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NWolfNES I: The Greenskins, home edition

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Northen Wolf, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. hbar

    hbar Constant

    Feb 6, 2008
    Ugag want guards for fishermans, since fishermans have no stones. Ugag just think it would be wise to chop wood and catch fish in same spot to share guards.
  2. andis-1

    andis-1 The Hedgehog

    Nov 26, 2004

    Name: Gurtak Strongfist
    Professions: NONE

    Social status
    Position in clan:
    Military: None
    Farmers: None
    Hunters: None
    Craftsmen: None
    Shamans: None
    Builders: None

    Followers: none // followers are first members of your "tribe". They follow your lead, believe what you say and are easily influenced by your opinion (they vote as you do and follow your orders)
    Gold: 0
    Property: none
    Equipment: none
    Resources: none

    Knowledge: -
    Fame: Not known
    Respect: Not respected
    Training: pitiful weakling, uneducated

    Short bio: Gurtak is slightly taller than an average orc, and known to be a hardworking woodcutter. Unlike most orcs, he is more reserved than his brethren and not so prone to outbursts of rage or other feelings. This does not, however, mean that he is any less ferocious when provoked than other orcs, it is known that he killed an another orc in a bloody fistfight over some quarrel. His reserved manners more likely mean that he is smart enought to known when to shut up and when to speak. He quietly observes things around him while using his wits to assess the situation and calculate his options. His actions are rarely made for no reason nor without thinking it through first.
  3. andis-1

    andis-1 The Hedgehog

    Nov 26, 2004
    Orders for Gurtak Strongfist

    Take a woodcutting axe and winter suit.

    1.) Start training with the warriors to learn basic fighting skill.
    Being a woodcutter, Gurtak is worried about his safety while working because of the wolves, and likes to learn how to defend himself better.

    2.) Go with the woodcutters to gather firewood and long stakes as bird-repellents.
    While other warriors train with the stones and trees, Gurtak believes it is more usefull to combine work and training by using that time to hack down trees and carry the wood back to the village. Afterall, you use the same muscles to wield an axe against an enemy as you use to strike down a tree.
    If woodcutters get attacked by wolves, have Gurtak organise the orcs in a group to defend themselves. Being a clever orc, Gurtak will realise that if the wolves hunt better while in a group, so can orcs fight more efficiently when in a group.
  4. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    Spoiler :

    They will not share their knowledge with you, you need at least low (2) rating, you may try - you got 1/3 chance to learn SOMETHING.
  5. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    I see. Cancel that order and I will write up another one today.
  6. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    @andis-1 -
    you are accepted, feel free to vote on topics what overseer thought is important.
    Sorry, did not notice your post before.
    Your orders are fine.
  7. Heraclius49

    Heraclius49 Emperor

    Feb 14, 2010
    New Jersey
    @Northen Wolf
    In my Knowledge section it says I have learned 50% basic fighting. I think I have mastered it because I learned 50% fighting in update 2 and the same in update 3.

    My character's name is Luke.
  8. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Sorry, but I have no idea what that is...


    P.S. I will gladly serve anyone who knew this reference beforhand as well :p
  9. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    I'm sorry, I made a mistake in update two - mixed up Luke(you) and Gorrik(vert), yes you learned basic fighting back then and now learned 50% advanced fighting. Sorry and thanks for pointing out my mistake. I assume this won't change orders.


    TO ALL
    [enter rank here] fighting means dodging and using all weaponry on beginner level. [Enter rank here] weapon means using that weapon on more advanced level. Being good fighter means you dodge better, know how to block and how to use hand-to-hand fighting. Basic [weapon use] means that you know more about this weapon and can do much more advanced things with it.

    When orc who knows basic fighting would know that what way to point spear tip at, then orc with basic spear would know how to hold spear and how stab without getting it stuck.

    I have orders from 7 out of 10+1(merciary)

    I don't have orders from: merciary (inactive), Vertinari118, Seon, badunoff(in europe).
  10. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    1. Learn with craftsman.
    2. Spend some more time with the shamans to gain some more respect among their kind. Just simply talk around campfires.
    3. 2 of my followers shall learn Craftsmanship.
  11. Anonymoose

    Anonymoose KING OF MEESE

    Aug 25, 2009
    Hall of the Moose King
    I didn't think I'd be able to teach him. If the follower wants to go, good for him. If not, Wotepchu will do his own thing.
  12. Anonymoose

    Anonymoose KING OF MEESE

    Aug 25, 2009
    Hall of the Moose King
    Wotepchu Broadhand approached the mountain alone. He felt the need to search for more medicinal herbs, or at least edible plants. The mountain stood like an obelisk of the earth, stretching forth to consume the sky. As he approached the boulder strewn feet of the mountain, he noticed a blue lichen on the rocks. He scraped it off and put it in his herb pouch.

    Wotepchu moved further up the slope, where he found a small, thorny bush with bitter-smelling yellow flowers. He bent down and collected samples of the leaves, thorns, flowers, and roots. As he raised his head, he thought he heard movement. Time spent alone in the wild had made him more alert to his surroundings, and something didn't seem right. It was like he was being watched. He moved parallel to the timber line, looking for unique plants or mushrooms. He stooped to gather, and again heard movement, this time closer. He turned quickly on his haunches, and saw three greenskins staring at him as he gathered. They each wore less than he, only a plant-fiber rope and loose breeches made from knotty, worn leather. Their faces were painted with numerous shades of blue, especially around the eyes, and they spoke with an odd dialect.
    "Gathering man. We watched you for long time." the smallest, youngest-looking one said.
    Wotepchu remained silent.
    "We no want to hurt, but tell you good news."
    Wotepchu wouldn't mind some good news, but he remained silent.
    "We want tell you about Raj-tol."
    Wotepchu didn't know any greenskin by the name of Raj-tol.
    "Raj-tol knows the winds, and calms the fiery hearts of all greenskins that know him,"
    The foreign greenskin looked at Wotepchu as if he should be excited about this strange greenskin that makes wind, or whatever it is that he does.
    "Why you not talk? You want to now Raj-tol?"
    Wotepchu had had enough. He began walking away.
    "Hey, you come back. Don't turn away from Raj-tol!"
    Wotepchu kept moving toward a promising looking cave-mouth.
    He entered, and after gathering some cave mushrooms, headed back toward his camp.

    He saw no more of the blabbering greenskins, but they were watching him all the way back to the main settlement. They followed him in, and after he had gone to his personal abode to cook and test the weeds, they began to proselytize the glory of Raj-tol the Windmaker to every passerby.
  13. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    Above post is approved by me.

    Religion of Holy Wind spread to Gormadash. It now has very few followers but if not stopped, it may become dominant religion.

    Holy Wind embraces Raj-tol the Windmaker, as its controlling god. Holy wind does not seem like an orcish religion - it focuses on calmness and waiting for best moment to strike. Three adventures Wotepchu met were missionaries/pilgrims who found their way into village of Gormadash.

    Holy Wind is one out of three religions what spread into Gormadash during winter. More in the upcoming update.
  14. RPAdvantage

    RPAdvantage Warlord

    Jul 25, 2010
    Gaarth notices newcomers

    Greetings greenskins from the elsewhere! Did you bring food? If Raj-tol brings us great quantities of food I will worship Raj-tol. If things get worse and Raj-tol brings us not food. I kill you and use you as bait to catch bird-creature and trout. For now make your prayers for food from the winds!

    Gaarth will encourage the killing of these non-workers if they don't contribute to society, but will accept them as brothers if they provide things of use
  15. Vertinari118

    Vertinari118 Deity

    May 4, 2008
    An island near to Europe

    -Train with hunters over the winter

    -Carry on improving strength
  16. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Dear dear, Gaarth. How barbaric, I disapprove.
  17. RPAdvantage

    RPAdvantage Warlord

    Jul 25, 2010
    OOC: Aren't orcs supposed to be barbaric?
  18. badunoff

    badunoff Prince

    Apr 15, 2010
    White House
    OOC: Apperantly I can send in orders this turn

    1. After having tried diffrent sorts of weapons, Maxwell decided to focus on one at the moment. Maxwell decided to learn the art of swordsmanship, seeing that he already had a fairly decent sword at his disposal. Maxwell decided to devote himself fully to this training. Some could say he became fanatical.
    2. Maxwell, tired of the eyesore that was the village in its ruins decided to offer his services to the builders as they cleared away the ruble. He did this in his free time for no direct personal gain, and only at times between swordsmanship training.
  19. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    badunoff I already wrote update, sorry. You attempted to train with warriors (swordfight) and worked with crafters
    Update Four, winter

    Winter. Thin layer of snow covers entire (known) land of Baimora and animals flee from Gor' area to their winter areas. Some of them flee into mountains, others into west, but some, like Wolves, stay behind to terrorize Gor' and feed on its citizens. Village of Gormadash sees many changes. Wolves surround villagers who dare to walk too far, winter cold is barely held back by quickly built housing and new clan-members from Whisperwind cut size of rations. But unnamed orcish clan lives over winter - emptying its food stores in the progress, but entering into new spring larger, more prepared and stronger than before.

    This winter brings Unnamed clan several new contacts and despite cold winter, hot-headed orcs manage to learn several new ways to live and new gods to follow. But lets start from the beginning.

    Village of Gormadash (Gor' for short) training fields see constant use despite of thin layer of snow that covers everything. Warriors claim that little cold has never hurt anyone, but many return with a running nose and light fever. Despite of the dangers of getting wounds, breaking bones or getting sick, many Immortals continue their training.

    One of these immortals is Gaarth. He is often seen practicing with immortal called Xialo. Their practice was rather successful and Trained Warriors were happy over them. This happiness was result of many bruises and new scars on both trainee bodies - signs of orcish bravery. In fact, Gaarth practiced much harder than Xialo. Eventually both master basic fighting.

    Gurtak Strongfist, a relatively quiet immortal-commoner recently become more active and decided what to do with his life. He joined warrior training practice and did quite well for a commoner, learning 50% of basic fighting and beating Xialo few times.

    Luke earned himself quite good reputation with constant practice and training. His constant training, practicing and conversations with warriors earned him some respect among warriors and 25% of Advanced fighting.

    Gorrik and Ugag often lifted weights together and continued Ugag-games, thankfully Ugag was more careful this time and Gorrik did not suffer (many) injuries or broken toes. Keeping up with Ugag … well at least trying to keep up with Ugag, improved Gorrik's strength.

    Ugag lifted weights with Gorrik when spear-trainer was not around. When he was around … well ... poor trainer had to train Ugag. Trainer gained several new wounds and many spears were broken in the long, brutal and rather painful process, but Ugag learned 50% of basic spear use. (OOC: Total: 75%, sorry poor roll)
    Spoiler :

    Ugag followers were seen practicing on training grounds, and one of them become a Warrior by the end of winter.

    Maxwell was one of the few orcs, who decided he does not need the “pitiful arts of dodging and running away” after mastering arts of basic fighting. He asked warriors to teach him the art of handling swords instead. Naturally he had no troubles finding a trainer - one of the more experienced warriors approached him and thought him how to grip sword correctly. Maxwell immediately wanted to prove his great strength and skill, so he slashed his sword furiously through the air. Alas! the craftwork Maxwell had made was poor and his sword broke. Its blade flew straight into back of one of the Trained Warriors. Warrior will recover, but Maxwell rash actions lowered his reputation among fighters. Maxwell lost 'med quality sword' and gained 'broken sword'. (OOC: rolled one)

    Two weeks later Maxwell tried to use his recently repaired connections among crafters to fix his sword, but found out that Trained Warrior had had good relations with several crafters. Maxwell respect drops among Crafters. (OOC: Rolled two)

    Village famous Overseer Stoll, spends quite a bit of his time with crafters. Despite of his clumsiness he attempts to learn art of crafters, what is not that easy. Stoll has never had to deal with needles or to precise work of gluing and hammering things together, nevertheless he manages to learn 50% of basic crafting. One of the crafters throws poor quality leather armor into recycle bin, but Stoll quickly picks that up and attempts to improve it's quality with the help of his followers. His followers are not much use, but eventually Stoll manages to fix armor enough to make it usable. Stoll gains very poor quality leather Cuirass. It can be worn but does not look very good or offer much protection. But some protection is better than none and on battlefield survival is more important than looks(usually, unless you are a fashion-babe).

    Stoll spends rest of his time with Shamans. His poor knowledge and skills bore shamans but eventually they find common topic: Herbs. Stoll actually knows something about herbs and discussions containing exchanging herbal knowledge go quite well. By the end of the winter, Shaman faction opinion of Stoll improves to very low (1)

    Despite Ugag threatening (and keeping his threats) new cult is formed in the Gormadash village. This Cult and its members call themselves “Followers of Great Sleazy Bor”, while commoners have nicknamed this religious organization with the nickname of “Cult of Fog”.

    Cult of Fog started from one Orc, called Bardok, who ate too many different mushrooms and went into a state that he calls “communication” … most commoners call that state “food poisoning”. Bardok claims he saw Godly vision in that state. These visions said that he must create a Cult and dedicate it to god known as “Great Bor”. So Bordok did what visions told him – he gathered around few companions and they become first members of this “Cult of Fog”. They do not cause many problems, but they do not do much work either. They prefer working to sitting or leisuring around fireplace and/or being high off some plants or mushrooms. If Cult members are not busy “being high”, they calm their “urges” with female orcs, claiming that Bor worship demands pleasure. Problem is, that it is that this is all that they do – they work only enough to eat. “Followers of Fog” claim Bor is a god of peace, love, pleasure and visions, who only angers if greatly disturbed. Sidenote: Ugag tried to beat them up several times, but beating these youth does not seem to have much effect to their foggy minds

    Spoiler :

    Near new fishingspot

    Fishermen, influenced by immortal called Xialo, decided to go upriver (Upriver= South, not North). This decision could have mean loss of several days fishing income, but to their surprise fishermen found a rather good fishing spot. Even after week long fishing, nets, traps and spear-fishing still captures many fishes. Xialo gains respect among fishermen. Xialo gains respect among commoners. Wotepchu loses knowledge of his Secret fishing spot.

    Xialo's faithful follower, teeny girl who loves fish, was seen hanging out with miners. She become rather talented a miner (Girls are better students than boys). It is unkown who fathered her unborn child … was it Ugag or one of the miners, perhaps even Xialo, but she is now pregnant. Unless something goes wrong, she will give birth by the end of spring and child will turn adult by winter.

    Ugag also tried to learn identifying rocks from rocks. As expected with Ugag-doings things dod go “his way”. “His way” ended with fact that huge pile of useless rocks were carried into village square. That pile blocked several important paths, that woodcutters and food-carriers were using. Worse yet, one of the larger rocks (equal to the size of small boulder) rolled over several Village Elder feet, resulting few broken toes and very angry Elders. Ugag loses respect among commoners. Ugag loses an action. (has to carry rocks away from the central during spring) Ugag did not learn anything about mining.

    Surprisingly, besides Cult of Fog recent “pleasure-trips” and Xialo's follower pregnancy, immortal called Gaarth also impregnated both of his followers and several other young maidens. Gaarth gains 2 followers. Total 3 of his followers are now pregnant and children will grow up by next winter. He gains reputation of 'Ladies man'.


    Wild Wolves did not care much for fish, but were highly interested in both fishermen and wood cuters. Fishermen were constantly monitored by Wolves and followed with their watchful eyes. Several larger groups circled around returning fishermen and commoners, they even made few attempts on their lives but were beaten back by joint forces of warriors, commoners and hunters. They kept distance from Village and most villagers were inside.

    Gorrik was among hunters group and he managed to kill several wolves, but also got several new scars on his body. Thanks to orc-race speciality – “the bloodlust”, Gorrik become so bold and proud of his actions, that he completely forgot his mission to defend fishermen and focused on attacking and killing wolves. He lost his calmness and boldness once he relizised that he was far away and separated from others and surrounded by pack of hungry wolves. His attempts to run away were failures as several wolves always blocked his path. Wolves did not dare to attack, but with every passing minute, circle around him become smaller and it was obvious that soon entire heard will attack poor Garrik. Every attempt to break out of this circle was a failure and few wolves dared to use their special tactic, also known as bite-n-run . Some of those daring wolves got painful kicks or fatal stabs from Gorrik (who only had a knife and wooden branch, as he had broken his spear before). Some more lucky wolves, managed to bite Gorriks legs, essentially immobilizing Gorrik and making sure that he'll never reach back to Gor'. Since Gorrik first understood he was surrounded by Wolves and cut away from others, he had yelled for help – but no one had heard him, he had traveled to far. Gorrik knew, that if nightfall comes, he -brave hunter and protector - will become evening snack. He was not yet ready to become food, so he decided to try last desperate attempt: he galumphed towards bigger group of wolves, grabbed branch more firmly and fell down on his knees. Wolves first backed off but as he waited circle tightened around Gorrik, as Wolves approached kneeling and bleeding Orc.

    "Closer, Come closer" Gorrik whispered and wolves did as they were told. Soon entire circle was around him, most of them in branch-hit reach. Gorrik gathered his last energy and stood up (ignoring the pain and blood loss) and gave last desperate whirlwind-hit around him. He did not hope much, but he scored - his branch hit several wolves, essentially halving their numbers, as wounded wolves backed far away from Gorrik to lick their wounds and broken bones or to die. But some managed to dodge Gorriks whirlwind-branch hit. Gorrik did not have enough energy to continue fighting … or living. As he collapsed face first onto his own blood-covered snow, he felt teeth cutting deep into his left shoulder, legs and second or two later he felt pair of teeth around his neck. Gorrik closed his eyes, he knew that this was the end. He will die but at least moon can witness his actions and see he did not die crying and screaming.

    Spoiler :
    Alas! teeth of this predator did not kill Gorrik, as grip around his neck loosened as soon as it had touched Gorriks neck. Wolf who had previously bitten his neck, let go of it and collapsed right next to Gorrik, whining in pain. Last thing Gorrik heard before falling into sleep and waking up in the village, was several arrow hitting surviving wolves and battle screeches of three orcs.

    Half an hour later Chill Bill was seen carrying wounded Gorrik back to the village, followed closely by his companions, who were carrying several dead wolves with them. All of them were equipped with bows, but nearly out of ammo. But wolves who followed them in distance kept their distance, many of Immacs “unfriendly followers” were wounded and hunters who opened fire killed several before green eyes disappeared back into woods.

    How Chill Bill and his followers found him and what were they doing so late in the woods ... alone, remains a mystery but two things are certain – no-one was looking for Gorrik so late in the night and Chill Bill saved Gorriks life. But what were Chill Bill followers doing in the woods, why were they not protecting someone and why were they keeping distance from others?

    Gorrik loses respect of the hunters. Gorrik loses one action. Chill Bill gains respect among commoners. Chill Bill gains Archery skill (50%). Chill Bill Followers gain Archery skill they can become ragers (mix of archers and scouts), if Chill Bill continues their training. Chill Bill gains secret skill. Chill Bill gains one follower OOC: Immac rolls of 4; 6 and 5, Vert: Roll of 1.

    Luke was one of the few brave wood gatherers, who despite of the danger that these highly-aggressive wolves caused, gathered and chopped firewood. He did it for builders – so builders would have spare wood to build, this constant firewood carrying and chopping increased his strength and he learned 25% of basic building. (OOC: builders did not need much help, but required materials)

    Gurtak Strongfist, immortal who recently become more active, was seen leaving with woodcuter to chop wood. He did well and lumber he cut, was high quality. He and his group did meet wolves few times, but after few brutal (and lucky) axe-chops (one from Gurtak), wolves kept distance from him and his crew. This good work earned him respect among commoners and Gurtak gained 1/2 follower.

    During one trip into woods, Luke heard someone following him in the shadows. He, smart and strong orc as he is, turned around and made let out as strong roar as possible. But all he managed to see was an orc, suspiciously similar looking to Chill Bill, disappearing into slope. Thinking that he probably saw Chill Bill doing his “business”, Luke continued walking towards wood-chopping site. But as he continued to walk, he soon heard footsteps follow him again. This time Luke was more clever, he walked behind one larger tree, so that his “follower” could not see him. As expected, “peeping tom” walked straight into Luke's trap. Great was Luke's surprise not to catch a fellow orc but something much different in its stead.

    Spoiler :

    Luke with Peeping-tom

    “Let me go and take me to your village, I have a message and if I do not return your pitiful village will be burned to the ground.” Said well armored human (chain mail). Luke had never seen a human before, but had heard tales of The Empire and its settlements, so he took this human into village.

    In Gor' this human claimed to be representee of “The New Illorian Empire”, (OOC: old empire was simply referred as “The Empire”), so where did those guys get word Illoria from and why?

    He demands:
    1) 30 units of healing plants and 60 units of hides would be given as a “tax” to trading caravan that will pass you during next winter.
    2) Religion called “The Sacred path” preacher be allowed to enter this village, he will be given separate hut and he may preach at any time to anyone. He may not be harmed, threatened or imprisoned. His hut must be ready by winter. It is not know what race this preacher is or what this “religion” teaches.

    He says that in exchange “Furtown village” - The capital of New Illorian Empire will send trading caravan every winter and they are willing to trade/buy whatever Gormadash villagers can offer, after paying their taxes.

    “Should 'you or any filthy mutt' from this village dare to attack caravan, refuse new Imperial tax, refuse missionaries or harm anyone from the New Illorian Empire, this village will be burnt to the ground. He also boasts that New Empire can mount over 100 well trained and armed soldiers against “this filthy bone-village of yours”. He makes several other comments about bird defenses and clearly does not understand their meaning and use.

    Most villagers are incredibly annoyed by this “represente” demands and his behaviour, but they are stopped by Village Elders, Stoll and shamans. Village leadership say that they will “think” over this proposal and let representee go. Many of the villagers get very angry at the Elders and Stoll, but if what that man told is true, Gor' can no-way protect itself against an attack from much larger and well armed force. Shamans viewed this conversation from far away and can only say that “This man was certain in his words, however ”.

    Ex-Members of Whisperwind Clan say that Having only 100 men to spare means that this New Empire cannot have more domains as one to three villages and some rural population, suggesting it is a rebel faction. Then again, most of the Illorian Empire forces may be busy attacking someone else? Perhaps they are even at war with Tauren or could help you against Tauren? Or perhaps Tauren could help you, assuming they are interested in your village?

    As a small side effect, Luke gains one follower, as he exaggerates how he bravely fought of several wolves to capture this filthy human scum during evening fires.

    Wotepchu Broadhand decides to go out into mountains alone. He plans on gathering whatever plants and mushrooms that can be gathered and test them later. This action is couragous, if not even stupid – Wotepchu has no military experience or military companions. He starts is travels on early morning, reaching mountain by midday and searches snow-free areas for plants. Few wolves follow him, but Wotepchu manages to scare them away and wolves don't follow him deep into mountains. He unfortunally does not have a proper bag (like Gaarth does), so his gatherings are rather poor quality - due to poor transportation methods. Never the less, he is rather successful in gathering many unknown plants and mushrooms. Woptechu gains 5 units of mushrooms, Cult of Fog may be interested in trading for those.

    While searching for plants, he is ambushed or rather startled by a three orcs. These three orcs talk with him. [INSERT QUOTE HERE] Wotepchu – scared or simply high off plants and mushroom spores he gathered, left strangers alone. /Normal orc would have tried to defend themselves or scare these three orcs with blue faces away, but … it was Wotepchu...

    As expected, three strangers followed Wotepchu back to the Gormadash and managed to sneak by any patrolling guards … by …. using village main enterence to enter. They immediately attracted lots of attention and people gathered around them, but kept some distance, yet no warriors or immortals were seen and they held their conversation inside sleeping houses. And Overseer Stoll was sleeping in other sleeping house– having beaten up last person who woke him up, villagers decided to listen to these “wanderers” rather than call Overseer or elders (who were discussing what to do with Cult of Fog.). These wanderers got a good three hours of talk with commoners, about god called Raj-tol, the Windmaker and religion of Holy wind. Many villagers laughed at “puny and weak god who sneaks in the shadows to bide his” but some were intrigued and listened with care. This Gathering was stopped when Stoll finally decided to wake up and walk out of the common houses to 'take a leak'. His (rather poorly smelling) roar was enough to bring attention of warriors, who were training to the village center and stop the speech of the “Holy Wind” pilgrims. Within less than a 10 minutes, village was back in order and “guests” taken for interrogation.

    These three missionaries claim that Raj-tol, the Windmaker is correct religion but tolerant towards others. They associate Raj-tol with powers of wind and behavior of wind. They appreciate self-control and patience and believe that one should wait proper moment to strike instead of rushing into battlefield mindlessly or waiting til last moment (Cult of Fog). But when one strikes, he should strike like a hurricane – destroying everything and sparing no one.

    These pilgrims say they belong to a Bloodoak clan and felt that they needed to take a pilgrimage of Faith. This Pilgrimage means that they will walk as far away as possible and tell everyone about Faith of Raj-tol, this pilgrimage needs to be done at least once in everyone life. They claim that they have walked farther away than other missionaries before them and it took 3 months for them to reach from Bloodoak clan village to here. They were surprised to meet a “strange orc” gathering plants during winter nor did they did expect, that any orcish tribe may still be living so far North and so deep in the “Territories of the Old” or “Empire domains”, where most orcs left over 300 years ago.

    After long discussions with village elders, they presented an ultimate that:
    1)They will talk about Raj-tol to those who wish learn about him
    2)They will not talk about Holy Wind during working and sleeping ours
    3)They will join the clan and never leave (they will abandon Bloodoak clan)
    4)They will share all their knowledge with the Clan
    5)They will work as hard as any clansmen
    Shamans say that their words “have a slight shadow over them, but they are not telling lies” - Whatever that means.

    Wotepchu's plant testing did not go very very well – plants he managed to gather were either frost-bitten or damaged during transportation. A bag of sorts could have improve transportation quality. Despite of this Wotepchu's medical interests (and success at not poison-killing already weak Gorrik), gains him one follower making his total followers number 2. He also gains 5 units of mushrooms and some followers of Cult of Fog have shown interest of buying these mushrooms from him.
  20. Northen Wolf

    Northen Wolf Young Hunter

    Feb 11, 2008
    Factions doings

    Most builders improved housing to keep more warmth inside. Thanks to help they got, they were very successful and temperatures in common sleeping houses (3) never dropped below 15 C. Judging by tools, resources and skilled workforce Builders had they did d*rn good job.

    Builders community and elders have few things that are needed to be built:
    You need more sleeping houses (you currently have two)
    You need to fix/improve sheep pasture
    You could use a stockade
    You could use a watchtower
    You could improve/enlarger granary and storehouse
    You should build a proper training field (it improve training speed and improve general training of warriors (warriors will become better))
    You need leather workers house as many untanned leathers go bad during summer.


    Hunters focus on learning how to hunt prey during cold winter days. Many of them also reset traps and build new ones, while some work together with warriors to secure village surrounding from wolves. Traps and hunting income is rather small, but hunters working with warriors manage to shoot several wolves a day. Wolf meat does not taste well but it's better than starving.
    35 units of leather

    Trap Line
    Much of the trapline was de-constructed and new traps were built, sadly not many animals besides wolves were caught and many traps were broken. But this small income

    -10 units of leather

    Craftsmen were rather busy converting caught hides and gathered plants into winter boots, cloves and coats. Total 55 units of leather was spent. - 25 units of leather is still unused. Total 35 additional winter suits were made.

    Fisherman manged to discover even better fishing site and thanks to constant protection from both hunters and warriors fishing income was rather high.

    Woodcutters are attacked few times by wolves, but they manage to fend off these critters with ease. Still, winter, lack of proper organization and lack of roads made wood income rather low and most of it was used by builders.

    Many continued to train. Unfortunately many got slight fever or running nose during training. Some are still sick even after 3 months, is this just due cold weather and poor sleeping houses?

    Are quiet as usual.

    Most seeds are prepared, cleaned and ready for planting. They ask help for cultivating fields and planting plants.


    Evening raids continue
    Recent changes in village looks – horns and sharp sticks on houses, sharpened logs in the ground and constant patrols scare away wild birds and no more sheep are lost. Bird-Creatures probably found it is easier to catch wolves. Chill Bill claims that these creatures are not birds but “furry” instead. How he gained that knowledge is unknown.

    Wolves leave

    As snow melts, so do melt away herds of Wolves - they leave and go back where they came from. Sounds of fighting boars and mating calls of different creatures can be heard from forest.

    First signs of plague?
    Many youngsters and even trained and healthy warriors get sick – fever, running nose, hurting head etc. Shamans guess it's from cold and unclean sleeping houses. However, even after spring cleaning health condition of sick does not improve ? Is it just cold or something worse?

    20 villagers get “sick” - it does not affect their work ability just yet

    Sick warrior

    Villagers Demand separate housing
    New members and winter cold locked many into small sleeping houses (you have 2) and lack of “private space” causes many issues and internal fighting among Gor' villagers. Most elders agree that new sleeping houses are required as current ones can barely fit everyone and are perfect places for sicknesses and violence to spread. Religious sects also request (not demand) separate shrines or some resources to build shrines during their free time.

    Clan changes
    Village changes
    Not done

    Supplies estimated income
    Water: irrigation 100 meters from village
    Food: low income from Trap line, none farm, irregular small-medium hunting income, low to medium income from fishing
    Wood: low-medium
    Bars: none
    Ores: None, some rocks could be Carried from river


    Water: Irrigation 100 meters from village
    Food: 20% of what is needed to survive spring.
    Wood: very low (most have been used)
    Bars: 10 iron bars (1 bar=1 item)
    Ore: quite many rocks piled into village square

    Granary stocks:
    Almost completely empty - 20% of what is needed to survive spring

    Gormandash-Goro population changes
    - 2 kids
    - 4 hunters,
    - 3 warriors
    - 2 fisherman
    - 4 Commoner

    + 5 kids (will mature by next winter)
    + 16 Warriors (8 from Whisperwind)
    + 8 hunters (6 from Whisperwind)
    + 29 commoners (from whisperwind)
    + 10 kids (will mature by next winter)
    + 5 fisherman (4 from Whisperwind)
    + 7 Miners (from Whisperwind)

    Factions decisions

    Up to overseer

    Builders: See builders in “Faction doings”
    Hunters: Traps are needed to rebuild, want to hunt in forest
    Craftsmen: Craftsmen have plenty to do
    Farmers: Ask help cultivating land, ask help planting seeds, ask help watering plants
    Fishermen: Want to continue fishing, ask for guards to scout newly found fishing area to ensure it is perfectly safe.
    Warriors: Ask more volunteers to train against new possible enemy.
    Miner: Ask for warriors to accompany them to Mountain of Horrors to check proper area for a mine.

    some would go with hunters,
    few would chop wood,
    few would fish,
    Some would help farmers
    few would help builders
    very few would build shrines
    Some would gather herbs

    Village gains
    -55 units of leather
    +35 winter suits,
    +45 units of leather

    Immortals changes

    Chill Bill - Gains respect among commoners. Chill Bill gains Archery skill (50%), Chill Bill Followers gain Archery skill they can become rangers (mix of archers and scouts), if Chill Bill continues their training. Chill Bill gains secret skill. Chill Bill gains one follower
    Luke - +Strength, 25% basic building, gains one follower, warrior respect, 25% advanced fighting
    Wotepchu Broadhand - 5 units of mushrooms, gains one follower, loses knowledge of secret fishing spot
    Ugag - 50% of spear use, one follower become a warrior, loses one turn, respect drops
    Xialo - Learns basic fighting, Xialo gains respect among fishermen. Xialo gains respect among commoners.
    Gaarth - Masters basic fighting, Gaarth gains 2 followers. Total 3 of his followers are now pregnant and children will grow up by next winter. He gains reputation of 'Ladies man'.
    Maxwell - Maxwell rash actions lowered his reputation among fighters. Maxwell lost 'med quality sword' and gained 'broken sword', Maxwell respect drops among Crafters.
    Stoll -50% of basic crafting. Stoll gains very poor quality leather Cuirass, Shaman faction opinion of Stoll improves to very low (1)
    Shuzurn - snores in caves
    Gorrik - loses an action, gained strength,
    Gurtak Strongfist - gained respect, gained 1/2 follower. Learned 50% of basic fighting

    Moderator rants
    Sorry for poor English.
    Map update will come tomorrow
    Changes in stats (on front page) will come tomorrow by latest.
    Please point out any mistakes.
    Hope this update is satisfies you.

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