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October: Tech Icon Of The Month Submission/request thread

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Aug 23, 2005

1. Everyone may enter a tech icon, as long as:
1A:The submitter is the creator of the Tech Icon
1B:The Tech Icon is the first working version and is therefore new, not posted before the month of the competition either on this website, nor on any other.
1C:The new Tech Icon must be available for download for the civ community.
1D:Cut ‘n pasters can also join.
1E:Upon submission of your entry a GIF,JPEG, or PNG preview of both the large and small Tech Icon must be provided as separate images.
1F:Only one entry per person, per month please. You may change your entry at any time during the month before the Jury thread is launched.
2. There is no theme in this competition. Any tech icon can participate!

3. The tech icon maker can choose any tech icon he wants. For inspiration and ideas the submission thread of that month may contain requests by other members.

4. A link to the tech icon together with a preview needs to be posted in this thread OCTOBER 31, 2007. After that a jury thread will be launched in which the winner will be decided by a 2 week poll.
4a. The Tech Icon file must be posted in the graphics modpack sub-forum in either a new thread or in your library(Or in the File Database).Do not post the files directly in the competition thread,use a link to your thread.If you plan on doing a lot of graphics I would strongly suggest starting your own library thread.The main reason for this is that if you only post the files in the competition thread people wont be able to find them easily later on.
4b. The preview must be posted as an image not an attachment.This makes it easy for me to add it to the preview thread and jury thread with out having to download the file re-save it as a gif and upload it to image shack myself to make a proper preview.

5. This is supposed to be a friendly competition between gentlemen (m/f ). Please stay friendly to each other at all times...

Let the requesting begin...
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