Old World Tournament


Jan 15, 2021

We want to organize a live tournament of Old World.

This will be organized (for interested players, casters etc) primarily through our official discord. You will find a post and thread "Live Tournament of Old World" in the #organizing-games channel there making the same announcement and providing a poll to help gauge how many players, streamers etc are interested in participating.
To allow for live casting, it will be a single elimination tournament with randomly seeded brackets, to be played as a Network game on a custom scenario. The scenario is designed to make short games (in the hour range), as a no-character game on a prepared map with developed territories, initial starting armies, and custom scoring. The scenario will be delivered in the game before the tournament, so you will be able check it out, practice, and have an idea of how it plays. We might even have time for minor adjustments if necessary. It is intended to play out as a brutal and quick-paced brawl, with a strong emphasis on combat.
The matches would be observed and live-streamed by members of the Mohawk team and interested casters/streamers. The games could be played probably in the European afternoon/American morning during week-ends. We will wait to have an idea of how many are interested before scheduling the event. We're thinking of organizing this over fall, when most should be back from vacations. Preferably, players would be able to listen to a voice chat channel on Discord, so that observers/referee can jump in and communicate if necessary.

Players could also be streamers, depending on how many candidates we get and if we can organize to have matches of a given bracket not all being played simultaneously to allow people to play one game and stream another one. So, feel free to react/register for multiple roles.

The tournament is intended to be a friendly and fun event, all levels of skill are welcome including people who have never played a network MP game before, although a bit of practice might be handy if you tend to rely on AI diplomacy or undos. The way this scenario is structured, combat skills and victory prioritization are more important than long-term economy building. We also added a CommunityEventPlayer role on discord that you can adopt by reacting accordingly in the #get-roles channel to make sure you'll be pinged about future announcements related to this event or future ones.

On discord you can indicate if you're interested to participate as a player, a streamer, or simply to watch this event by reacting to this duplicated using the key indicated in the discord message.

This does not confirm participation yet (surely that will also depend on scheduling) but will help us prepare. Beyond getting an estimate of the number of interested people, we are interested by all feedback you might have regarding this announcement, but please keep it in the thread created specifically for it. We do not intend this tournament to compete with any tournament or league etc. organized by the community, but rather as an independent event to contribute to the community. It could make sense to use some of the structure (roles, channels, etc) for some community-driven events as well, and we welcome feedback on that aspect of things too.
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