OCC @ prince and beyond...


Jan 16, 2006
I LOVE OCC (One City Challenge)! Fast and fun games!
After mastering OCC on noble 3 times in a row i tried to advance to prince and monarch but I can not out tech the AI anymore, thus i lose wars/space race. I need help!

OCC (ofc!)
13-14 AI
Large map
Global highlands with one huge continent but sometimes other maps
Epic speed
Raging barbarians
NO diplomatic victory
Aggressive AI 25% of the time
NO tech trading (units does not go obsolete fast)
Fast start 90% of the time

MY strategy:
Spend "Fast start points" on one religion and archery.
Remaining points on one unit and scout and worker and city pop of 3-5.
Build Stonehenge or if not industrious trait, oracle, to get priest GP and build religious wonder.
My religion spreads to 30-60% of the continents AIs, they are my friends.
4000BC - 500AD:
Trying to stay out of early wars while i build some early wonders (Stonehenge, Oracle, Great Library, "the access to all religious civics" one, the "+50% GPP" one) I can get to all those wonders 95% of the time while keeping a decent army of defending units.
ALL (but the first priest!) GP are settled into the city to boost my production/commerce. While the other wonders are very nice it is hard to beat the AI to them, choose the pyramids and u lose most of the others.
After "wonder frenzy" it is time to build standard buildings and more units.
After all basic buildings are constructed i try to get engaged in a war or two, just so that I can get 1-2 great generals that i settle into my city as instructors.
When i get cannons i help weak AI to kill advanced AI until I can start building the space ship.
(This is where i fail, some AIs are getting to advanced, I get many enemies as I try to weaken the strongest AI)

1st: Early religion -> Archery -> pottery -> wonder techs/improvement techs.
2nd: Bronze -> iron -> longbows -> music (free GP!) -> representation.
3rd: Cannons! All AI stacks will DIE! when they enter my territory.
4th: biology, HUGE city!
5th: infantery, time to raze at least one AI civ.
6th: If I can get to infantery while the AI got grenadiers/cannons I win, period.

National wonders:
National park (the 2 or 4 early forests that I keep for health reasons are godly now!)
Ironworks or Heroic Epic (no heroic if i got iron)
Globe Theater
+4 unit experience wonder (sometimes creates Heroic epic)

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