One More Turn Dramedy Podcast, Season 5 Premieres This Fall


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Oct 24, 2000
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Upping the ante, but no one's down crying uncle. The fifth season of the dramedy podcast series One More Turn (OMT), where geeks deal with non-geeky problems, is drawing near. The 2m00s season promo now released lets listeners in on lines from a number of the thirteen Season 5 episodes.

Writer and creator Daniel "DanQ" Quick, alongside fellow PolyCast regular co-host Stephanie "Makahlua", return as their respective characters along with the eight others from OMT's most previous season... and another newcomer. In addition to the course website, one can follow the show on Twitter and check out its YouTube channel for caption capability. From composer Kevin MacLeod comes many pieces of music new to the show included in the season score.

The first episode of One More Turn, Season 5 is set to premiere soon.
Why is it called One More Turn?
If it is not already, the Civ game series will be the only game left on earth that "requires" turn based play and the ultimate addiction of "one more turn". There are a few games that I would like to play that are turn base, but they are 8 or 16 bit games and have been left in the dust of yester-millennium. The problem is trying to fool them to think a system can play them, not that modern OS's are not capable of emulating older versions of OS. I guess if you can hack software, one can do anything, but not in my skill set.
Excellent question, Hygro -- thank you for asking.

At a glance, it's because a number of characters play turn-based strategy games. But more specifically meaningfully, it's an allegory for "one more X" where 'X' is anything and everything that life not only throws at you, but that you throw back. That no matter what answers and responses you find, construct or contrive, there are more questions and challenges to come. The geeky and non-geeky characters on the show work, to varying degrees, as much to find common ground as they do ground to have themselves stand apart. Conflicts that arise are not for the sake of conflicts, but rather in context of choices the characters do or do not make in the present... and at times did or did not make in the past. My intent in the writing of this show is that these individuals, and circumstances, are relatable in some way to the present-day lives of each listener so that they become and stay engaged. That way they too are looking for "one more turn" as the story unfolds from episode-to-episode, season-to-season. :)

I hope that even if I haven't enticed you to give the show a listen, that I haven't scared you off either! :D I welcome and look forward to other such inquiries from you, and/or others, about the One More Turn dramedy series.
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