Okay, FINE - Designing Canada for Civ VII


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Jan 5, 2002
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I wasn't gonna post this, but since all the other civs, even the ones that aren't even in Civ VI, are doing it...

Here's one design I sent Zaarin yesterday, since we both have a vast preference for an earlier version of Canada, from its colonial days, emphasizing the role of forests in Canadian life and culture.

Leader: Samuel de Champlain
Leader Ability: Voyages de Champlain.
Exploration bonuses and additional benefits for encountering city states and/or other civs.
Champlain was famed as an traveler, explorer and mapmaker, as well as for estsblishing relations with a wide web of native people.

Civ Ability: Coureur des Bois
Additional output from forest tiles not ajadcent to your city (increased if adjacent to river or on tundra). Culture Bonuses to lumber mill and camps.
Much of Canada's economy from early colonization into fairly recent time centered on woodland economy, of which the fur-trapping and trading coureurs des bois were most iconic: the fur and lumber trades especially, so other than narrow strips of lands around thr main cities, much of the country remained forested. Entertainment forms and songs linked with the woodland life became a fixture of French Canadian culture. Tand oc course, there had to be *some* mention of tundra somewhere.

Unique Unit: Voyageur.
Trader replacement, slightly faster and able to defend itself against attack (strength comparable to a scout).
The voyageurs, canoe traders, crossed the whole of North America as long as the fur trade lasted moving goods across the continent with regularly estsblished route through immense wilderness regions where they had to be able to defend themselves.

Unique Improvement: Sugar Shack.
Essentially, a camp-like improvement that can be built on forest tiles without a luxury good. Grant additional food and culture.
The other major (and most distinctive) Canadian forest trade is, of course, the maple sugar trade, with the sugar shack and its unique foods offerings being a distinctive aspect of Canadian life and culture.
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