Old World soundtrack by Christopher Tin (patch #76, October 28 also: Old World sale, 10% discount)


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Oct 22, 2008

Mohawk Games, the creators of Old World, have released a new patch. This update most critically contains 12 new tracks for the Old World soundtrack, composed by Civ music legend Christopher Tin, who created the award winning Civ4 title track “Baba Yetu”, as well as the Civ6 soundtrack.

You can find the soundtrack on various platforms, namely Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Artist Store. You can find all the links here: https://christophertin.lnk.to/OldWorld

If this was not motivation enough yet for you to buy the game, Old World is on sale with a 10% discount in the Epic store, bringing the price down to 29.69€! You can find the sale here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/old-world

For the rest of the Old World patch notes, please read here: https://mohawkgames.com/2021/10/29/old-world-update-76/

Main points:
Spoiler :

Highlighted Changes:
  • Music added from Grammy-Award-Winning Christopher Tin, also available on Spotify
    • I Lift My Eyes (feat. Abeer Nehme)
    • The Augur Speaks (Rome)
    • War Elephant (Carthage)
    • Festival of Dionysus (Greece)
    • The Gardens (Babylon)
    • Zealot King (Assyria)
    • Persepolis (Persia)
    • Trade Routes (Egypt)
    • I Tahmilah (feat. Camille Feghali)
    • II Mawwal (feat. Meena Shamaly)
    • III Tarab Pt. 1 (feat. Meena Shamaly)
    • IV Tarab Pt. 2 (feat. Layal Watfeh)
  • Learn to Play Button has been added to the Main Menu with 3 Scenarios for new Players
    • The Old World
    • A Place to Live
    • Everyone has an Opinion
  • Constitution now gives +3 Money per Specialist (instead of reducing Discontent)
  • New units will be placed on Harbor or Barracks/Range if appropriate
  • 4 New Events

Detailed patch notes: https://gist.github.com/MohawkGames/8146abd2d6884546f17e201e3731e27d
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