Nukes: Lethality and War Weariness

Apr 2, 2013
Oklahoma City
Towards the beginning of the mega-thread for the mod, where playtesting and development were discussed for each rendition after 3.0, the ease of acquiring nukes was a point of conversation, and the new system for making them harder to access (needing multi-tier industrial goods and a great scientist or engineer, plus silos if you did not win the race for First Nuclear Test) is a really welcome change which enriches (haha, pun not intended) the experience. However, it was said that their effects would not be buffed. In a game I just concluded, I used them and they were each significantly more devastating than in vanilla BtS. They dropped 30+ population cities down to 1-4, and mostly annihilated the sometimes formidable garrisons stationed there, not to mention the fact that fallout surrounding the city virtually guarantees epidemics. In the base game, they are not nearly that powerful.

For reference, someone asked many years back (2014) if they were unchanged, and it was said that they were not. Nukes and Vassals version 3.25 | CivFanatics Forums

Though it's possible I've forgotten it in all the details I've learned for this mod over the past couple of months, I've read the changelogs for the other releases and don't recall seeing anything about nukes receiving a buff. Was that done later?

Also, war-weariness from using them is almost incapacitating. Bread and circuses were just not enough, even with all the happiness infrastructure the game has to offer, to keep my major cities from seceding shortly after using plenty of them. Granted, I was running civics which aren't exactly amenable to unleashing full-scale nuclear war, but I'm curious if any changes to war weariness with respect to using nukes were made, or if it's simply from killing so many of their units in the blasts. That too feels pretty realistic, that you can't be a free market democracy with grandiose notions of freedom and liberty who turns the human geography of the other side of the world into glass unless you are really prepared to deal with the huge discontent resulting from that.

Walter Hawkwood

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Nov 18, 2003
London, UK
To be quite honest, I don't remember if there was any change - if it was, it was years ago and I have no meaningful way of looking for it. 3.25 was almost a decade ago at this point :)eek:). All in all, I'm fine with how they are now, especially since the in-game ICBM represents the city-killers that were and still are in the Great Powers' arsenals during and after the Cold War, not the bombs dropped at the end of WW2 (which had effects comparable to what nukes had in vanilla Civ 4).

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