Oodles of Ruins!

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  1. Randall Turner

    Randall Turner King

    Feb 8, 2011
    Just thought I'd share, while I'm angsting over this stupid Japanese settler I freed -

    The game I just started I got a really mediocre start position. I was on a fairly narrow stretch of land with ocean on both sides, which you really don't want b/c your capitol is going to need the producing tiles down the road.

    But it was a long way to better land. (Yes, I cheated, I played a few turns and scouted around to see if there was a better plot of land nearby.) So, no joy, went ahead and plopped the city down best I could.

    Welp, one thing I couldn't know at the time was, my city-site blocked access to full 1/2 of the rest of the continent, and the other four civs (Hiawatha, Washington. Elizabeth and Obunaga) were "downstream" of the blockage.

    On "Imortal", the AI get ALL the friggin' goody huts.

    Not this time, baby!

    Half a continent, LOADED with ruins! I ended up with FOUR (4) weapon upgrades on scouts, couple techs, couple 90-pt Culture boots, an immigrant pop or two. Woo-HOO!

    I'll pay for it down the road with reduced capitol production (and it's not even on a river, dammit) but can't really call this a bad start at all!
  2. Drawmeus

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Wait - you freed a JAPANESE settler?

    They're still going to declare war on you later >.> Oda is not exactly the friendly type.

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