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One two few knigs

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Stories & Tales' started by Crighton, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Crighton

    Crighton Emperor

    Jan 3, 2006
    Playing my game. Doing my thing.

    I'm one of the Dutchies, buliding my colony up. It's a huge map and I three in extra random AI to mix things up. There's acouple of french, of english, one spanish and another Dutch colony.

    I get my colony to the point of declaring independence. The first part of the war goes well. The land is situated that i am on the southern end of a large continent and my colony spans from the east shore (closest to europe) to the western shore. There is some midling vacant space to my north and then there are the other colonies. The continent extends north and east. I had a nice place under the sun, so to speak.

    I wipe out about half of the expeditionary force. My lands are unravaged, my cities unconquered and my forces just above even with the kings.

    And then I gave up my youthfull foolishness and decided to seek a pardon with the king. I decided this was the best course of action when the king started pouring several dozen units onto the northern end of my colony. I barely manage to survive, several cities trading hands multiple times, units dying, etc.

    I survive.

    Before the rain came the had about a total of 50 units left (not counting Man O Wars). I go the REF screen expecting to see something like 5 or ten units left. :)


    I look to see over a hundred units left, 77 regulars, etc etc. :eek:

    Apparantly their can be only one king. The other Dutchy hadn't done so well. I opened up world builder (I couldn't figure out what had happened). I look far to the North, finding no free dutchman or loyalists, only one large city belonging to the King Dutchy. I decided that I would chalk this up to a learning experience and quietly found a new life under an assumed name. Long live the King England i say.


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