Old Civ2 Game Music


May 9, 2001
Does anybody know where I can get the old Civ2 in-game music to put into Civ3? I really liked the old music but I couldn't find it. It's probably on the CD but I couldn't get to the contents of it through My Computer. Does anybody else miss the Civ2 music. I can't stand the Industrial Age music, it's so repetitive. The only track in Civ3 is a wierd take-off of the original Civ2 theme music. I just can't stand playing Civ2 after playing Civ3 with all of its better graphics, better terrain placement (hills, mountains, swamp, and grassland all within a tile of each other?).
If I try and play the game with the music on it freezes up constantly and goes haywire after a while.....without the music it runs fine. I've never had a game where the music, the MUSIC, puts such a drain on my processor......:eek:
I've had two computers that were absolute pieces of sh*t. Both of them were so slow that it took anything that you clicked about a half a minute to 3 minutes to load up. They also frequently crashed. My last pc had to be repaired 4 times. Poletarian, try running disk defragmenter, it might make your pc run faster. Finally I payed a little extra to get a good pc. But I guess i'm stuck with the music (you're not missing much proletarian) The Modern age music is also really annoying.
Originally posted by Angelic_Tyrant
That disk fragmenter thing with me takes hours, literally!
I think it takes everybody hours. You just have to go and do something else.
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