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Old World (18) 68x34


Flanking III Submarine
Aug 17, 2005
New Version 11/27/09 Changes :

-Included a version compatible for Vanilla Civ (with replacement Civs)
-Corrected Bug where Egyptians do not have starting techs

Removed Greeks (now 17 Civilizations) for more expansion room in Europe
Changed Celts starting location from Italy to Eastern Europe
Opened up land route in Denmark connecting Germany to Scandivania
(This makes the Vikings much stronger, instead of making them a semi-island Civ)
Fort added in Denmark so a "Canal" exists into the Baltic Sea
Improved distribution of aluminum
Balanced some starting location resources (Improved African starts, Khmer was overpowered after clearing jungles)

Based off a cutdown of Petty's Earth Map, I removed the New World, making the world a much smaller place. However, the Indies and the Philippines still offers some lush lands to colonize. I'm sure balance is still an issue for some civilizations, though I have personally played with many already. Russia as usual, is the one to watch out for, though China, Egypt, and Arabia can also become juggernauts.

17 Civs More or less in their starting locations. Cities are not pre-placed (except for 2 barbarian ones).

I created this map because I love world maps, but disliked the isolation/balance issues that the New World caused. I also enjoy smaller maps, due to computer limitations. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did (and still do).

-Southern hemisphere and arctic coast removed because it really doesn't add much to gameplay.
-The world wraps around where Japan and England are, so the game is more dynamic and you're never 'stuck' in a corner.
-Fort/Oasis tile at Istanbul and the Suez to use as a canal right from the start.

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Why are the British Isles so huge? They look to be roughly the same size as France and in reality are nowhere near that size.
Why are the British Isles so huge? They look to be roughly the same size as France and in reality are nowhere near that size.

For balance reasons. Many maps upscale Europe and downsize Asia because so many Civs start in Europe with so little space (and vice versa for Asia, e.g. Russia and Mongolia would have too much space to themselves). This way the island civs have some extra building room (about 20 tiles, enough for 3 cities). You may also notice that Japan is also quite huge, compared to the rest of the Asian continent.

Thank you for commenting!
Well, presumably with all civilisations in place, Khmer, Russia, Mongolia, China and so on would crowd the Asian territories, but I take your point :)
do yo plan to turn it on a scenario/mod ?
do yo plan to turn it on a scenario/mod ?

As for a mod, not really. I thought about adding some unique units/buildings from the unused civilizations to the 18 playable ones for some more variety (e.g. Spanish Carracks and Arabian Janissaries) However, that's much more difficult to balance, would force me to add a bunch of other random custom unique units like all the other mods out there, and would really only cater to individual tastes.

As for a scenario, there wouldn't really be a historical setting, but I can add pre-placed cities (and maybe religions) for each civilization at ideal and historical spots so land grabbing isn't such a big deal early on.

So in general, I don't have any further plans at the moment, but if you would be more specific on what you are looking for in a scenario (I'm less inclined to do serious modding) or any ideas on how the map can be improved, I'll see what I can do.
Ok :)

- What about a "1000 AD", a "2000 AD", a "100 AD", "800 AD" ?

- Order of rarity :

1) "800 AD", 2) "100 AD", 3) "2000 AD" and 4) "1000 AD"

- Why "800 AD", Carolingian Empire...
- Why "100 AD", Emperor Trajan/Traianus of Roma AEterna...
- Why "2000 AD", The pleasure of playing Actual World...
- Why "1000 AD", The crusades of Pope Urban II...

- Of course it would require only using map editor to preplace cities, techs and civs...
and renaming civs and leaders and cities to theirs historic names...
And etablishing diplomatic states...
No modding required, and 18 civs should be sufficient...

I would like personaly a "100 AD"... because epoch rarely used and with a goal : avoiding fall of Rome...

EDIT : i realize that "2000 AD" is not very possible because restricted map... ;)
Pope Urban II called the First Crusade in 1095 AD. I do agree though that the height of Imperial Rome is always a great topic!
Interesting idea. The world wrap makes me think of alternate histories involving the absence of American continent and the Pacific.
Just wonder, you think you could make a version for warlords to? You can include the civ from BTS that is needed for the map, but, for copyriht reasons, maybe use graphics from the forum. All the same, but not the same, at the same time.
Nice map. I like the choice of regions.
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