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Ok, just to clear this up.

Plastic Bag

Feb 14, 2002
I would like everybody to know that I have trashed the barbarian warrior and AT ST projects. The barbarian warrior project has been taken up by someone else. Right now, I would like to know if someone else would like to take up the AT ST project for me.

The unit that I will finish are:
B-1B supersonic bomber
Y Wing

My future plans are:
Some kind of new tank
Possibly some more Star Wars units (maybe an X Wing)

Here is what the mech will look like:
Hey Plastic Bag,

Why are you ditching the mech idea?
Armour is constanly changing and an area that this game does not excel at is recon.

Why not create a recon unit? This recon unit would be armoured, so it could take on single infantry or infantry mech units, uses stealth / submarine, but the main feature is deep recon behind enemy lines.

In reality there is a new vechile being created due to come into service around 2005. I forget the name, but it looks like awedge on tracks..............I will see if I can find the pics for you, if you are intrested?
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