monarch is allowed to have an additional 2 guards at half cost of a normal guard! However, if a plot involves the Captain of the Guard attempting to murder the sovereign, then the monarch may find themselves alone in a hall with a dangerous assassin....The monarch may decide to give their captain a salary, and can fire their Captain at any time.

    Master Architect-Another minister available to the monarch, the Master Architect is in charge of ensuring both the capital and the Palast Rin have buildings that are not in danger of collapse, still in style, and do not unnecessarily clutter the city or Palast. The Master Architect makes all buildings for the monarch 25% cheaper. However, this position usually does not draw a royal salary. Instead, the Master Architect usually makes his income from bribes; any character (aside from the monarch) must have a building permit to construct any structures, and often the Master Architect charges around 10% (or more!) the cost of the building that is being created for “administrative work”. Also, the Master Architect can, if deemed necessary, destroy buildings (aside from those held by the monarch of course) by paying 75% of the cost (rounded up) of said building. The character who owned the building will lose 50% of the prestige (rounded down) from the loss.

  2. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    So now we get to our key bread and butter: Assassination! You will probably be party, if not leading, an assassination plot or three while playing this game. However, it’s not so simple. First you need Plotters.

    Plotters are going to be allies who officially support you in your actions to assassinate your target, and indicate to do so in your orders. Every plotter you add to your plot will help add a chance of succeeding, but they will also add a chance that the plotter run off and tells your target! And unfortunately, there is easy way to find out how your follow plotter feels except by simply asking! What a thrill~. Your plotters MUST indicate who they will be assassinating and how in their orders (if they say to support a poisoning effort, but you’ll actually be doing an assassin, then your plotter will have no impact).

    Once you’ve gathered your conspirators, you will then have a wide choice of assassination options available to you! Feel free to select the option that best aligns the status of your friendships and pocketbooks!

    Spoiler :
    Reconnaissance-Want to know what kind of heat your target is packing? What they’re planning for? What they might not be expecting? Then this is for you! Why not spend a little extra and make sure that whoever you try to kill isn’t come after you with a vengeance! (Does not require any other plotters for more likely success, though can still fail or bring back an incomplete picture)
    Cost: 5 GP per target (max 3 in one turn)

    Poison-What a delightfully detestable meal! Poison can be slipped inside a person’s food or drink for a quick and easy murder! This is definitely the weapon of choice for those with short pockets, but a good amount of friends. A relatively lower chance of success without numerous fellow plotters, and is countered well by having a food taster.
    Cost: 10 GP

    Assassin-Trained to take someone’s life, and quickly too, the Assassin moves silently and quickly to kill their target. While having fellow plotters can help, the assassin is probably the best weapon for those with few friends. Unfortunately because of this, assassins are fairly expensive, and we recommend care with use. These are countered decently with bodyguards and very well with secret passages.
    Cost: 75 GP

    Bribing the Body Guards-These men who subsist on their wages are always be looking for a buy out. And while expensive, perhaps the easiest way of killing someone is getting the people who protect them to do it for you.
    Cost: 50 GP per Guard

    Structural Failure-It’s such a shame that the Palast is in such a state of disrepair. How unfortunate that you fell to such a terrible fate. Structural failure is an expensive option and needs at least 2 fellow plotters, but it has one of the highest chances of success to kill your target, and had no direct counters.
    Cost: 200 GP
    Requires: 2 plotters
    Takes 2 turns to pull off

    Instigate a Riot-Those poor peasants, being trampled upon by that mean ol aristocracy! Let the peasants get a bit of their anger by leaving a gate open and having the peasants storm the palace! Warning: This can hurt EVERYONE (and maybe yourself!) in both body and pocketbook, and if done enough, may result in a non-standard game over!
    Cost: 125 GP
    Requires: 3 plotters
    Takes 3 turns to pull off


    Assassination is easy! Preventing one isn’t! If you need to protect your life, then you’re going to need to make sure you are protected from any possible threat. Unfortunately, while the tools to assassinate someone is a one time purchase, these protective measures will all cost you gold per turn! And the worst part is, these can’t save you from everything! Perhaps the only saving grace is that your protections will not be public knowledge

    Spoiler :
    Food Tester-This poor fool is going to be used to taste any food before being eaten by their employer to ensure that it has not been poisoned! This will significantly reduce the chances that a food poison plot will succeed against a character.
    Cost: 3 GP per turn
    Significantly Reduces: Poison Threat

    Body Guard (max 4)-These men will lend you their shields….for a price. Taking them on will help ensure that any fight you’re in, that you won’t be alone in. These men are excellent for any direct attacks on your person, and can sometimes stumble into preventing less direct attacks. However, the flip side is that while bodyguards are fairly loyal, everyone has a price….specifically five times their salary. For that money, heck, they’d be willing to run their spear through you……
    Cost: 5 GP per turn per guard
    Significantly Reduces: Assassin Threat
    Slightly Reduces: Structural Failure Threat, Riot Threat

    Spies-The spy has the job of terrifying your opponents into submission, and finding out all their is to know about someone. The spy can, depending on what you want them to focus on, discover plots, find backers, investigate claims, help prevent plots, or even help assassinate opponents.
    SPECIAL: Secret Police-The Monarch has an additional unit, the Secret Police, which works for /free/. They are able to focus on one task per turn
    Cost: 5 GP per task per turn. (Max 3)

    Agent-This is a body guard working from the shadows. He or she will be able prevent your enemies from gathering vital information about your defenses....or your attacks. As a general rule of thumb, one agent is able to take care of two spies or recon missions per turn.
    Cost: 5 GP per turn per agent (Max 3)

    Secret Passages (Monarch Only)-These secret passages are perhaps the best tool in the game, for you to survive and thrive. Secret passages can help you move through the palace unhindered, unwatched, and unassailed. In fact, even better is that using these secret passages, you will be able to sneak up on any unsuspecting fool and kill them in their sleep! How fun! You can allow other players to use your passages if you for whatever reason choose to do so, but be warned that the player now knows your greatest secret, and any plot involving them against you is near certain to succeed. Any time a monarch dies, the passages will be lost, forever a mystery of the Palast Rin.
    Cost: 300 GP (One Time!)
    Significantly Reduces: Assassin Threat, Riot Threat
    Slightly Reduces: Structural Failure Threat

    Flee the Capital (Non-Monarch Only): While generally it is expected for a noble to remain in the capital, a noble may be able to make an excuse to be “checking their lands”. While leaving the capital may be able to protect you from any threats for a turn, you will not be able to partake in any assassinations, as a plotter or instigator. You will also be unable to leave the capital for an additional two turns, so beware of the risks, and be sure it is necessary when you leave! If you are gone from the capital, you will not be allowed to partake in a vote for the new monarch. This is a priority action, and takes precedence over all other actions.
    Cost: 25 GP


    Assassinations have a variety of chances of success or failure, determined by how many plotters one has, what type of method they use, and of the defenses of the intended target. There is also a chance of discovery of who is behind the assassination plot, and you can be discovered if the assassination succeeds or fails. So, now you might ask, are their consequences to attempting these assassinations? The answer is of course yes!

    Arresting: This option is available to a monarch who has survived an assassination attempt and knows who the perpetrator is. When they have definitive proof, they can give the order to arrest them. This acts as a “death” to that guilty player, but instead, 20% of their estates are seized by the crown (the player receives 50% still for their next character).

    Vote of No Confidence: This action can be taken when there is definitive proof that a monarch has committed or attempted murder against a fellow noble. The benefit is that any noble can call for this vote, not just the one who was targeted. If there is a 2/3rds majority, the monarch can be found guilty and removed. This counts as a death to the player, and 60% of their assets are seized by the crown.

    There is no “official” penalty for supporting the plots of another character or for attempting to murder a noble as someone who is not the monarch. However, I heavily encourage you to hold grudges from generation to generation!

    Each turn will be made up of the following phases

    0. Election Phase
    1. Random Events
    2. Noble Purchase Phase (for direct player transfer payments, for assassins/protection, and any other actions)
    3. Monarch Purchase Phase
    4. Noble Action Phase
    5. Monarch Action
    6. Resolution
    7. Income Phase (From lands, monopolies, and crown employment)

    So here is how a basic turn might play out!

    Spoiler :
    Lord Preston Greenfield has 200 GP to spend and wants to kill Queen Arellia. He motions to Lady Alice Blackwater and Lord Ashton Bluetree and asks them to join his plot to poison the Queen. He offers to pay for the cost of the poison, and 10 GP to each of them for their assistance. They both agree to Greenfield’s suggestion, but Preston wants to be definitely sure and also privately hires as Assassin.

    Unfortunately for Greenfield, while Lady Blackwater needed the immediate gold, Lord Bluetree noted that the previous monopoly holder on salt recently passed away. He mentions to Queen Arellia about the plot in a hope to earn her favor.

    So here is how the nobility orders will work:

    Lord Preston Greenfield Orders:
    Gold: 200
    Plot with Alice Blackwater+Ashton Bluetree to poison Queen Arellia
    Hire Assassin (by myself) to kill Queen Arellia if the the poison fails.

    Lady Alice Blackwater Orders:
    Gold: 5
    Support Preston Greenfield’s plot to poison Queen Arellia

    Lord Ashton Bluetree Orders:
    Gold: 15
    Notify Queen Arellia of Preston Greenfield’s plot to poison Queen Arellia

    Now that the nobility has sent orders, it is now Queen Arellia’s turn to send orders. She is aware of the plan that she is poisoned, and because Lord Bluetree had notified her officially, she is much more likely to stop the plot. Had Bluetree not OFFICIALLY notified the Queen in his orders, her chances of stopping the plot would not be as high (though if Bluetree is telling the truth, she does have a much better shot at preparing for it than not knowing at all).

    So Queen Arellia’s orders would look something like this

    Queen Arelia Orders:
    Gold: 80
    Hire Food Tester to ensure that Preston Greenfield cannot poison me
    Bestow the Salt Monopoly to Lord Ashton Bluetree.

    So now the order phase is ended and the resolve stage has begun! Because of the Queen’s prudent actions in hiring a food taster, she is safe from the poisoned meat Greenfield had prepared her and can arrest him next turn! Or she would….if she were alive….because while Preston did not have any fellow plotters, assassins do have a decent amount of success, especially if their target has no body guard. So now the Queen is dead, Bluetree does not get his monopoly, and there is a new election for King or Queen!

    There are a variety of things that may have been able to go differently. Had the Queen had a secret police, they could have focused on Greenfield, and she may have been able to discover his plans beforehand. Greenfield probably performed reconnaissance on the Queen last turn and knew she was without bodyguards, and felt that the assassin was a safe back up plan. Had the food poisoning worked though, his assassin would still be purchased, but would spend the turn twiddling his thumbs (Purchase comes before action).

    Or perhaps Bluewater could have told the Queen that instead of her food being poisoned, that it was going to be structural failure and the Queen died choking on her food instead of from the arrow in her neck. So many possibilities, all for the sake of a crown! I’m very eager to see what you come up with, so good luck!
  3. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    The Kingdom of Edolas
    Fact Sheet
    Adjective: Elodasian
    Monarch: [Vacant]
    Regions: The Core Region [also called Elodas Proper] (French, German minority), The North (Norse-Scots), The Brighton Vale (Anglo with Celts in the Hinterlands), Asterias (Latin), Laguna Neroa (Italian), The Ruma Islands (Italian) Astaris Marthia (Greek)
    Key Goods: Velvet (Core), Wheat (Core), Fur (North), Silver (North), Dead Gallians (The Brighton Vale), Indigo (Brighton Vale) Sugar (Ruma), Iron (Asterias), Olive Oil (Astaris Marthia)
    Key Imports: Tea, Coffee, Spices, Cotton, Gold

    Her Majesty's Government:
    The Captain of the Guard: [Vacant]
    The Minister of Coin: [vacant]
    The Master Architect: [vacant]

    In addition, the holder of the monopolies:
    The Tea Monopoly: [vacant]
    The Spice Monopoly: [vacant]
    The Salt Monopoly: [vacant]


    List of Monarchs (Player)

    1. Queen Violla I of House Aubrey (1700-1703)


    List of Monarchs (Historical)

    1. King Arthos I of House Rinvon (724-726)
    2. Unnamed Brother in Law of King Arthos
    53. Queen Astrid of House Swyk (reigned sometime around 1042)
    140. King Armand III of House Armour (1537-1545)
    141. King Armand IV of House Armour (1545-1548)
    142. King Armand V of House Armour (1548) Regency held by Mother, Queen Dowager Fiore
    143. Queen Fiore I of House La Croix (1548-1583) (Initially held the regency for her son, became Queen in her own name after six weeks of regency)
    144. King Armand V of House Armour La Croix (1583-?) Counted twice, the son of Queen Fiore I and King Armand IV.
    155. King Jean V of House Couvier (1627-1637)
    156. King Haralus IV of House Couvier (1637-1700)
    157. Queen Violla I of House Aubrey (1700-Present)



    Update Zero
    Update One


    Player List
    1. Lord Vance of House Rohan (SouthernKing)
    Prestige: 0
    2. Dame Loreena of House Krats (thomas.berubeg)
    Prestige: 0
    3. Lord Augustus II of House Sonreal (Scarlet_King)
    Prestige: 0
    4. Lord Zaleo of House Argivoldos (Calgori)
    Prestige: 1
    5. Duke William of House Armagh (Golden1Knight)
    Prestige: 0
    6. [ ] of House Aubrey (Defacto)
    Prestige: 86
    7. Lord Dougal of House Sidhe (Quisani)
    Prestige: 5
    8. Lady Commander Bridget of House Cromwell, Defender of the Brighton Vale (Masada)
    Prestige: 0
    9. Earl Godfrid of House Dunwall (Terran Emperor)
    Prestige: 0
    10. Duke Vladimir of House Catullus (Grandkhan)
    Prestige: 37
    11. Duke Francisco of House Ambre (Tolni)
    Prestige: 27
    12. [ ] of the House of Orlov (KaiserElectric)
    Prestige: 0
    13. Lord-Castellan Jacque de Franz of House Altmarc (Zappericus)
    Prestige: 1
    14. Lady Kaori of House Seretis (Immaculate)
    Prestige: 0
    15. Count Joshua of House Fides (GreekAnalyzer)
    Prestige: 0
    16. Lord Maoilios of House Deòir (Decamper)
    Prestige: 75
    17. High Lord Gregory of House Lusovine (arya126)
    Prestige: 35
  4. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    Sub post, I will be one Vance Rohan, details coming tomorrow when I'm less tired
  5. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    I will write up House Krats, Ruled by Matriarch Loreena Krats tomorrow.

    Spoiler :

    House Krats rules over the cold highlands, populated by fiercely independent clans as well as lowland settlers. House Krats', Historically the rulers of one of the most dominant of the Highland Clans, the rulership of House Krats now has much more in common with the Byzantine politics of the kingdom than the more straightforward "Axe through the head while screaming in anger" politics of the clans.

    Dame Loreena Krats, at the venerable age of 65, is the Matriarch of the clan, still as sharp and biting as ever. Her eldest son, Den, and his brothers, and their children, are fiercely loyal to her, and to each other.
  6. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    House Sonereal

    Patriarch: Augustus Sonereal II
    Age: 37
  7. Mosher

    Mosher Mushroom dad

    Dec 11, 2010
    New England

    Matriarch: Ana Frostraven
    Physical Description: Standing at 5'8'' with short, brown hair, the matriarch of the Frostraven family has a build befitting her family's martial tradition. Athletic, lean, and muscular. There is a prominent scar running from her hairline, across her nose, ending at the tip of her lip; a memento from a battle years past that she fought alongside her father. Her features are weathered, and she would not be described as a great beauty.

    Background: A family with a long and proud tradition of military service to the Kingdom of Elodas, that place strength and honor above all else. Though the Frostravens have never been a powerful house politically, every member of the house that has been able has served with distinction in the Royal Army, and, as such, the house has been rewarded with rich lands over decades of dutiful service. The current leader of the house is a woman named Ana, daughter of the late Rodrik Frostraven, and is a skilled fighter and tactician. Ana Frostraven has a brother, Rodrik II, and a son and a daughter (Alexander and Alexandria). Her husband, Hugh, is deceased, fallen in combat during a campaign against the Kingdom's enemies.

    The Frostravens are loyal to the Crown, and have little ambition to seize it for themselves.
  8. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    Awesome sign us so far guys!

    One quick note is that generally any thing someone says about the country can be considered canon, so please do not contradict previous canon. I will step in if necessary, but really the only things so far is that we seem to be a vaguely northern monarchy with no overt patriarchial or matriarchial attitudes

    Also, you can begin wheeling and dealing! There is NO PLAYER LIMIT so feel free to keep joining

    Also, the official theme song?

    Link to video.
  9. Bair_the_Normal

    Bair_the_Normal 全は禪

    Jan 31, 2012
    ^nostalgia m8

    Also I'm probably going to write something up soon.
  10. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    Everybody should vote me for king.

    Just kidding, I'm actually running. If you have a question, PM me here on CFC or in chat.
  11. Golden1Knight

    Golden1Knight Emperor

    Apr 27, 2013
    Behind you
    To the horror of your lordships, William, from the illustrious House Armagh, will join the game. More stuff coming later.


    A family of strong military traditions, the Armagh has the old blood of the first noble families of the region, the same blood that they often shed in their struggle for power. Due to the generations that they passed under the king's peace, they developed an appreciation for intrigue - after all, this was the only way to solve things. Now, these skills will definitely be put into use, because the dragon gets what he wants.


    Duke William, 38, widowed of the Duchess, whose name should not be pronounced in the presence of the Duke.
    -Adalbert, 19, the eldest son and heir.
    -Eudes, 16, the second son.
    -Beatrice, 14, the youngest. Never met her mother, who died in childbirth.

    Robert, 33, the duke's brother. A loyal man, but whose mind is not developed enough to do anything but to fight and kill. A typical pre-peace Armagh.
    -Lucien, 16, his son.
  12. Defacto

    Defacto Stay safe

    May 17, 2009

    Located in the chaotic center of Elodas, the Aubrey family has a long history in the country core. On top of the family tree is Olivier Aubrey, a merchant of spices coming from a distant land. Olivier was experienced in negotiations, thus earning the nickname "fierce as the sun". He soon became one of the most influential merchants of the region, making a name not only for himself but for the Aubrey family.

    Heiress to a historic past lies Violla Aubrey, a young, strong spirit, actress. With the death of her husband, Henry, Violla had to assume the role of him on nobility and proved to be promising what she was doing.

    Current House leader: Countess Violla Aubrey

    Spoiler :

    • her husband, {HENRY} (76), died of age,
    • their children:
    • GAËLLE (12), the eldest daugther and heiress
    • GEORGINE (6), a twin to Horace,
    • HORACE (6), a twin to Charlotte
    • her siblings:
    • JOSEPH (28), her elder brother,
    • {GWILHERM}, her younger brother, died stillborn,
    • FRAÑSEZA (19), her younger sister, unmarried,

    OOC: french influence.
  13. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York

    House Brockport

    Matriarch: Lyanna Brockport
    Age: 25

    House Brockport is situated at the southern end of the kingdom, and was until very recently an independent merchant republic. However, a group of mercanaries lead by a commoner known as Hector couped the government and swore fealty to his homecountry of Elodas. In return, as the city was not part of any previous feudal domain, he was made a lord; the name of the city became the name of the House itself.

    However, Hector was assassinated by assassins earlier this year, leaving his daughter on the throne. The new House is in a very tenacious position; Lyanna is the only living member of her house, and despite her father's old men (who were landed as knights) are currently loyal to his daughter, things could very well change.
  14. Masada

    Masada Koi-san!

    Dec 29, 2005
    Lady Commander Bridget Cromwell of Brighton Vale, 25.

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
  15. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    @Defacto, what is your first name, and do you desire a custom title?

    I would encourage anyone who's anyone to start gaining supporters for their royal bid, and to get them to publicly (or privately!) support them :)
  16. Terran Empress

    Terran Empress Hornet

    Mar 30, 2011
    Hallow Nest
    House Dunwall

    Head of House: Earl Godfrid of Dunwall
    Age: 31

    The House of Dunwall is centered in the south eastern lands of Elodas, centered in the city of Dunwall it is one of the oldest houses of Elodas, continuing to use the title of Earl over the more modern Duke, as a connection to the history of Dunwall as well as a cultural connection to the rest of Southern and Eastern Elodas.

    The City of Dunwall itself is a major cultural and learning center in Elodas, known for its architecture, namely Dunwall Castle, the historic residence of the House of Dunwall, and Lindford Palace, the current residence of House Dunwall.

    Godfrid is the current head of Dunwall, and the Earl of Dunwall and her vassals. He has held the title for the past seven years.

    OOC: Anglo/English culture
  17. Grandkhan

    Grandkhan Telvanni Master Wizard

    Nov 24, 2011
    Inside a mushroom
    Presenting Lord Udyr of the House of Catullus.

    Age: 34

    House Catullus, lords of Castle Catulon for generations, reign over the mountainous Duchy of Tryndamere in the far north of Elodas, bording the nations neighbours. Despite their wealth from the iron mines of the country, the Catulluses have always been a queer folk, with their people speaking a strange dialect and their Lords given to brooding, fits of temper, and according to some, torture and disturbing nightly practices. Their founder is said to have chosen their arms - a red bolt upon a black field - because the Heralds would not permit a bleeding hand, a rusty saw beheading a Northerner, a dog being beaten, or a decapitated herald. That said, the current Lord, Udyr, is a noble in his own rights with all the clout and power that that implies, and even if some whisper that his doings are perhaps not entirely noble... well, find me a noble who is?

    After all, just because frequently people enter the Castle Catulon and never come out doesn't mean much. House Catullus at least has the decency to not kill them during dinner.

    (Yes I'm bad at names so I just cribbed some from LoL. Don't judge me.)
  18. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama See ya! It has been a fun decade!

    Jan 27, 2006
    Welcome aboard! I'm going to roughly say that please have your votes for monarch in for me in at around Sunday Afternoon/Eveningish, and PM them to me :) You can post too, but it does not have to reflect your PM vote, and the PM vote will be the one that counts ;)
  19. gay_Aleks

    gay_Aleks communism will win.

    Feb 20, 2013
    Nightvale, US
    House Name: Laguna Neroa (shorthand is usually just Neroa.)
    Coat of Arms:

    Current Leader: Duchess Claramente Ambre, the grand-grand daughter of a local noblewoman who managed to get herself amongst the lines of house Neroa. Through intrigue lasting over 2 generations, today, Claramente is the sole person behind Laguna Neroa's wealthy functioning.

    Spoiler 18th century portrait left of Claramente Ambre in face :

    The house itself was always priding on not being entirely dependant of the rest of Elodas. The King's decrees were always looked upon with condescend, and only when it suited them did they abide by them. They are more concerned with navy, as it is indeed the only way that their total self-reliance would be guaranteed. Apart from the lagoon, only a stone quarry and an old mine plus a few farmsteads on the mainland is all they own. The quarry gives the quality stones used in the buildings in the lagoon.

    The rest of the things mostly come from trade. That usually was a double-edged sword, as that meant that a very careful relationship between the houses they traded with, and the King himself. Food was usually coming from fishing and farming on the mainland, but with the growing population, that might soon not be enough.

    Culturally, the Neroans were rather different than the rest of the Kingdom. Speaking a foreign language, and seemingly insular and dreary people. However, as it turns out, once you get on the inside, you find a populace of happy people baking in the sun. To such a degree, that an outsider coming there a centuries ago saw a culture far more advanced than the rest of Elodas. Once literature broke through the borders of the Neroa realm, a new age dawned for Elodas - the Renaissance.

    Spoiler messy royal bloodlines like you won't even :

    House Laguna Neroa actually wasn't an united in the sense other houses are. There are three sub-houses, all clamouring for legitimacy. Currently, the one currently in "control" as far as anyone could call it, is the House Ambre, which managed to slide it's way into House Neroa through marriage and assassinations and bribes. As of current, the closest inheritors of House Ambre are:

    Spoiler spoiler in a spoiler because this is some meta stuff right here :
    Francesco di Ambre, age 17. A spoiled little boy due to the massive riches of House Ambre gathered during the last 2 generations. Next-in-line.

    Allegra di Ambre, age 16. A lively princess with a keen desire for learning, she has isolated herself in the libraries of the multiple mansions owned by House Ambre.

    The other house, priding itself as the actual House Neroa, and seeking to oust House Ambre and correct the mistakes done 2 generations ago. Current inheritors are:

    Spoiler yes you see it with your very own eyes that's a second spoiler in a spoiler, that's right :

    Amadea di "Neroa", age 22. A furious redhead that is also ambitious. Short-tempered, when her patience draws out, she explodes out and nothing can spare the people nearby from her anger.

    Costanzo di "Neroa", age 19. Complete contrast to his sister. He is constant, ever-going and patient.

    And on the mainland, House Pietra, proclaims, that in fact, half of the houses of House Neroa are built with stones from their quarries and it would only make sense if they're also ruling the house matters. Their inheritors are as of follows:

    Spoiler that's not funny anymore :

    Durante di Pietra, age 24. Stone-cold, which isn't something unseen in the family, he is ever-calculating how to increase his and that of the house's power to the very limit.

    Celeste di Pietra, age 21. Much warmer than her brother, enjoys peace and doesn't like entering conflict.

  20. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012

    Dynasty: Anguish
    Head: Kaja II, Duchess of Viriditerra
    Heir: Dante, younger brother to the Duchess
    Dynastic Succession Law: Absolute Cognatic Feudal Elective

    More will be done later.

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