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OPEN Canadian succession game

Isma'il Latif

Feb 23, 2002
Southern Ontario, Canada
Civs = 8
Civilzation = Canada (Former Persia)
Barbarians = Raging
World = Standard, Random
Difficulty = Regent

Anyone can play. Only limitations - maximum of 20 turns.
There must be at least one person between your turns.
Post if you can play and try to complete you turn within 4 hours.

I'm using the Canadian mod by Wyz_sub10. Read about it here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12456 All it does is replace Persia with Canada, fixes some names and gives Canada the Voyageur, which goes two spaces and treats everything as road.

Here's my log, I'm playing on a random standard size map:

1-4000BC Game starts. Nice spot down between two rivers. Going to said spot. Worker starts buinding road to link future Ottawa and Future Toronto.
2-3950BC Settler moves between rivers.
3-3000BC Ottawa founded.
4-3850BC Mystics begin research on pottery. Worker completes part one of future Ottawa Toronto road.
5-3800BC Part two of road started.
6-3750BC --
7-3700BC Road part two completed.
8-3650BC --
9-3600BC Grain road started
10-3550BC Ottawa grows
11-3500BC Grain road done. Warrior built. Voyageur started.
12-3450BC --
13-3400BC Ottawa's borders expand. Carib tribes gives us a settler. American scout contacted north of Ottawa. Trade bronze working for pottery. Start researching Ceremonial burial. Americans have warrior code.
14-3350BC --
15-3300BC Ottawa - Toronto road started more.
16-3250BC --
17-3200BC --
18-3150BC Toronto built between two cows. Ottawa-Toronto road finished.
19-3100BC Ottawa grows. Voyageur built in Ottawa. Spearman started in Ottawa. Voyageur goes exporing south. American city found in south. First Toronto cow road started.
20-3050BC Voyageur keeps exploring south. American city is Washington. South coast found.

Here's the save:
Here's where I think the next city should be built:


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