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Nzinga of Matamba

Nzinga of Matamba : 3D animated, era specific leaderhead. 2022-07-27

City list:
M'banza Congo
Porto Amboin

Civilopedia entry
^The Matambans are $LINK<agricultural and scientific=GCON_Strengths>. They start the game with
$LINK<pottery=TECH_Pottery> and $LINK<Bronze Working=TECH_Bronze_Working> and build
$LINK<Matamban warriors=PRTO_Matamban_Warrior> instead of $LINK<chariots=PRTO_Chariot>.
^As Portugal became preoccupied with the Ndongo Kingdom as a source of slaves, two inland Mbundu states - Matamba and Kasanje - prospered. Little is known of Matamba before the seventeenth century, but in 1621 Nzinga (called Jinga by the Portuguese), the sister of the ngola a kiluanje, convinced the Portuguese to recognize Ndongo as an independent monarchy and to help the kingdom expel the
Imbangala people from its territory. Three years later, according to some sources, Nzinga poisoned her brother and succeeded him as monarch. Unable to negotiate successfully with a series of Portuguese governors, however, she was eventually removed. Nzinga and many of her followers traveled east and forged alliances with several groups. She finally ascended to the throne of the Matamba Kingdom.
From this eastern state, she pursued good relations with the Dutch during their occupation of the area from 1641 to 1648 and attempted to reconquer Ndongo. After the Dutch expulsion, Nzinga again allied with the Portuguese. A dynamic and wily ruler, Nzinga dominated Mbundu politics until she died in 1663. Although she dealt with the Europeans, in modern times Nzinga has been remembered by nationalists
as an Angolan leader who never accepted Portuguese sovereignty.
^After Nzinga's death, a succession struggle ensued, and the new ruler tried to reduce Portuguese influence. Following their practice with the Ndongo, the Portuguese forced him out and placed their own candidate, Kanini, on the throne. Kanini coveted the nearby kingdom of Kasanje - peopled by Mbundu but ruled by Imbangala - for its role in the slave trade. Once he had consolidated power, in 1680 Kanini
successfully moved against Kasanje, which was undergoing a succession crisis of its own. Kanini's defeat of the Kasanje state made his Portuguese benefactors realize that as his empire expanded, Kanini was increasingly threatening their own slaving interests. Subsequently, Kanini defeated a Portuguese military expedition sent against him, although he died soon after. In 1683 Portugal negotiated with the
new Matamba queen to halt further attempts to conquer Kasanje territory and, because of mounting competition from other European powers, convinced her to trade exclusively with Portugal.
Awesome man, I've used most of your other african leaderheads in some of my mods, so I look forward to putting this one in too. High quality as always!
very cool :D

a request though- if you ever look for someone to do, perhaps you should consider the leaders the like of Areulianus, Zenobia, ro the guy who led the "gallic" breakaway empire... ;)
Very nice. The contrast between the dark skin and hazel(?) eyes gives her an intense and compelling gaze. One of the better leaderheads I've seen in some time.
Corvex said:
Wow. You really like making African leaderheads, don't you? :)

I do!!

The main reason I've done a few African leaderheads is because, IMHO, it was a continent long neglected in Civ 3. Once Moshoeshoe is done, that should give modders plenty of African civs to use.

@Goldflash - yes, cough cough, I'll fix Justinian and Malcolm after I've done Moshoeshoe. Are you planning to change your name to Moshoeshoe by deed poll or whatever the system is in America ;) ?
I agree. Africa is chronically underrepresented in Civ3. There should be an entire African culture group (if for no other reason than that it really makes absolutely no sense at all for the Zulus to be 'Middle-Eastern')
In my mod, I merge the Mediterranean and European cultures to make room for the African culture. It's by no means ideal, as I'd prefer to have both Med and Euro cultures in there, but such are the hard-coded limitations. Let's hope there's room for more cultures in Civ 4!!
R8XFT said:
@Goldflash - yes, cough cough, I'll fix Justinian and Malcolm after I've done Moshoeshoe. Are you planning to change your name to Moshoeshoe by deed poll or whatever the system is in America ;) ?
Good! I've been waiting since the beginning of May :p

And no, I'm not going to change my name.

I'll just name my Kid Moshoeshoe!

Ah yes, Moshoeshoe Difibulator (A cool word) Scott (My first name, using the Russian and Sweedish Tradition discused in the Sweden Civ Thread) Stoner (YES thats my last name. If I get one freaking druggie jokle I swear to god I'll find you whereever you live and key your car)

Yeah, Moeshoeshoe Difibulator Scott Stoner sounds good.
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