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Obliged to play viking scenario!?


Jan 4, 2007
I'd like to get a good game as the Danes, so am looking for a coastal start but with some fresh water, preferably with some marine resources, and near (but not, map scripts please note, *in*) the tundra.

I've tried continents and earth, but whatever script I pick seems to generate rubbish starts (the earth script in particular seems to dump me solely in deserts and jungles). After more restarts than I can bring myself to remember (those Nimoy intros get tired very quickly) I decided to get a user-made map script, as previous (Civ4) experience suggests they can be a lot better.

I downloaded a couple to try out, enabled them, and tried to play, but the only leaders I can pick seem to be for the viking scenario. I haven't played it, and am really not at all interested in it, but I notice the other scenarios (which, I'm pretty sure, I paid good money for) are locked out, and I can't even use the content I downloaded as I wish.

Please, someone help me out here: is there any way I can "unlock" this, or whatever I need to do in order to use what I want to use, the way I want to use it. Or, as appears to be the case, am I obliged to play the viking scenario just to get the thing out of the way?

Oh, why oh why did they bin worldbuilder? I downloaded the new wb tool, but you have to shut the game down to open it and it is just stupidly complicated for what I want - just give me a decent start!

*sigh* This is supposed to be a leisure activity.
What you are talking about seems to refer to the fact that you have the 1066 Viking Scenario checked ON in the Mods menu, all you have to do is to unchceck that green light.
try a tundra map?
small continents isn't bad for vikings either, its fun invading from 1 continent to another!
It was down to having that scenario enabled: thanks for the quick response.
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