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Oh Yeah? Khmer a minute! 3D Era-Specific Animated leaderhead for the Khmer

Rita Poon

You've just been Reinerd!
Dec 8, 2003
Shores of Lake Minnetonka
Flic files updated, sun problem fixed!

Title: Devaraja
Name: Jayavarman VII of

From Wikipedia:

"The Khmer Empire was a powerful kingdom based in what is now Cambodia. The empire, which succeeded from the kingdom of Chenla, at times ruled over and/or vassalised parts of modern-day Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Its greatest legacy is Angkor, which was the capital during the empire's zenith. Angkor bears testimony to the Khmer Empire's immense power and wealth, as well as the variety of belief systems that it patronised over time. The empire's official religions included Hinduism, Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism."

Download Here (13 MB)

For those who just want the updated ancient era flcs, go here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=2132395&postcount=99

PCX files not included here. Will upload seperately.


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Nice. I really like the ancient one.

- GIDustin
Finally, a Khmer leaderhead. :thumbsup:
Quality is superb. I only wish he'd keep his eyes focused on the player.

Anyway, easily one of the best fan-made leaderheads ever.
Originally posted by Antiochus VII
(Now if we only had a unique unit...)

Wouldn't Siamese swordsman from one of the DyP unit packs do?
Very nice head:goodjob:

btw Khmer military consistet mostly of light-armoured infantry. So a UU should properly be a cheap MI maybe with an extra hitpoint(to spice it up a little).
The Khmer also used large numbers of archers from elephants and even fired rockets from the backs of elephants. I vote for an Elephant UU...

I like Elephants......

EDIT: How rude of me.

Great leaderhead and thank you for your work..
Originally posted by Drift
Quality is superb. I only wish he'd keep his eyes focused on the player.

Shoot, I'm not good with the eyes. Is he still looking to his left? Think the problem is that I sit to the right of my computer monitor.

For UU right now I'm using the Swiss Merc renamed "Phak'ak Man"

Graphics are all wrong but it works for now.

Maiden Guard would be an interesting UU-topless women warriors groucho Does GhengisFarb do units?

Elephant mounted warriors are a good idea.
Originally posted by Rita Poon
Is he still looking to his left?

When he's happy, he looks at the player, but as he gets angry, his eyes drift to the left.

I know the pain eyes are with leaderheads. My Samwise gets all cross eyes when he gets angry. :lol:
I really don't notice too much problem with the middle ages helmet moving by itself - is it more obvious in the game?

btw can someone tell me what a phka'k (or Phak'ak) is exactly? (some sort of polearm I believe - I've been looking into Khmer armies here but it's only mentioned briefly)
Drift-I'll just pretend I meant to make him look away. He can't stannd to look at you. After all, you did just rape him on a ROP agreement ;)

Antiochus-I think the helmet looked better in the game. So it should be fine.

RE: Ph'kak (I have no idea how to spell it. Suspect there is no official Romanized spelling)

THINK that it looks like a scythe, but with not so long a blade. Is supposed to have been especially effective against elephant riders.

So maybe the unit should be something that nullifies the Indian UU.
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