Open invitation to SGOTM game


Jan 14, 2011
Hello fellow Civ enthusiasts,

This is an invitation to all CivIV players and beyond.
Last year we had a game in SGOTM hosted by @Noble Zarkon and @AlanH . 4 teams were brave enough to accept their challenge.
Let me explain what a SGOTM is. It is a scenario like BOTM, but played by teams. The number of participants per team can vary, just as many as you like.
Why am I writing this? I sincerely hope that a new game will be hosted in the near future.
I enjoyed the complete different way of playing the game and learned a lot! I, for instance, was just a simple noble/monarch level player and was honoured to be invited to join a team and play along. My fellow team members were so kind to take me by the hand. With live discussions I got to understand the basic rules of CivIV better and therefor grew to a higher level player with more confidence. If you like, you can all read about it in the Phoenix thread of that game. Maybe for an outsider it looks like gibberish :lol:. Also take a look at other threads if you're curious.
This is also a great way to make friends! Some evenings we did not even play, but just got to enjoy chatting about anything.
I'm hoping that, with enough interest, one of the GOTM staff will find time and joy to start a new one. You can reply to [BTS] - SGOTM 27 interest. | CivFanatics Forums if you like to join.

Level of play does not matter. Anyone can join!
No need to create a team of your own. You can either get invited to a team or being added to a new/existing team (up to the discretion of the staff). They listen to your preferences.
First timer? No problem. We are all happy to help you to take the first steps.

Let us keep SGOTM alive!
Kind regards
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Feb 12, 2006
Brilliant series. Fingers crossed we get another game for new year.


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Mar 11, 2008
SGOTM is a blast. Yall will assimilate! (Borgs say "yall", no?)
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