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    Nov 1, 2009
    I'm sick of micro, so I started playing OCC.

    Less micro, which could me play a game in any day.

    I always was a peaceful guy, but as I progressed in levels in OCC, I had to change.

    In my last game I won on conquest for the first time ever. Lincoln and OCC isn't unheard of, but still: Next door neighbours were, Toku to the north, Sury to the southeast and jolly old Qin SW.

    I played for the normal space win, but I got attacked and sacked them one after the other with stronger troops. (but i really, really, didn't want to)

    So much for me being the nice guy next time on OCC, I won't even bother with some wonders anymore. I build 20 swords instead

    Yeah, that's it! I try monarch next.

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