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Old World update #123


Say No 2 Net Validations
Oct 22, 2008
New update is out, https://mohawkgames.com/2024/05/15/old-world-update-123/

Headline changes
  • Allowed buying water tiles adjacent to land
  • Improvement adjacency restrictions removed
  • Added Resource improvement ping
  • AI improvements

  • You can now buy water tiles that are adjacent to land in the same way as land tiles (with Colonies / Landowners seat)
  • Removed restriction on Shrines not being adjacent and the adjacency requirements for Cathedrals and the Courthouse line of improvements
  • Temples now give +1 happiness per adjacent Cathedral
  • Unit vision is now consistently equal to their movement plus 2
  • Removed VP cap. Large and Huge maps with few players can now have a victory point requirement of more than 100 VPs on Normal Points to Win setting
  • The AI now builds fewer units at the lower aggression settings

  • AI now takes into account improvements and specialists already being built when evaluating border expansions
  • AI now saves kills for units that can gain XP, all else being equal
  • AI now less eager to replace improvements
  • AI no longer swaps unit positions
  • AI no longer treats vacant city sites as available to settle unless it has visibility, or unless they are reserved sites
  • Fixed AI valuation of Divine Rule
  • Fixed AI effectCity valuation for units that require resources
  • Better recovery from network games being unlisted from Unity’s relay servers

  • Added a new improvement ping ‘Resource’ for specifying the location of new resources (i.e. from Riders Import Horses project)
  • Moved Scenario button from single player to main menu
  • Added button to start multiplayer scenario games to the scenario screen
  • World map scenarios now have all game options available
  • Multiplayer specific game options are now always available for MP scenarios
  • Moved map options up so that they are next to the scenario dropdown in the MP setup screen
  • MP scenario setup screen defaults to having the maximum number of teams and players for the scenario, with players assigned to random nations.
  • Connected foreign cities at Peace now show an icon, its tooltip lists connection yields
  • Clicking on a gift unit/city notification now pans the camera to the location of the gift
  • Tooltip behavior when hovering over links now more consistent
  • Tooltip now warns if a character who’s about to leave a job is currently running a mission
  • Added suitor opinion to marriage tooltip
  • Moved land unit vision bonuses to effectUnits, so that they are more visible on the UI
  • VP breakdown now combines endgame techs as one line
  • Disabled word wrapping for city production button cost line for potential mods with additional costs
  • History values for military power and yield rates are now set to zero on the turn a player is eliminated so they display correctly on the Records screen after the game has finished
  • Expanded river clutter splats to improve river visibility in vegetation

Bug Fixes
  • Units from eliminated players that are inside another player’s borders are bumped before turning into Rebels
  • Fixed improvement pings producing log entries and sound effects for teammates
  • Fixed turn style and turn timer dropdowns bug
  • Fixed hotseat selection cycling
  • Fixed Fortify and Testudo actions not immediately triggering the relevant unit animation
  • Fixed default teams on MP Scenario setup screen
  • Fixed Opulence VPs showing in the VP tooltip if Behind the Throne isn’t active
  • Fixed council conversion ambitions counting council slots from unavailable DLCs
  • Fixed language mods not displaying some icons on first load
  • Fixed encyclopedia vision value
  • Fixed missing links in turn summary and notifications
  • Fixed portrait editor failing to load portraits on second load
  • Fixed culture reduction bug in game editor
  • Fixed Destroy Fleet goal not completing in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 2
  • Fixed Carthage 2 resource goal not completing
  • Fixed Carthage 3 scenario Epic victory not being granted if Messana is not owned
  • Fixed multiple influence icons showing in events and goals in Learn to Play 3
  • Fixed unset player language causing Unity text asset unload from worker thread
  • Fixed a nested link issue with council characters
  • Fixed load save inconsistency
  • Fixed characters getting dynasty specific traits in Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 4
  • Fixed some Occurrence bugs
  • Fixed tile issue in Dead Sea Duel map
  • Text and event fixes
When hovering the mouse over "Game of the week", the properties of the game are no longer shown. Is this intended?
When hovering the mouse over "Game of the week", the properties of the game are no longer shown. Is this intended?
No, that's a bug. Fixed internally, should flow through soon. :)
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