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Old World Update #102


Say No 2 Net Validations
Oct 22, 2008
A new update has been posted: https://mohawkgames.com/2022/12/21/old-world-update-102/

Change list:

  • New World Map – Imperium Romanum: The Roman World!
  • New map script – Donut
  • Inland Sea map script updated to give less regular sea and more mountain ranges
  • Free city site location now takes into account distance over land, not distance as the crow flies
  • Events which give traits are no longer blocked when a character already has the trait. They will now give improvements to character ratings instead.
  • Hotseat games with 1 Human player are now treated as Multiplayer games. This fixes teams not starting together in these games.

New Events

  • New Strings
  • Sorry State of Furnishings


  • Performance improvements to terrain display and animations
  • AI improvements to use of forts, water control, anchoring and island movement
  • Improved AI city siege and other combat tactics
  • Improved AI unit build selection
  • Improved AI city founding tile choice
  • Improved AI exploration with more than one unit
  • Improved AI evaluation of city projects
  • Improved AI improvement repairing
  • Improved AI reinforcements
  • Improved AI tile buying
  • AI now values discardable techs less
  • AI less likely to hire mercenaries that are damaged and/or far away


  • Added look-ahead terrain texture renderer. This should reduce the instances of terrain briefly appearing at lower quality when moving to the next unit/city.
  • Hotseat games can now be restarted
  • Hotseat games support different languages for each player
  • Added Random Resource and Random Element Names buttons to Map Editor
  • Map start tiles for set maps can now be defined in mapStartTile.xml. This allows modded nations to be given set start points on premade maps.
  • Steam Input updates
  • Added project prerequisites to event option helptext
  • Unit tooltips in city screen now show per-unit cost increase (affects Settlers, Workers and Disciples)
  • Worker recommendation icons now show improvement yields and adjacency boni from all valid tiles, not just in the current city.
  • Added ambition progress to ambition bonus helptext in event options
  • Workers now have the Worker unit trait (icon art not added yet)

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous event fixes and rebalancing
  • Spanish text fixes
  • Fixed AI city site guarding bug
  • Fixed bug with character links on minimized events
  • Fixed bug with Barbarian Horde scenario difficulty not being applied when selected from description screen
  • Fixed error handling for incorrect network game host password
  • Fixed game restart for mods
  • Fixed bug allowing multi-couple polygamous marriages
  • Fixed bug with adopted children not being added to the line of succession
  • Fixed some cases where tile player ownership was checked instead of tile city territory
  • Fixed issue where units would stop their walking animation if they received a second move order while already moving
  • Fixed display issue with cooldown icons on non-player-owned units
  • Fixed issue with resources of city sites on the centerline of mirror maps
  • Fixed server game host settings back button
  • Fixed inconsistent button behavior between tribe/player selection and leader selection
  • Fixed revealmap and unrevealmap console commands
  • Fixed bug slowing religion spread to connected cities
  • Fixed attack preview bug
  • Fixed bug causing MP players to sometimes miss their turn when switching turn style
  • Fixed bug where an already settled city site was still being treated as a tribe site in some cases
  • Fixed missing information for Council assignment and Diplomacy events in Role Playing mode
  • Fixed AI unit movement bug
  • Fixed some AI regressions
  • Fixed unit widgets not reappearing after hiding the UI
  • Fixed issues with tundra tile heightmap rendering
  • Fixed rare unit conversion bug
  • Fixed event browser errors for event tree and advanced text editor popups
  • Fixed impossible ambition to enact Elites in Carthage 3 scenario
  • Fixed spacing in production text on city widget
  • Fixed dynasty dropdown behavior for MP setup
  • Fixed dowry research bug
  • Fixed issue where units hit or killed by splash damage didn’t play any animations
  • Fixed cloud games getting stuck after a player was eliminated
  • Fixed server exceptions causing the game to hang
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