Old World's Soundtrack nominated for a grammy, and another additional nomination for Christopher Tin


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Oct 22, 2008
The Recording Company has published this year's nominations for the Grammy awards. This year is the first time that prices will be awarded in the new category of best video game soundtrack. So far, the only video game title to win a Grammy is Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu", the Civ4 main theme, and the related album "Calling All Dawns".
Maybe surprising, maybe not, the soundtrack for "Old World" is in this year's nominee list (official announcement; article by IGN).
In addition to this, the new album by Christopher Tin, "The Lost Birds", is nominated as best classical compendium.

We are very happy to hear these news, and would like to congratulate the team!
You can also congratulate them directly via Twitter, the announcements by Christopher Tin is here, by Soren Johnson here, and by The Recording Company here.

You can listen to a podcast about the soundtrack here, and find other information about the soundtrack, including videos and lists, here.
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