On the 12 days of civ-fest my pc said to me....

Here's my contribution: A Curmudgeon's Christmas Song

♫ Jack Frost roasting on an open fire
Reindeer nipping at your nose
Bawdy songs being sung by a choir
And men dressed up like Twinkletoes

♫ Everybody knows some whiskey in your cup o' Joe
Will help to make the day go by
Tiny tots with their toys and their junk
They'll drive you mad unless you're drunk
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Christmas Time is here, by golly
Deck the Halls with Hunks of Holly
Disapproval would be Folly
Fill the cup and don't say 'When'.

Stir the eggnog 'til it thickens
Trim the tree, drag out the Dickens:
Even though the prospect sickens
Brother, Here We Go Again.

Sleigh bells ring and dance and jingle
Hail our dear old friend, Kris Kringle
Driving his reindeer across the sky
Don't stand underneath when they fly by.
- Tom Lehrer
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