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Only city captured (King level)


May 18, 2001
I've read the many threads on starting strategies with much
interest. However, twice, I've lost my first/only city to an enemy
while waiting for 2nd unit to finish building in my only city
(first unit was warrior fortified in capitol). Have any of you
been so humiliated??

I read with amazement at those of you who claim to found
10-15 cities before 1AD -- one by 2400BC! heck, in my last game,
my first city didn't even build the 2nd unit, the settler until 2400BC. Am I missing something?

Really, can you start at King and not build at least 2 defenders/city to not get captured?
well,it does depend on the starting location I spose.If you have a foreign civ that close, then you should probably go after them straight away.

Do you have a 10 turn(or so) wander before founding?...you should.Bag some huts before founding and you almost always will get at least 1 non unit in the first 3.Sometimes 3.These units give you a huge jump on the board.

do you know the hut pattern?...knowing this is most helpful.If you see 1 hut,you know exactly where every hut on the board is...or should be(water screws things).

Even if you don't wander,you should get out ASAP.The only bad thing that can happen is a barb hut.There are more positives than negatives.First contact with a civ is your best bet for cooperation or extortion in MGE.

and yes,I'm sure everyone has experienced a quick KO at least once.Not a heckuva alot you can do at that point..I mean you ain't got nothing.

Unless you have an ai very,very close,on king you should have time for at least 2 partially rushed settlers before a garrison unit if you so desire.Better to blast a warrior and send it out first though.Forego growth and science for a few turns and work a high sheild square to build that first explore unit ASAP.
Rush build units instead of waiting for them to build on their own. Don't always accept where the computer places your city workers - it always tries to optimize food for growth. Move a worker from a grassland to a forest, you'll have plenty of units running around!
Against barbarians, a single warrior will defend your only city against the strongest attack. Against the AI, that is not so. I always get peace with any new civ I meet. Give them anything they ask if you must. The ai will not ask for anything you don't have. This gives you time to build up your civ and be able to attack or defend.
My first diety game (to conclusion) was the GOTM a couple of months back. With two settlers, the first moved a space & started a mine & the second then moved a space & started the city -- on top of the mine. Very paranoid; very defensive. First unit built was a warrior who searched, then a warrior who stayed home. By then the mining settler moved away (city provides two food & two shields as a despot, three shields later on) & the rest was sent in by the end of the month.

When you're starting at a new (higher) level -- go ahead & plant your first (or second) city on a river if nearby (great for trade as well as defense). With two settlers, the mined hill is an option. Once you're more comfortable with the challenges, try other (riskier) things.:king:
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