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One idea that could help with immersion when there's a new ruler

Discussion in 'Old World' started by Stringer1313, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Stringer1313

    Stringer1313 Emperor

    Sep 10, 2014
    I love that certain archetypes (and personality traits) don't like others, especially because now there's a huge difference when your leader dies, but it's sometimes hard to notice or understand when that's happening.

    When there's a new ruler, it might be nice to have some kind of narrative popup that explains all the relationship modifiers that changed due to the change in archetype (and personality traits), at least with respect to the following people:
    - heads of religions
    - other civ leaders
    - heads of families

    (This can also be done when your leader adopts an archetype or changes their archetype / personality traits)

    This could help with immersion and could be a lot of fun to write. (e.g., With a Commander taking over the country, the head of X religion gains newfound admiration, while the Y family, led by Bozo the Tactician, disdains, something something, -- I'm clearly not a creative writer but u get the gist)

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