Old World update #108


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Oct 22, 2008
New update!

List of changes:

Headline changes

  • New Desert mapscript added and other mapscript improvements
  • UI enhancements including a redesigned turn summary popup
  • AI improvements
  • Memory optimizations

Spoiler :


  • New mapscript – Desert
  • Hardwood Forest mapscript redesign. More Tundra and Mountains in the north and more resources in the south.
  • Multiple Continents map script improvements. Continents are now placed east west rather than north south which works better with mirror and wide map options and
  • is more consistent with other map scripts.
  • Improved player start locations for team games. Teams will be placed near each other and on the same continent where possible
  • Removed mirror map option from Multiple Continents 3-continent option in MP setup
  • All opinion boosts from Laws are now +20 (previously ranged from +10 to +50)
  • Purge Religion opinion modifier changed to -40 for 20 years (from -20 for 80 years)
  • Added Mercenary Tribe Units hired to Records screen
  • Leaders can no longer be courtiers
  • Cities captured by Tribes start at 0 health and restore 20% per turn
  • Event bonuses which damage units now never kill them
  • Events which could give Governor or General related traits to characters ineligible for that role are no longer blocked
  • Events which give traits no longer blocked by attribute prerequisites
  • Roman shrines renamed. Vulcan -> Sol, Venus -> Feronia, Vesta -> Ceres, Mars -> Bellona
  • Carthage’s Shrine of Astarte is now Shrine of Baal Hammon
  • Can now only demand tribute from a nation once every 10 turns
  • Found religion project production no longer decays faster than other production when queued
  • Added fallback ratings to Sacred and Profane traits
  • Visibility in completed hotseat games is now consistent with other multiplayer modes (the map is revealed after the game is won or lost)
  • Generals can no longer be reassigned on the same turn as the unit they are leading is killed (only affects network MP)
  • Tweaked event occurrence rates
  • Build Wonder ambitions no longer fail when a Wonder is started by another nation. Instead, they fail when the Wonder has been completed.


  • AI improvements
  • Fixed AI anchoring indecision
  • Improved AI tile improvement selection to better account for adjacency bonuses
  • Memory optimizations, less memory held when changing save or restarting / generating new map
  • Fixed memory leak between game editor and event browser
  • Improved code maintenance and thread safety
  • Unity version upgrade to 2021.3.24f1
  • Gendered text refactor
  • Exposed number of autosaves to player settings in options file

  • Added categories and icons to turn summary popup
  • Changed improvement ping (map tacks) popup dropdown to searchable dropdown
  • Steam Deck controller improvements
  • Added toggle to UI Options to Allow Keyboard Button Navigation, disabled by default
  • Damage preview for non-hostile units when holding Alt now shows potential damage to cities as well as units
  • Added Ctrl+Click option to agent cities list to sort by city base production
  • Agent cities with no visible info always sorted to the bottom of the list
  • Symbol for free promotions now shown even if you don’t have orders or unit is on cooldown
  • Redo pans the camera to a moving unit’s destination tile instead of its start location
  • Replay now skips animations of your own previous actions
  • Changed city widget name/production text to use a less heavy outline/underlay
  • Improved display of production, stockpile yields and breakdowns in city screen and global stockpiles, reflecting overflow & hurrying effects
  • Queued production items that are prerequisites for other queued production can now be removed with ctrl+click, which removes all related production from the queue
  • Added UI support for user IDs in cloud game setup to make cross platform cloud games easier to set up
  • Added improvement filter buttons for disciples
  • Skull icon will now be shown on units that will be killed by splash damage in attack preview
  • Disabled options button for scenarios where it is not relevant
  • Cleaned up Carthage campaign advanced options
  • Improved city yield help text
  • Improved layout of Mods Manage screen
  • Trait bonuses listed in event text area are now less verbose unless hovered over
  • Added validator log to Event Browser to check if newly created events are invalid

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed localization issues with Chinese text
  • Fixed highlight behavior for newly-enacted laws
  • Fixed errors on starting Carthage 3 scenario
  • Fixed game option toggles not appearing in advanced setup for scenarios
  • Fixed family opinion graph issues
  • Fixed issue that prevented Learn To Play 4 scenario from completing correctly when using automated scouts
  • Fixed Alliance Proposal event option showing truce icon instead of alliance icon
  • Fixed language detection from Epic and Steam
  • Fixed found city incorrectly showing invalid nation tooltip instead of unit/turn warning when not players turn (MP)
  • Fixed team color load/save inconsistency (MP)
  • Fixed improvement ping list not showing lumbermills on cut trees
  • Fixed improvement pings not working correctly with undo/redo
  • Fixed missing requirement warning color coding for a project when all requirements are links
  • Removed outdated hint about lack of urban tiles leading to discontent
  • Fixed city discontent change log help
  • Fixed maximum number of players issues in MP setup
  • Fixed unique nations check in MP setup
  • Fixed tutor event occurring and immediately becoming invalid
  • Fixed current construction yield tooltip flicker
  • Fixed disciple improvement list getting filtered
  • Fixed technology screen tooltip text
  • Fixed music manager null reference
  • Fixed issue causing undo to perform slowly in Learn to Play 4
  • Fixed tab panel tooltips overlapping right-click missions menu
  • Tooltip sizing fix
  • Learn to Play text fixes
  • Fixed player opinion UI not updating when player leader opinion changes
  • Fixed theology display showing in former religion slot after adopting state religion
  • Fixed tile overlay widgets sometimes appearing on invalid tiles
  • Fixed hover targeting issue for mission indicators
  • Fixed multiple instances of Shrines by having your teammate build them for you
  • Fixed hidden stacked units not being revealed when they should have been
  • Fixed duplicate tribe leader in Carthage 4 scenario
  • Fixed player list text not updating after changes in alliance status
  • Fixed intermittent overlay button click handling issues
  • Fixed icons in loading screen hints
  • Fixed Event Browser causing input issues when loading a game
  • Fixed free promotion icon showing on non-player units
  • Fixed turn summary popup showing at incorrect time in hotseat
  • Fixed some issues with production overflow display
  • Fixed issues with family opinion graph on records screen not getting updated
  • Fixed Sacred and Profane event frame not having offsets to avoid blocking the UI on the top bar
  • Fixed save file browser prompting to delete file when using delete key while the input field is focused
  • Fixed tooltip flicker on city widget
  • Fixed server password field resetting on server list update
  • Fixed found city archetype help bug
  • Fixed broken encyclopedia links for religious improvement classes
  • Fixed missing icon for victory messages in turn summary
  • Can no longer use a unit with no fatigue left to swap positions with an adjacent unit Fixed popups sticking in Map Editor and Event Browser
  • Fixed bug with character attribute tooltips
  • Fixed character action panel showing missions for which they are always invalid targets (i.e. Convert Religion for Heads of Religion)
  • Fixed UI bug with Found City button not updating on turn change in network MP games
  • Fixed water control preview of other players’ units not updating immediately
  • Fixed bug with luxury panel display
  • Fixed nested link issue
  • Fixed improvement pings
  • Fixed map editor issues
  • Fixed bug with scenario selection in MP setup
  • Fixed turn summary undo behavior
  • Fixed decision popups breaking undo/redo
  • Fixed undo button tooltip
  • Fixed missing anchor range preview
  • Fixed material configurations for Cataphracts, Horsemen, and Palton Cavalry which prevented them from showing silhouettes behind widgets
  • Fixed locked cloud game showing too much information
  • Fixed decision popups remaining open if they become invalid
  • Fixed crash affecting some Windows 7 PCs
  • Fixed Head of Pagan Religion starting off dead in the Learn to Play 5 scenario
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to start a caravan mission with no target player
  • Fixed Steam achievements not syncing to local options file
  • Fixed music player icon highlight behavior
  • Fixed camera controls activating when navigating buttons and added restrictions on when and where button navigation is active. WASD no longer scrolls tech or
  • inheritance screens.
  • Fixed MP issues caused by authentication timeouts
  • Fixed AI/UI threading issue
  • Fixed rendering issue when navigating through buttons at some scales
  • Fixed turn summary appearing before the turn has been fully processed
  • Fixed expanded tooltips collapsing when locking with middle mouse button
  • Fixed character action menu on family tree screen
  • Fixed Tribe units not capturing empty cities
  • Fixed issue with overlapping characters on Inheritance screen
  • Fixed MP turn indicator text
  • Text and event fixes

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  • Roman shrines renamed. Vulcan -> Sol, Venus -> Feronia, Vesta -> Ceres, Mars -> Bellona

Why? I think the original line-up was much more recognisable. What's the purpose of this change?

Kind regards,
Ita Bear
In the original lineup, 3 out of 4 gods (Vesta possibly excepted) are really Greek gods under Roman names. There isn't a lot you can say about Vulcan that couldn't be said about Hephaestus. Yes, these gods had some other origin before the Greek and Roman mythologies merged but they're mainly known as the gods from that same Graeco-Roman mythology.

I wanted to switch to gods that were more important in the earlier period of Rome, possibly of Sabine or other Italic origin. For example Sol was more important in early Rome than in late Rome, and during the time he was important, Sol was distinct from the Greek Helios. The overall purpose of these changes is to allow some new events specific to a god/shrine to be written and for that I felt the Roman rename gives us better opportunities.

How recognizable they are isn't necessarily the most important thing. It's even interesting to include some elements (whether they're pagan gods, rulers or minor characters) that are less recognizable. In the Egyptian pantheon, we have the relatively obscure Neith while we skipped the very famous Anubis or Horus. We gave Babylonia Ereshkigal while skipping the more known (and more senior) gods Enlil and Enki.
Thanks for sharing your thought process, Solver! Warms my heart even more for Old World. It's been a while, though. Has anyone done a "2023 State of the Game - Old World" summary for returning players?
It's hard to keep up with all the 4Xes ... all those Axes - i feel like having a good old Civ4 Doomstack assembled again :p
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I've also been getting the urge to fire up Civ4 and take a retrospective look at some of the design elements - pretty sure it's been more than 10 years since I've played Civ4 at this point.
Well, it definitely helps that I started playing Civ5, Civ6 and OW well before their release ;) And the same cigarette has been here since the old forum allowed avatars, so probably a good 20 years by now!
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